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DRM036: Deadly Vanity

Deep From Within The Power Room: Deadly Vanity Delivers Our 36th DRM Mixtape.

Toronto's up and coming deep house selectors Deadly Vanity - - Joel Waz and James Mac - - have made you a sexy deep grinding mix fit for dry summer days or humid sweaty nights... it would even sound good in a complex powder room senario like the one above.

Our 36th Deeply Rooted Mix comes from this deadly local duo who are on the rise right now and continue to make deep analog noises that have been shaking the depths of the underground house music scene here in Toronto.  After a couple of years of hard work, it seems that the duo has finally begun solidifying their presence among many of Toronto's local favourites and upcoming crews.  The boys run a weekly radio show on every other wednesday called Dead Air, and can be followed through their soundcloud page which will give you a more in depth taste of what these two techno troublemakers like to mix.  Dick Diamond's really likes these cat's because they "don't wait for people to put them on, they make the f*@king moves themselves" by promoting their music feverishly and throw their own events which always draw at least a small, motivated crowd every time.

The mix they pitched us is an infectous blend of contemporary deep house sounds set at a grinding pace capable of making some asses shake, regardless of size. The duo has been having some good luck lately grabbing the attention of one of Toronto's most popular Deep House peddlers - - Jeff Button - - a often busy and highly booked veteran dj known as the curator of the popular to "DigDeep" Podcast series and a main man in the Modern Love Affair event series.  This well deserved attention landed them in the spotlight as they did a cool guest mix for the successful podcast series, which - - as far as I know - - lies among the 100 most popular podcasts in the world.

So, with that ladies and gents, we would like to present to you Deadly Vanity's exclusive Deeply Rooted Mix.  Enjoy! 



by Maxxxxxxx Faxxxxxxxxxx


Local Boogie

Toronto DJ Dirty Dale has been working his arse off lately, or at least my Twitter feed tells me so. It looks to be paying off, too! He's released a handful of new remixes over the past week or so, and I'm definitely feeling all of them. This dude rocked Late & Deep back in the summer so it's really no surprise that he's putting out such lovely mixes. Super chill, super sick, super fun. I'm down.

JILL SCOTT - QUICK ((DIRTY DALE REMIX)) by djdirtydale SBTRKT - Hold On (DJ Dirty Dale Re-Rub U All Night Edit) .WAV by djdirtydale

This little gem is a bit older, but I'm a sucker for a good mixtape/podcast/whatever you want to call it.

Dir30ty min workout by djdirtydale

That's all for now. See you Friday for Deep Arrival at Riva Supper Lounge!

Love, Bea Sleazy


Coco Puff Secrets

Talal and Zoi have been building a reputation for themselves for quite some time now. The hard working duo consisting of producers Zohaib Bakhtyar and Talal Chaudhry have a healthy serving of tasty releases under there belts on labels such as dirtybird and Toronto's own Thoughtless Music - - headed by esteemed techno producer Noah Pred.  While browsing soundcloud a few days ago I noticed the familiar name in my feed and noted that the duo just dropped this impressive remix of Noahs Ark by oddball electronic-folk duo CocoRosie. The track starts off with some tight percussive samples and a crunchy hip hop cut, and soon builds into a swirling dream of distant vocal cuts and thick bass-lines. Keep your ears out for the many subtle touches in this one, sure to get your mind dreaming.

The best part of all this?  The boys are giving this one away free of charge!  Grab it off their soundcloud page, or directly from The Deep North's cellar below (Right Click, "Save As").

CocoRosie - Noah's Ark (Talal & Zoi Remix) >>> [FREE 320]