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Rhobo back in here. Been checking out a few FACT Magazine mixes recently. Came across this one the other day, not really similar to the music we usually post, but dope regardless. ADULT. releases some sweet stuff on labels like Ersatz Audio founded by one half of the married duo, based out of Detroit, the couple's hometown. Recently they have connected with Ghostly International. Anyways, check it out, digging all these tracks.



For More info on the Beat Bazaar we are putting on this weekend, please click the image above

Imagine a COMMUNITY MUSIC MARKET made up of interesting people who all share a COMMON PASSION for ELECTRONIC MUSIC (or any music for that matter)..

Imagine if these interesting music enthusiasts brought their USED AUDIO EQUIPMENT, OLD RECORDS, CDs, TAPES, DJ GEAR, AMPS, VINTAGE SYNTHESIZERS, STEREOS, HEADPHONES, TURNTABLES, CDJs, EFFECTS PEDALS, STUDIO EQUIPMENT, PRODUCTION HARDWARE and any gear related to dance music to this community market in order to BUY, SELL & BARTER with one another over GOOD FOOD, COLD DRINKS & FAT BASSLINES.


We are putting on a crazy event this SATURDAY at 360 GEARY AVE (Geary Lane) that you really do not want to miss.

Get all the details about the event here, on the BIG CITY BEAT BAZAAR event page.


Strobe Life X

Today is a special day for a special young cat from Toronto who has been on our radar for a while now.  Xavier Gonzalez is the son of a well known Toronto DJ and producer Alvaro Gonzalez (Roots & Wings), and it is no question that this young buck has music on his mind, all the time.  

It's a fact that being brought up by a Father who spins proper house music is a blessing, one which few can relate to.  Xavier obviously has been lucky when it comes to proper influences in his life, and I got to know this kid after he introduced himself at one of our parties.  

I respect people who put themselves out there, swallow their pride and go for it.... a lot.  It took me no time to see where this kid's heart was.  Having one's heart in the right place is the most important thing, along with hard work and of course integrity.  

So I took no time thinking about it and gave him his first house music gig last year, where he opened for Antwon Faulkner on college street, and shortly after learning the basics on CDJs at my place one late night, Xavier was playing b2b with his dad at Late & Deep.  That was a cool thing to see.... I wish my dad played house music with me.

Xavier has been djing Hip Hop and House for a while, and although he is pretty new to the scene, he has some serious skill and even more serious potential.  It was no suprise to me when I saw that this young gun had landed his first release -- which drops today via Traxsource -- for Ron Allen's record label Strobe, joining esteemed artists such as Nick Holder, Gene King, Demarkus Lewis and Ron himself.

XAVIER GONZALEZ - PALETTE EP...................................... BUY IT (Strobe Records)


Check out his soundcloud as well as the release, and show your support for this young Toronto talent and an important T.O. label by buying it if you like it.   Big ups to Xavier, we are definitely rooting for ya brother.  keep killin shit! 

Here is a bit more from the X-files of Mr. Gonzalez, just to keep you guys on point today.

Xavier Gonzalez - Mix for Punctured Recordings


Salute the movement!

And I'm not talking about this weekend in Detroit. 
Next weekend, The Deep North takes the next step in becoming a true player in the world of house and techno. We are starting a record label. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we've got one of our artists coming up from the lone star state. This young man goes by the stage name TX Connect and with releases out and forthcoming on great labels such as Pinkman, Creme Organization, L.I.E.S., Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, and Deep North Records, you can expect this one to be a real treat. 
Next Saturday, May the 31st it all goes down. Starting at 10 P.M. at Wrongbar catch Gcue, Douglas Carter and TX Connect as they tear up the venue for the first official DNR Label Showcase & Fundraiser.   After that, in true LATE & DEEP fashion, we will keep  the party going until sunrise.  People will then head on over to the official after party and dance away the rest of the night.  As our way of thanking those who support the label night and fundraiser at Wrongbar, we will be giving you all the secret after party location plus free entry to the Afterparty. What more could you want?
To help get you in the mood check out this podcast mix Mr. Connect did for Creme Organization, as well as his up coming Double-Disc release forthcoming on the label.



TX Connect - Creme Organization Podcast 

TX Connect - Creme Organization 2EP

And I'm out.

add me to your Rolex


Hey, it's Rhobot back in the mix for you deep northerners. Long time no blog, I've been in Antarctica balling with the penguins. But I'm back now with some hot polka trax direct from Germany. One of my faves and Kompakt label boss Wolfgang Voigt gets different with one of his favorite genres. It's nice house with a polka flavouring. Check it.



Tune in next time, same deer time, same deer url.


Mr. Jones




This new post isn’t like what normally gets put up on here, but thats what SINS is all about, being different. Representing Toronto, his sophomore album was just released at the beginning of July on Pretty Pretty Records. The bass bumps and the synths synth, all to my listening pleasure. If this is wrong I don’t want to be right. It would be a sin to not give this man a chance. So check the vid and cop the album. Available digitally on iTunes and grab the physical CD as well.



RJ approved.






Yo, it's Rhobot Jones back again with a heater that's real chill to cool you down this hot summer. On the chopping block tonight we've got long time Deep North supporter Lucian C who just turned out an exclusive mix for us. Right now I'm grooving to it as I write to you all. So you all know what to do, hit the link and get right or get left. You will be pleasantly pleased with this. 


RJ Out


Eureka, Eur In 4 It Now!

Long time, no blog. But don't fret the Deep North is back in black and in fact we never went anywhere. We were out there throwing some stupendous, stupifying shindigs for all the cool cats in the underground. But anyways I've got some heat to throw your way via ethernet cables or wi-fi. So plug in your speakers or headphones and get ready to get dancey. I've got a funky little mix by *spark main man Jad Ad. Tune into summer with this acoustic appetizer. Deep North approved!


Rhobot Jones, Out!


Fight the Scratch & Itch: A Mix Fix

We have a super dope guest from London, UK in town this coming weekend for LATE & DEEP #29. Click the image to see the event page!
Some new mixes by the crew and beyond, including a new one from upcoming LATE & DEEP headliner Owen Howells (UK), who will be playing next weekend for Late & Deep #29.  I am super stoked to have Owen up for a few days and get some music in the lab if we are lucky, or not too hungover.  Posting his mix for Pulse Radio, which he has uploaded along with the Hermans recent Fiendkast Mix. 

I also am including a new mix I did recently for Switzerland's Kartel Klub podcast series, which can be downloaded and heard on iTunes as well as soundcloud.  Speaking of which, I am throwing in mix by Kartel Klub member & Files Records boss Krizzli, with whom I have produced some music recently.  Finally, I am going to share a mix by Creme Organization regular Neville Watson, and make sure you check out this teaser of his brand new LP for the label called "Songs to Elevate Pure Hearts" which just came out on soundcloud a couple weeks ago and is available for preorder.

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather here in Toronto on this long May weekend.  I know I am!!  See you on the dancefloor ya filthy animals!

FIENDKAST005 & PULSE RADIO MIX - Mixed by Hermans (CAN) and Owen Howells (UK)

KARTEL KAST 023 - Mixed by Dick Diamonds (CAN)


KARTEL KAST 016 - Mixed by Krizzli (SWITZERLAND)

CREME ORGANIZATION PODCAST #10 - Mixed by Neville Watson (UK)



Friend of The Deep North, originally hailing from Japan, now residing here in Toronto, DJ Zenta. We've got a nice, chilled, all vinyl mix, courtesy of the man himself, for you all to check out and groove to. So get in the know and come check this cat out at one of our upcoming parties. 


Nagisa by Dj Zenta on Mixcloud


Rhobot Jones, out.