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Klasse Unleashes Heat.  Normal.

Sacha Robotti is a producer whom I am very fond of, namely because he is a humble dude who can make a deep or tech house track really romp and stomp with his heavy obsession with fat as fuck bass and potent kicks.  I think that him, Luca Lozano and Bubba are three of the hottest things going right now, and definitley would love to host them all here in Canada.  I have been discussing a couple of minor things with the 4-eyed house music monster of Klasse Records recently and he passed me along this brand new Fall mix, which I think would fit well in this here article about him.  What a coincidence.

The mixtape is a mix of new and older tunes, heavily edited for increased entertainment value according to Sacha.  This stuff sounds dope!!

Sacha Robotti - Fall Mixtape >>> [Download Immediately]

Sacha Robotti :: Fall Mixtape 


Klasse's big boss Luca Lozano is hot on the market with his new EP, "Out of Step".  As the 9th release for Klasse, this EP has its stronger and weaker moments, but I must say that Thug It Out (Original Mix) takes the cake for me.  Although I am a big Wadsworth fan, I don't think this was his best remix, and I kind of expected more to be honest - - but what do I know.  Solid EP all around.   

Luca Lozano - Out OF Step EP >>> [BUY IT] 


Keep your eyes open for Klasse's 10th Release next time you are on beatport.  The music I speak of just dropped from a new kid on the block named Florian Blauensteiner, a producer who can make horns sound cooler than claps and cowbells do in tunes.  He does a bang up job on both of his tunes on this ep,  tracks, especially 62 Steps, which I think is just amazing.  Feel the good vibes radiating off the that one.  Very good debut EP for Florian, and I really hope to hear more great stuff from him in the future.  Heres Klasse podcast 003, the latest installment in the Labels Podcast series, a real mix of genres and tantalizing flavours, get that palate ready!!  The podcast is presented by Mr. Ho, and includes mixes by Bass Bastard Bubba and the new kid Florian himself.  Bingostein!

KLASSE PODCAST 003 - Mr. Ho, Bubba & Florian Blauensteiner <<< Click to Download. 


Florian Blauensteiner - Hold On EP >>> [BUY IT] DICK DIAMONDS