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Tazmanian Orgy

Tazz takes on techno from many angles

On an all too sunny Sunday afternoon some Late & Deep induced insomnia had me seeking something deep and moving, just a few minutes in the shop it was New Kanada to the rescue with some nice Canadian content.

The artwork and title of Tazz's Cosmic Sex EP had me imagining myself losing my wallet in a brothel on Mars, which I suppose is kind of irrelevant as I doubt they’d accept Canadian dollars anyway.

I got into New Kanada through the The Mole, Seuil and BSU, so was looking forward to something evolving.  It delivers, on top of inducing what could be mistaken for time travel the title track Cosmic Sex proves a weird and wicked acid stomper.  It’s complemented nicely by Mermen And Mermaids, equally banging with its array of nicely done hats and spooky vocal.  Wanderer completes it nicely with its wavy synths, arpeggiated organ and piano stabs.  Do pick up Cosmic Sex, but wear cosmic protection.

While on Tazz, his latest on Tsuba, Adventures Of Tazz, and corresponding remixes, proves an adventure indeed.  The ten track LP seems to cover Tazz’s evident score of directions whether it be deep, dubbed or in a dream powered by skipping hats and dreamy synths, I’m really digging.  Each of the deep techno and electronica productions are unorthodox and compelling.  See for yourself...

Tazz - Cozmic Sex EP >>> [BUY IT]