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Crying Rabbits


Living Astro. Talabot & Pional are weird and fucking wicked.

I just imagine rabbits crying when I hear this tune.  Jon Talabot & Pional are two Spaniards who are making weird but genious music.  What the fuck is a Pional?  Sounds wrong.  These two are sick in the head for making my mind work like this.  Oh well, reload!


More weirdo music by the Spanish tag-team effort here, love this one.  Wonderful vocal bits.



Checking out Talabot's Facebook Page turned up some next tunes which are dope as hell - - the first one being a tune most should have heard before.  Talabot, keepin it greasy.  Pump that.


I hate acronyms for band/producer names.  Fuck off.  Expand a bit.  Thank ESG has got some amazing tunes make up for their stupid name...kind of.  Radical Scroggin Party - - Coming At Cha.