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Roamin' Candle

That's right, The Deep North's one and only Sean Roman will be heading out on tour with his homie Dick Diamonds to euphoric Europe again from April 11th to the 29th. If you're interested in a booking hit up: So check out his latest mix to see what all the fuss is about. 


Rhobot Jones


T-Bone Time!

Looking at my rolie, it's about that time. This Late & Deep we've got a real treat for you. T-Bone aka Timmy Stewart, co-owner of Extended Play Recordings is a real beast out of Belfast, Ireland. This week he is hopping across the pond so he can get down with all of us house heads here in the dot. This guy is a serious sonic specialist so you really don't want to miss out this Friday when he beats up the dancefloor for all you dancing maniacs. And if you don't believe me, here comes the proof. 

Here's a tasty exclusive mix he did for us over in The Deep North, check it out, it goes, that's for certain:

Now if that's not enough to convince you here's another dosage of dope for your soul. This is a dirty hour-long mix of T-Bone's personal faves of 2012. Don't sleep:

And if you thought T-Bone was only a brilliant DJ you were dead wrong. He's also a fine producer as well. Give your ear to a few of his splendid creations:

One of his latest releases with his collaborating partner and good friend Bubba featuring Abe Duque, along with some beautiful remixes, good stuff:

So if all that hasn't got you hooked yet there really isn't much more I can do for you. My only advice is to turn your hearing aid up to 11 for this one:

Remember folks, this Friday it all goes down on a dancefloor near you. For more details of how you can get the chance to bust a groove to the workings of T-Bone's magic, HIT THIS LINK!

And I'm out,

Rhobot Jones



Catch the infectious groove that is the White Lions' latest mix for The Deep North. The wild pride consists of Sean Roman, Cody LG and Rob Steal. These musical beasts are always on the prowl, constantly looking to tear up any dance floor they can get their paws on. Check out their soundcloud page to get a taste for more of their kills. Ok I think that's enough of the lion references. Just check out this mix, it might just bite you. 



Rhobot Jones, signing off.



Max Pask (L) and Andrew Potter (R) of Populette. Max will be gracing the dirty discs @ L&D 12


Populette is a duo from NYC which consists of two talented guys, one of which - - Max Pask - - will be flying out to our wonderful city of Toronto on Saturday for Late & Deep #12.  Populette makes really fun and unique music unlike a lot of the crap out there.  The Deep North has decided to make this L&D a special "partygoer appreciation night" as our way of thanking all of our supporters for helping the last year of events be as successful as it has been.  Thank you Toronto!

Populette has releases on Throne of Blood, Peacefrog, Turbo among others.  Max just sent me an exclusive mix for the blog which will be going up in the next two days as we warm up for L&DVII.

For now, listen to this mix - - which is made up entirely of Populette productions created in 2011.  Enjoy this dance-inducing mixture, shit is hot!


This is as fresh as it gets in terms of music.  This one  is by incoming miscreant Max Pask of the rad NYC duo and was just uploaded onto soundcloud today.  Super feel good diddy on this one.  Bite in.


For more info on Saturday's event through Resident Advisor, click here.  Facebook kids, click here. DICK DIAMONDS




Don't get left in the cold like this stupid table. Download Bubba's scorching hot free tune off his soundcloud!!

Our homie BUBBA has a fresh tune up for limited time download over on his soundcloud - -  where there are many, many amazing mixes for free download too.  Do yourself a big favour and make sure you don't snooze on this one, because it won't be long before this gem is gone.  I got my free copy, did you?

BUBBA - Temporary Passion >> [Temporary Download Too!]

UPDATE : : : This tune has been picked up for release with a remix by Jordan Peak.  Sorry Kids, you snooze, you lose.  xoxo


Here is another freebie which was just put up on his soundcloud as well, but this time it's a number of songs sequentially ordered into a mix.  Get your fix! DICK DIAMONDS


Who? It's Funkin' Jamie? Who?  

Jamie Funk is a machine.  Check out this mix, it will make your mixes sound like little bitches.  Actually.


Jamie Funk - Astonville Mix Sessions October 2011


Jamie Funk also makes some killer music.  Peep these little snippets, then go buy the guys work on Beatport.

 Dick Diamonds


Coco Puff Secrets

Talal and Zoi have been building a reputation for themselves for quite some time now. The hard working duo consisting of producers Zohaib Bakhtyar and Talal Chaudhry have a healthy serving of tasty releases under there belts on labels such as dirtybird and Toronto's own Thoughtless Music - - headed by esteemed techno producer Noah Pred.  While browsing soundcloud a few days ago I noticed the familiar name in my feed and noted that the duo just dropped this impressive remix of Noahs Ark by oddball electronic-folk duo CocoRosie. The track starts off with some tight percussive samples and a crunchy hip hop cut, and soon builds into a swirling dream of distant vocal cuts and thick bass-lines. Keep your ears out for the many subtle touches in this one, sure to get your mind dreaming.

The best part of all this?  The boys are giving this one away free of charge!  Grab it off their soundcloud page, or directly from The Deep North's cellar below (Right Click, "Save As").

CocoRosie - Noah's Ark (Talal & Zoi Remix) >>> [FREE 320]