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Introducing: Sid Frisk

We want to introduce you to our newest - - and final - - member of the Deep North: Sid Frisk

Good morning to you, the readers of The Deep North Blog.  We have some exciting news this morning concerning a guy we like to call Sid Frisk aka Mike Davis, a fellow producer and DJ from our hometown of Toronto that has become a good friend of ours over the past year.  Mike is a York University student who we connected with through a mutual love for all things deep, and after a long trial period we have decided to extend him an invitation to join our team as a new contributor to the blog.  Expect to see some cool music posted on the blog each week from this guy - - and knowing Mike, some questionable selections as well.  All jokes aside, we want to welcome Sid Frisk to the team and we hope that he will make a strong contribution to the team.  Check out some of Sid's sounds over on his Soundcloud Page and tune into his weekly radioshow Friskbiscuits on on Monday nights.  Welcome aboard buddy.

Friskbiscuits Radio Show 002 by Sid Frisk

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