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Triumphant Moments

If there's one thing I love, it's compilation albums. They can be a little hit and miss but you always find something exciting. Luckily, For Every Moment of Triumph is all hit and no miss. Adjunct Audio recently put out this EP with tracks from a collection of artists on the label. This collection is the first in a new series from Adjunct highlighting some of their talent. Most of it lurks around tech house but it does move towards deep or minimal house here and there. Regardless of genre, this is an awesome album and is receiving an incredible amount of play at Chez Sleazy.

Adjunct Audio takes pride in their forward-thinking house and techno sound. Based out of LA, these fine people know their tunes. Aside from this album, Adjunct also released four volumes of the Icarian Games and Indian Clubs compilation series that made serious waves in the minimal community throughout 2009 and into 2010.

Check 'er out on Soundcloud!

For Every Moment Of Triumph: Volume One [ADIG15] by Adjunct

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See you all on Saturday for Late & Deep V with White Lions, Alicia Hush, O-God and more!

Love, Bea Sleazy