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Usually Not Usual (002)

Image by Bioniq / G. Gieseking

The tunes you are about to hear are usually not usual fare here at the Deep North, but we just want to remind you that we sometimes like music that is not house, techno or minimal.  The usually not usual saga continues...

Russian producer Long Arm is a very interesting individual who is into more than just music, a point which our homies over at earmilk seem to agree withus on.  An all around monster of art, I am definitly bigging up this guy's experimental hip-hop productions - - such as the jazzy number Double Bass In Love - - which are super artsy and would definitly screw with one's confused, meandering mind as it wanders through the darkness of a sad night alone.  Emotional bits.  Don't cry.

Long Arm - Double Bass In Love >>> [BUY LONGARM]

This next tune comes from American singer and songwriter Raphael Saadiq, and the song I really want to share with the world is "Keep Marchin" from his album The Way I See It.  Listen to this asshole's beautiful music for yourself to see why I am in love.  While his tunes are wonderfully wicked, I was most impressed with how many pots of honey "Pooh Bear" Saadiq has had his hands in over the years.  With an active hand in the production of TLC, Macy Grey, The Roots and D'Angelo (to name a few examples), one could say that this guy is a phenom of sorts, especially once you learn he has been part of Mick Jagger's backing band and even started a shortlived project with the guys from A Tribe Called Quest.  Serious business.  Readd Saadiq's biography here for the unedited full story.

Raphael Saadiq - Keep Marchin' >>> [BUY NOW]


In the interest of keeping my characteristic rambling to a minimum, I won't talk anymore than is necessary.  The next three songs, All Touch, Say My Name, and Imported Goods by Canada's Rough Trade, Germany's Northern Lite, and America's Action Bronson are all serious tunes that keep my shit going strong.  I hope that they put some zing in your thing as well.  Much love!

Rough Trade - All Touch >>> [BUY]


Northern Lite - Say My Name >>> [BUY]


Action Bronson - Imported Goods >>> [BUY]