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The Me You Should Let Me Be

The Other People's Place was a project made up of one-half of the Detroit electro-techno duo Derxciya, made up of member's Gerald Donald and James Stinson.  The duo, formed in 1989, was known for their interest in themes, and they released a number of works in a thematic series begining with "Aquatic Invasion".  James Stinson's project, The Other People's Place released Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe on Warp Records in 2001, shortly after which the then 32-year old James Stinson passed away.  The song "Let Me Be Me" was the 5th track on Stinson's Laptop Cafe album.  Play it once, then play it again.  Get hooked.

NOTE: The artwork displayed in this video was made by our dear techno-loving friend Bray Bray, whom we dedicate this post to.  She makes wonderful clipart peices, many of which I own.  Check out more of her amazing work by contacting her at