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The Expansion of the Roman Empire

Deep North Resident Sean Roman's sex-inducing music has been making waves across the world.

The Deep North's resident nu-disco and deep house producer and DJ Sean Roman has been on an relentless tear over the past year and 2011 was a testament that the 30-year old producers hard work in the studio is paying off.  Sean Roman, a native from Toronto, was once best known as DJ Mutt - - a DnB producer with numerous releases known across the globe - - but now it seems like this might be changing.

In 2011, Sean made his mark in the house community, catching the edge of the huge wave that was somethere between deep house and nu-disco, popularized by people like Jamie Jones, Lee Foss and their Hot Creations artists in what many called a "renaissance period" for house music in the UK and Europe.  2011 was a massive year for the artist, who went from having a few house releases to now having well over 10, and more then a handful in the tube.  2011 saw Sean and group the White Lions - - with long time friends Rob Steal & Cody LG - - signing to labels such as Hot Waves, My Favorite Robot, Fabric, Top Billin, Thoughtless Music, Assembly Records, Overcross and more.

We here at The Deep North have been longtime supporters of Sean's and the White Lions, were super excited when both agreed to join our Resident DJ Roster last Fall, after having played a number of events with us and developing a close relationship that has continued to grow.  Toronto still does not fully realize that they have a possible future star in their own city, but 2012 will see a lot more of Sean and the White Lions rocking dancefloors across the city.  The White Lions are going to be playing alongside BUBBA of Hot Creations/Klasse/Extended Play for April's edition of Late & Deep.  Shit is going to blow minds.

Two Unsigned Tracks:  Given to us by Sean last year, both tracks are unreleased and are available to be picked up by interesed labels.  For more information contact us.

Sean Roman - All The Girls (Deep North Exclusive) >>> Unreleased.

Sean Roman - Quirks (Deep North Exclusive) >>> Unreleased

2012 will be an even bigger year for the emerging star and news of new releases continue to confirm  this.  His hot new release Sinnaman on Assembly Records is now sitting at #8 on Juno's Deep House Charts, continuing to climb.  Sean will be the first release coming out on Jamie Ward's (the owner of Act Natural) new imprint Feast Records (FEAST001), which will include two originals and remixes by both MANIK and the Waifs and Strays.  Sean also has signed with the Mexican imprint Neim Records, which is known for harbouring sleazy beat boys such as Miguel Puente, Wildkats, Alexis Raphael, Louie Fresco and Jay Haze.  There are other releases in the tube which I will not mention in the interest of those involved, but let me tell you that it is more than exciting to say the least.

Sean Roman - Sinnaman EP >>> [BUY IT]

Sean Roman 'Sinnaman' by Assembly Records


Sean Roman - Moan EP >>> [OUT SOON on FEAST RECORDS]

FEAST RECORDS 001 by Feast London


Sean Roman - This Thang EP >>> [BUY IT]

[Neim014] Sean Roman - This thang EP by Nëim Records


The White Lions have also kicked into 2012 with a super cool release of their amazing track H-Job on Canada'sl My Favorite Robot Records' seventh Stimulus Package compilation.  This big tune, despite having been bouncing aroung the net for quite some time, took a suprisingly long time to be signed, but we are happy that this greasy poolside beat was finally picked up and will be getting buns bouncing from Miami to Moscow.  We are super proud of both Sean and the Lions, and we are certain that this year will continue to see them push forward, and before you know it, you will be seeing them rocking dancefloors in Europe.

White Lions - H-Job >>> [BUY IT]


Make sure you check out Seans new FB Page along with his Twitter and Soundcloud, and while you are at it, do the same for the White Lions and The Deep North.  To end things off, here is the White Lions' exclusive DRM Mix they made for our blog last year - - hosted on the Lions' soundcloud.

DRM019 - White Lions Exclusive Deep North Mixtape >>> Revisited via White Lions SC

White Lions - DRM019 Mix for The Deep North by whitelions Dick Diamonds


Ambitious Bozzwell Knows Well

This grumpy old guy is sour that he did not buy the new Bozzwell EP on Clouded Vision.

UK producer Bozzwell has just released a major firebomb through Clouded Vision (CV006), which is owned by Matt Walsh and which has had a number of very strong releases since its launch a few short years ago.  The Ambition EP is a super strong release, with the original mix finding its way into my sets quite often, as well as the remix done by Canadian trio My Favourite Robot.  The EP includes two additional remixes by Semtek and Maxime Iko.  While I had never heard of the Bozz before hearing this release, the UK producer has released on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Warner Bros, Firm, Nang and Society.

This EP is a great one, and is the second release for the UK beatmaker on the Clouded Vision imprint, his first being a remix on Darabi's Truckin' EP, which was dropped at the very start pf 2011, and remains Bozzwell's best selling track on Beatport.  Check out my favorite remixes from the EP as well as his remix of Truckin'.


Bozzwell - Ambition (CLOUDED 006) >>> [BUY IT]

Bozzwell - Ambition (MFR Remix)(CLOUDED 006) >>> [BUY IT]



Darabi - Truckin' (Bozzwell Remix) >>> [BUY IT] 


Keep yourself posted people, because The Deep North plans on bringing the super talented Matt Walsh to play in Toronto at the End of March, on the 31st if everything goes as planned!!  We are just waiting for that confirmation!!

... Dick Diamonds



Robo Art

Just about to leave the house, but I have to let you all know about a new -- and long -- remix of My Favorite Robot's tune Wakinda Park by the boys of Art Department (Kenny Glasgow & Jonny White).  Tune is great, and should be taken in by the fans of our blog.

My Favorite Robot will be playing in Montreal on the 10th of December, so if you are in the area - - go check it out.  These guys know how to put on a show.


MFR042 -My Favorite Robot -Wakinda Park (Art Department Edit) -My Favorite Robot Records(out Nov 28) by My Favorite Robot Records Dick Diamonds 


Fur Coats & Dinosaurs

Image by the wonderful Merry Sommers. Click picture to visit her site!

We're back!  It's been a bit busy over here are The Deep North HQ, and last weekends amazing show with Remain was so amazing that I was guttered for the 2 days afterwards.  Speaking of Remain, his new EP on My Favorite Robot Records is now available for purchase.  Go grab yourself a copy of the "La Rixerelease, you will not be dissapointed - - the remixes are serious!

I wanted to speak briefly about a hot recent release on Crosstown Rebels by Venezuelan artists that go by the names Fur Coat (Delete & Israel Sunshine)and Argenis Brito.  The release, Space Ballad came out on my birthday (October 3rd), and is the 83rd release by the popular Crosstown brand.  This tune is fresh as all hell, and I have been bumping it like a madman for the past two weeks, and I am sure you will be too if you have not heard this yet.  The Deep House original is a slow starter, only heating up after the 3 minute mark, and UK remixers TEED took it upon themselves to kick the heat up a notch after one minute in their house mix of the jam.  I prefer the original mix, but both versions are wicked.  I will share a 128kbps version of the TEED remix with you all, I hope you enjoy, and sorry for the wait my friends!

Fur Coat & Argenis Brito - Space Ballad (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Fur Coat & Argenis Brito - Space Ballad (T.E.E.D Remix) >>> [BUY IT]



We Probably Had It Coming

It's been a bad week for weather. I lost power last night and its still miserable this morning. It sucks. It's not stopping. Therefore, cheery, uplifting grooves are in order. Well, either that or brooding ambient music, but I'm already getting sick of that. Luckily, we have an amazing event coming up this Friday - aka Late&Deep VI with Remain and the rest of the My Favourite Robot homies and happy music to make this weather seem a little less awful.

First up, an amazing disco mix from New York house queen Honey Dijon. It's got a cool mix of classic disco with some of the nu disco and deep house sounds that we've all come to love and cherish. She's got all sorts of exciting things on Beatport, including a brand new remix on DJ Chus's latest EP, A Night Summer Dream.

Do You Like Disco? Honey Dijon Exclusive Disco Mix by HONEY DIJON

Finnish newcomers Cut & Slice only have two tracks to their name but are certainly garnering more attention as time goes on. Their most recent track, "Fresh Meat Disco," is quite true to its electro house label but their first track, "No More Superheroes," gives off some awesome, edgy diso vibes.

No More Superheroes by Cut & Slice

See you this Friday!!

Love, Bea Sleazy


Get Late. Get Deep. Get Weird.....With Remain.

Lick or Click image for further info.Romain Rouffiac, (aka Remain) is probably not a name most North Americans have heard before.  Not suprisingly, this was certainly my case until I happened to download the Concrete EP on the FAMILY Name imprint.  I am not going to lie, I really downloaded the EP because of the cover art: some random mother fucker with a gnarly tattoo that, of all things, said "PEACE" on his forearm.  I combed through the newly acquired releases.  As usual, most of the assorted EPs I downloaded were crap or barely tolerable, until I touched this greasy little nugget of heat called Concrete - - a tune so good it made the tedious daily dig worth every agonizing minute.  Equally hot were two of the remixes, one by Matt Walsh and the other by Matthus Raman.

 Remain - Concrete (Original Mix) >>>> [BUY IT]


Turns out that the head honcho of France's Meant Records makes more than one good song.  In fact, the man makes a shit ton of wicked music, much of which can be heard by visiting his soundcloud.  Remain makes awesome Techno, Tech House and Indy Dance music that plays a varying amount of the feild, music often displaying a touch of darkness that never fails to evoke strong emotional reactions among listeners - - often finding themselves nostalgically reflecting on past experiences which fit the soundtrack playing in their head.




While darkness and eerie mystery music are certainly salient characteristics of Romain's work, most of it is terriffic on the dancefloor, something I look forward to confirming this Friday when Romain plays a set for his Release party at Late & Deep #6, where we celebrate his up coming "La Rixe" EP, his first release on Canada's My Favorite Robot Records.  The Official EP Party is fully supported by local MFR artists including My Favourite Robot, Nitin and Aaron Santos, and the artists will be fully backed by the 40Hz Soundsystem Crew. I have provided a number of Remain tracks for you to check out off his soundcloud, including the unreleased "La Rixe EP".

MFR040 - Remain - La Rixe EP - My Favorite Robot Records (out: October 24)


As a special exclusive bonus, we are also providing you with a free 128kbps download of the La Rixe remix by Toronto's Drumatix Six, courteousy of MFR, Remain and Drumatix Six - - only available here, at the Deep North.

Remain - La Rixe (Drumatix Six Yokai Vocal Dub) >>> Exclusive Pre-Release DL. Right click, save as..


More information can be found about Late & Deep #6 on our new Fanpage, which is also where daily contests happen for ticket giveaways to this special event on Friday.  Also, you can read more about the event on Resident Advisor. DICK DIAMONDS



Like The Australian Landmark

This awesome weather definitely demands some stellar, chilled out beats and Urulu is definitely the man for the job. This LA producer might not be a household name quite yet, but it would be safe to say that one could expect big things from this dude. He recently released his first EP, Goodbyes with Miami label petFood. It's packed with all the slick, funky deep house you could ever want. Check it out here.

This is his latest track, plus a free track he's offering through his SoundCloud. The vocals on "Across the Sky" blew me away.

Across The Sky by Urulu Move On by Urulu

Although "Move On" is free and "Across the Sky" isn't available for download or purchase yet, he does have a few other tracks and albums available on Beatport.

Love, Bea Sleazy


Late Night Robot Parties

MFR 040: Remain's "La Rixe EP" on My Favorite Robot Records. Click Image to hear this release.

With Late & Deep #6 fast approaching, I feel compelled to share a bit of music from the Toronto label that will provide us with an array of musical masterminds in just under two weeks.  My Favorite Robot (MFR) is one of the most exciting Canadian labels in the industry right now, and a quick look at some of their releases on beatport should excite anyone who calls themselves a fan of modern tech house, deep house, techno and electronica.

The imprint's vision couldn't be any more simple.  According to MFR's label page on resident advisor, these guys seek to "Ignore the norm and broaden the definition of electronic music in order to deliver it to as many music lovers as possible", something that they do well.  With an impressive roster of artists which includes the likes of Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White of Art Department, James Teej, Adultknapper, Jori Hulkonnen, Jozif, Sasse, Nitin and Pan/Tone, to name a few, it is no wonder these guys seem to be moving along like a massive musical snowball, simply getting bigger and bigger by the second.  Just watch how these guys got the kids going crazy at Piknik Electronic in Montreal last month!  What a crowd.



Get ready people because on the 21st of October, The Deep North will be hosting the Official "La Rixe" EP Release Party for MFR's newest artist Remain.  The EP is fantastic and I am super stoked to hear this guy drop some amazing tunes for the home crowd.  To make things just a little bit sweeter, the label will be providing extra heavy support for Romain Rouffiac's set with the additional firepower provided by three of the labels local artists: My Favorite Robot, Nitin and Aaron Santos (of The Kings Arms).  Now that is what I call a lineup worth lining up for.  Check out some heat from these artists, including a remix by Toronto's very own Drumatix Six and get ready for the official announcement concerning presale tickets.  Trust me, you will need them if you plan on seeing this event in person.  Get stoked!

Be sure to check out the MFR Soundcloud for further sneak peeks of Remain's new La Rixe EP and lots of other tunes and even mixes.

Note: My Favorite Robot is Jared Simms, Voytek Korab & James Teej // The Kings Arms is Aaron Santos & James Teej.



Remain - La Rixe (Drumatix Six Yokai Dub) >>> UNRELEASED, Exclusive 128kbps Coming Soon!


My Favorite Robot - Birthday Song [MFR] >>> [BUY IT]


The Model ft. My Favorite Robot - Still In My Heart [Crosstown Rebels] >>> [BUY IT]


My Favorite Robot - The Future Will Judge Us [MFR] >>> [BUY IT]


Nitin - Blink Twice (Original Mix)[MFR] >>> [BUY IT]


Nitin - The Nine In One (Original Mix)[MFR]  >>> [BUY IT]


Nitin - Silent Scales (Osunlade Remix)[No. 19] >>> [BUY IT]


Jonny Cruz & Lati - Crack is Wack (The Kings Arms Remix) [MFR] >>> [BUY IT]


The Kings Arms - No Good For You [Wolf + Lamb Black] >>> [BUY IT]


Although these guys won't be at the party on the 21st, I am a huge fan of Class B Band's August 15th release on MFR Records titled "Strange Wolves".  Get that!!

Class B Band - Strange Wolves [MFR] >>> [BUY IT] DICK DIAMONDS


A Favourite Mixing Machine

Photo by Merry Sommers. Click the image to see her website.

I am sure most of you have heard of My Favorite Robot, a production/DJ trio and label based out of Toronto and Montreal, Canada.  As a highly popular production and DJ force - - which has releases on Crosstown Rebels, No. 19, Tenampa and of course MFR - - My Favorite Robot is headed by Jared Simms and his partners James Teej and Voytek Korab.  All three men are amazing in their own right, but put these killers together and you have a nearly unstoppable house music force capable of decimating any dance floor with sickening late night vibes.

As an imprint, MFR has been on fire as well, releasing hot music from numerous massive deep house producers such as Adultnapper, Droog, Jonny White, Jordan Dare, Jozif, Kenny Glasgow, Nitin, Noah Pred, Sasse, Sid LeRock, Sean Roman and White Lions ... to name but a few.

Check out Team Robot's ultra hot August mix, which I stumbled across on the MFR Records' Soundcloud a couple of days ago.  Pull up your socks, this one is serious.

 The tracklist can be found here.

My Favorite Robot - August Mixtape  by My Favorite Robot




Deep North Exclusive from Sean Roman 

WOAH.  Sean Roman smashed the house down last night at The Deep North's late night party LATE & DEEP #2 where he played with Toronto veterans Ali Black, Paul Revered and our own resident DJs Phantom Ambulance (Max The Fax & Max Lucas), Durt Stash, Book and myself Dick Diamonds.  Sean has been killing it with his productions as of late, and has a huge release coming out on Jamie Jones and Lee Foss' label Hot Waves in the near future - - I have heard a working version, and let me tell's gonna be a big bad stinker!!

I have been a big fan of Seans house music for over a year now, music which he produces on his own and as part of the White Lions, a group with releases on My Favourite Robot who everyone should check out.  Despite how dope his house tracks are, Sean is known primarily for his Drum and Bass joints, which he produces under the moniker DJ Mutt.  I was never a huge Mutt lover, but I have a feeling that we will all be hearing a lot more about Sean's dance music over the next couple of years at least. 

Sean puts in work.  Lately this guy has been on the rise, with tons of big blogs posting his tunes and a number of big labels releasing his creations.  Sean was stoked on playing the Late & Deep jam and offered The Deep North an unrealeased, exclusive track to share with the fans of the blog.  The track is called All The Girls and is a great example of the type of house music that Sean produces.  We are honoured to be given the opportunity to share this track with the world, and we thank Sean for giving back to the community with this amazing 320kbps gift.  Listen, love it and remember where you heard it first kids!! 

Sean Roman - All The Girls >>> [Right Click, Choose "Save Link As"]


Don't stop now...make sure you check out Sean's Soundcloud and then check out his digitally released work on Beatport, which I hope you buy.  We will be brining Sean out to a number of future parties, so if you missed him at L&D #2, there will be more chances to grip a sighting of this house maniac.  Insanity.