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Yo, it's Rhobot Jones back again with a heater that's real chill to cool you down this hot summer. On the chopping block tonight we've got long time Deep North supporter Lucian C who just turned out an exclusive mix for us. Right now I'm grooving to it as I write to you all. So you all know what to do, hit the link and get right or get left. You will be pleasantly pleased with this. 


RJ Out


Eureka, Eur In 4 It Now!

Long time, no blog. But don't fret the Deep North is back in black and in fact we never went anywhere. We were out there throwing some stupendous, stupifying shindigs for all the cool cats in the underground. But anyways I've got some heat to throw your way via ethernet cables or wi-fi. So plug in your speakers or headphones and get ready to get dancey. I've got a funky little mix by *spark main man Jad Ad. Tune into summer with this acoustic appetizer. Deep North approved!


Rhobot Jones, Out!



Friend of The Deep North, originally hailing from Japan, now residing here in Toronto, DJ Zenta. We've got a nice, chilled, all vinyl mix, courtesy of the man himself, for you all to check out and groove to. So get in the know and come check this cat out at one of our upcoming parties. 


Nagisa by Dj Zenta on Mixcloud


Rhobot Jones, out.


Roamin' Candle

That's right, The Deep North's one and only Sean Roman will be heading out on tour with his homie Dick Diamonds to euphoric Europe again from April 11th to the 29th. If you're interested in a booking hit up: So check out his latest mix to see what all the fuss is about. 


Rhobot Jones


T-Bone Time!

Looking at my rolie, it's about that time. This Late & Deep we've got a real treat for you. T-Bone aka Timmy Stewart, co-owner of Extended Play Recordings is a real beast out of Belfast, Ireland. This week he is hopping across the pond so he can get down with all of us house heads here in the dot. This guy is a serious sonic specialist so you really don't want to miss out this Friday when he beats up the dancefloor for all you dancing maniacs. And if you don't believe me, here comes the proof. 

Here's a tasty exclusive mix he did for us over in The Deep North, check it out, it goes, that's for certain:

Now if that's not enough to convince you here's another dosage of dope for your soul. This is a dirty hour-long mix of T-Bone's personal faves of 2012. Don't sleep:

And if you thought T-Bone was only a brilliant DJ you were dead wrong. He's also a fine producer as well. Give your ear to a few of his splendid creations:

One of his latest releases with his collaborating partner and good friend Bubba featuring Abe Duque, along with some beautiful remixes, good stuff:

So if all that hasn't got you hooked yet there really isn't much more I can do for you. My only advice is to turn your hearing aid up to 11 for this one:

Remember folks, this Friday it all goes down on a dancefloor near you. For more details of how you can get the chance to bust a groove to the workings of T-Bone's magic, HIT THIS LINK!

And I'm out,

Rhobot Jones



Catch the infectious groove that is the White Lions' latest mix for The Deep North. The wild pride consists of Sean Roman, Cody LG and Rob Steal. These musical beasts are always on the prowl, constantly looking to tear up any dance floor they can get their paws on. Check out their soundcloud page to get a taste for more of their kills. Ok I think that's enough of the lion references. Just check out this mix, it might just bite you. 



Rhobot Jones, signing off.



Don't forget that Chris Woodward (UK) is spinning the next LATE & DEEP on Friday the 8th at a brand new location on College Street which you do NOT want to miss. We go till 6am.

Just thought I would make this one nice and short, but then decided otherwise.  Below are a number of hot mixes which I have either a) stumbled across and loved, b) recorded myself or with some friends, or c) have a personal connection with and think it's imperative that others experience.  

The first mix comes from our LATE & DEEP 2.2 headliner-to-be Chris Woodward of the United Kingdom, a cigarette smoking DJ which I had the pleasure of seeing rock the shit out of a Buzzin'Fly Records night in December of 2010.   I told him that night that I would book him in Toronto sometime, and I doubt he believed me, until recently when I actually did.   Chris hasn't dropped any new productions (at least not official releases) in a while, but tells me that he has some heat in the bag coming out on Dirt Crew, which I cannot wait  to hear.  Make sure you come out Friday, June 8th for LATE & DEEP 2.2 because I can tell you right now you will dance your pants right the fuck off your boucing legs.  If you live in Montreal, make sure you catch him on June 7th @ Royal Phoenix alongside The Hermans, Vosper and the Jealous Lovers.


The second mix comes from me, and is a special mix that holds a special place in my heart as it is a recording made in my home which is a back 2 back set between myself (Dick Diamonds) and my favorite producer in the world, Jonathan Smyth, better known across the world by his pseudonym BUBBA.  As you all know, this guy is a regular figure covered here on the Deep North, and rightfully so - - BUBBA has released on major labels in the game such as Hot Creations, Extended Play, Classic, Pets, Act Natural, Love Not Money, Alive, Exploited, Dogmatik and more.  This mix was done completely on the fly and has absolutely no additives.  Natural flavour all the way!


The Third mix is my newest mixtape, which I made exclusively for EMMY, a student run organization dedicated to electronic music which I am a strong supporter of, and which is headed by a solid group of enthusuastic kids who give it 110% on the dancefloor.  Special note on this mix:  the first tune is an exclusive and unreleased track by Alixander III & the White Lions featuring vocals by Starving Yet Full, who, along with Alixander make up 1/2 of the ultra-popular Canadian ensemble Azari & III.  Dig into this mix and let me know what you think of it.  I would love to hear feedback, as always.


Finally, the fourth mixtape I am going to post comes from Dominican Republic's talented DJ and producer Monsanto, a good friend of ours who now lives in Toronto and is part of the squadron along with other homies of ours such as Jeff Breen, Wes Bonaventure and Luis "Dirty Mex".  Here is a short promo mix he did and has on his Soundcloud.  For good measure I am posting his new tune which is coming out soon on Divine records.  I have also included the official remix which was done by our good friend Jeff Breen for exxxxxxxxxxtra good measure - - look for these tunes on Beatport in June when they release.  Proud of my boys!!

 Dick Diamonds


Hermans Re-Runnage

Dick Diamonds (L) + Max the Fax (R) are the Toronto techno oddity known as the Hermans.

A new mixeroo by the Hermans, aka Max the Fax and Myself which we recorded for From the Deep Radioshow a couple of weeks ago.  We hope you enjoy it - - more music can be found on the Deep North's soundcloud page for our blog or on the Hermans' Soundcloud.  The tracklist can be found on the soundcloud as well, by clicking on the mix.




House Music Legend: Gemini

Spencer Kincy aka Gemini dropped out of the house music world mysteriously. But his legend lives on.

Just got this 1990's mix of house legend Spencer "Gemini" Kincy from resident advisor, which linked to a R_co mix on soundcloud.  For those unfamiliar with the enigmatic house producer, who suddenly vanished from the music industry without a trace, check out an article I wrote on his work a while back.  This guy is phenomenal, and this mix is pure class!  A-Grade beef.

Gemini - Experiments Mix Tape (1990's) >>> [Download] Dick Diamonds


Easy Mandeezy

Mr. Mandelephant aka Jeremy Sean aka Jeremy Mandel. Man made a nice mix for BlogTO, check it out!

Mr. Mandelephant aka Jeremy Sean put together this nice little mix for Toronto's BlogTO website along with a personal interview.  I used to roll with Jeremy back in our days, where I first got my blogging experience prior to leaving in order to start my own project The Deep North.  Jeremy remains an active player in the Toronto scene, running his metronautix project and playing the Major Rager and Loose Hips parties.  You can learn more about him and grab the tracklisting by reading the interview here.  Thanks for the props Jeremy.

Mr. Mandelephant [Jeremy Sean] - BlogTO Mix >>> [Download It!] Dick Diamonds