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Montreal duo Vosper has come out with a warboat release on French imprint Meant Records, which has been getting a ton of hot media coverage as of late. Move out of the way captain!

Have you heard of the Canadian duo out of Montreal named Vosper?  The Canadians - - Edouard Le and Christopher Bryon have been making waves on several strong internet publications such as XLR8R and Ibiza Voice, who recently gave the boys a strong 9/10 rating for their newest release on Deep North favorite Meant Records, which is headed by France's Romain Rouffiac, aka Remain.  Below are samples from the release, a five-song EP which can be bought on Beatport.  In the meantime, grab a free copy of the remix by Polar, which can be found on the XLR8R Page.  Great work from our fellow Canadians - - get that!

Vosper - Release (Original Mix) Official Video >>> [BUY IT]

Vosper - Release EP >>> (BUY IT)

Since were here, and on the topic, I will share a couple of other strong releases on the Meant imprint which I think you should check out.  Remain had a banging one with his Ralph/Digression EP and our homies Clouded Vision [Matt Walsh / Steve Cook] who, we might add own a label of the same name, had another good one under the Meant banner with their Room101 EP.

Remain - Ralph / Digression EP >>> [BUY IT]

Clouded Vision - Room101 EP >>> [BUY IT] Dick Diamonds



MONOBLOK & PSLKTR People. Two electrifying producers from the French part of the global village.

The damage is already done.

Big release here from the Meant Records camp, the Damage Done EP by MONOBLOK & PSLKTR.  This fire is available to burn your cortex on Beatport, so give it a sample here then go support the French duo by tossing them a few bucks for the release.

We know you want to!

  Monoblok&PSLKTR_DamageDoneEP by Monoblok & PSLKTR >>> [BUY IT]


While you are here, you may as well have a taste of their Make Shift EP on Lebensfreud, another quality release which should tickle your little nenny.  These two Frenchmen have go that grease, kids. are selling.  Great tunes all around, especially Flash Forward.


Monoblok&PussySelektor_MakeShiftEP by Monoblok & PSLKTR Dick Diamonds 


Chance of Sultry Clouds

Music that will blow your damn noodle off your shoulders. As the French might say: "BOUMMMM"Ever since dropping my jaw over Remain's Concrete EP, I have really become an avid listener of all things Matt Walsha wicked Techno/House producer and DJ from the UK - - including his label Clouded Vision.  Walsh has been active as a DJ since the 90's and the man has put together a mean list of productions, both as a solo artist and as one half of duo Clouded Vision with long time friend Steve Cook.  The hard working producer has releases on a number of respected labels such as Turbo, This Is Music, Mute, Meant Records, Southern Fried and XL Recordings to name a few.

One of his latest releases comes as the 10th release on French imprint Meant Records owned by producer Remain.  The Room 101 EP by his duo Clouded Vision fits well with the fresh fusion of techno/electronica/indie-dance sounds that are pushed by the French label.  The EP includes two original tracks, which are remixed by the likes of Remote, Darabi and People Get Real.  Listen to these samples taken from Matt's soundcloud and see what you think - - I am a big fan of the Remote remix of "Room 101" personally. Loving how that thicker than molasses bass backs the tune up in the heaviest of ways. Gnarly.


Clouded Vision - Room 101 EP (MEANT010) on Meant Records. 


A mere three days ago, Matt's eponymously named imprint Clouded Vision released a brand spanking new bundle of insanely hot fire called the Complex Situation EP by Spains Sishi Rosch.  The Original mix simply blew my damn mind out of its earthly capsule, and I have not stopped pumping this jam since, occasionally taking a moment to play the second -- also strong -- original on the release "Too Much Cake".  I did not know much of Sishi Rosch before hearing this release, but shit this No.19 and Get The Curse artist has got some grease in his mother fucking gears.  Listen to the entire release and try telling me that Clouded Vision did not release an earth-shattering monster with this one.  Holy fuck.  Aural murder people. Bloody murder.

Also make sure you check out Rosch's label Digital Delight and his new label, Sultry Vibes, with co-producer Diego Moreno.  Hot Gangsta Disco up in this bitch!

Sishi Rosch - Complex Situation EP (CLOUDED 005) on Clouded Vision DICK DIAMONDS 


Get Late. Get Deep. Get Weird.....With Remain.

Lick or Click image for further info.Romain Rouffiac, (aka Remain) is probably not a name most North Americans have heard before.  Not suprisingly, this was certainly my case until I happened to download the Concrete EP on the FAMILY Name imprint.  I am not going to lie, I really downloaded the EP because of the cover art: some random mother fucker with a gnarly tattoo that, of all things, said "PEACE" on his forearm.  I combed through the newly acquired releases.  As usual, most of the assorted EPs I downloaded were crap or barely tolerable, until I touched this greasy little nugget of heat called Concrete - - a tune so good it made the tedious daily dig worth every agonizing minute.  Equally hot were two of the remixes, one by Matt Walsh and the other by Matthus Raman.

 Remain - Concrete (Original Mix) >>>> [BUY IT]


Turns out that the head honcho of France's Meant Records makes more than one good song.  In fact, the man makes a shit ton of wicked music, much of which can be heard by visiting his soundcloud.  Remain makes awesome Techno, Tech House and Indy Dance music that plays a varying amount of the feild, music often displaying a touch of darkness that never fails to evoke strong emotional reactions among listeners - - often finding themselves nostalgically reflecting on past experiences which fit the soundtrack playing in their head.




While darkness and eerie mystery music are certainly salient characteristics of Romain's work, most of it is terriffic on the dancefloor, something I look forward to confirming this Friday when Romain plays a set for his Release party at Late & Deep #6, where we celebrate his up coming "La Rixe" EP, his first release on Canada's My Favorite Robot Records.  The Official EP Party is fully supported by local MFR artists including My Favourite Robot, Nitin and Aaron Santos, and the artists will be fully backed by the 40Hz Soundsystem Crew. I have provided a number of Remain tracks for you to check out off his soundcloud, including the unreleased "La Rixe EP".

MFR040 - Remain - La Rixe EP - My Favorite Robot Records (out: October 24)


As a special exclusive bonus, we are also providing you with a free 128kbps download of the La Rixe remix by Toronto's Drumatix Six, courteousy of MFR, Remain and Drumatix Six - - only available here, at the Deep North.

Remain - La Rixe (Drumatix Six Yokai Vocal Dub) >>> Exclusive Pre-Release DL. Right click, save as..


More information can be found about Late & Deep #6 on our new Fanpage, which is also where daily contests happen for ticket giveaways to this special event on Friday.  Also, you can read more about the event on Resident Advisor. DICK DIAMONDS