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Game Changer: Beltram

Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (Original release,1990)  >>> [BUY IT]

Joey Beltram is a name that many lovers of EDM may never have heard of, even among big Techno fans.  A shame, really, because this guy was a true gamechanger and an undeniable part of Techno music's history.  I personally find myself struggling to keep up (and in fact always behind) with all the who's who and all of that jazz, so I can totally relate.  Affordable start up equipment and the internet does not help one god damn bit either - -  we are often bombarded with the names of hundreds of artists, EPs, LPs, Singles, Labels, releases, parties and promoters every week.  Who in their right mind could ever remember it all?  No one.  

Anyways, Beltram gripped Techno by the balls in 1990 -- at only 19 years of age -- with his now club-classic track "Energy Flash", a banger with a blasphemous bassline, scuttling high hats, hand claps, siren blasts, synth bursts and angelic choir-like vocal clips which contrast with deep voices murmuring words like "ecstacy" and "acid", much like a seedy house dealer would in a clubs dirty bathroom.  1990's Energy Flash solidified Joey Beltram's place in Techno history alongside other legendary producers of the late 80's and early 90's including LFO, Phuture, A Guy Called Gerald and 4Hero, among others.  Rightfully so, this track is nothing short of a hot shower from a pack of cyber-howitzers.

JB3 aka Joey Beltram - Forklift (1993) >>> [BUY IT]

Yeah, also check out this sweet video for 1993's Forklift.  This video blows my mind.  To think that a time like this existed, a time when MTV was actually playing sweet underground electronic music.  Good luck finding anything this radical rolling on Music Television today! Flick it to the next channel after indulging in this insane tune.