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Easy Mandeezy

Mr. Mandelephant aka Jeremy Sean aka Jeremy Mandel. Man made a nice mix for BlogTO, check it out!

Mr. Mandelephant aka Jeremy Sean put together this nice little mix for Toronto's BlogTO website along with a personal interview.  I used to roll with Jeremy back in our days, where I first got my blogging experience prior to leaving in order to start my own project The Deep North.  Jeremy remains an active player in the Toronto scene, running his metronautix project and playing the Major Rager and Loose Hips parties.  You can learn more about him and grab the tracklisting by reading the interview here.  Thanks for the props Jeremy.

Mr. Mandelephant [Jeremy Sean] - BlogTO Mix >>> [Download It!] Dick Diamonds


Shrink Wrapped Kanada

New Kanada is a label which is owned by Toronto native Adam Marshall.  Now residing in Berlin, he is often quoted as being one of Canada's most stahlwart electronic music producers and label owners.  Marshall founded his widely respected record label in 2007 as a means of promoting and releasing his own music as well as that of other artists with similar tastes from across the globe.  It is not suprising that his imprint has been gaining serious momentum over the past year when one considers the sheer number of excellent releases that have been put out by the label during that time.  An excellent example of the labels penchant for supporting only the highest quality electronic music is its most recent release, the four track Berg EP by Turkish techno/tech house producer Tolga Fidan.  

The obvious stand out tune on this release is the EP's title track Berg, a wonderful creation which incorporates electric strings, complimentary female and male vocals, melancholic synths and a blood pumping bassline that gets muscles moving.  This is definitely one of the most exciting tunes I have heard this year - - big ups to by boy Mandelephant for suggesting I listen to this greasy track.

The EP's track Old also finds itself in that darker tech house / techno vein - - something Marshall values highly - - but I feel that this number brings with it a darker and heavier sound than does Berg.  Pan flutes,deeply agressive bass and punchy kicks definately make this tune appropriate for late night vampire raves.  While the synths get a little weird during the later portion of the track, they are definately not weird enough to make me stop playing the EP over and over again since I copped it a couple of days ago.  Dark and dirty late night greasers to get you loose at the afterparty.

Tolga Fidan - Berg >>> [BUT IT]


Tolga Fidan - Old >>> [BUT IT]