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Puppies Love Techno, Tunes & Treats.

This is a picture of Mia, my roommate's cute dog. I prefer calling her Techno Pup, House Hound, Deep Dog or the Bitch of Bass. Maybe she can become the next Fido model. Click picture to find out.

Mia the Techno Puppy only loves three things, and nothing more.  Generally, Techno Pup doesn't fuss, unless you play the sounds of Thunder or anything by Weird Al Yankovich and Skrillex.  She hates that shit.  She loves Pizza.  Vote here if you want to help my roomie in his quest to make her the next Fido model.  She would rather an internship at Resident Advisor though, I am sure.  She is skinny enough as it is.

Here, check out some heat we are loving.  By "we" I mean Mia and I.

 Levon Vincent is on top of his game.  If you know, you know.  If you don't, do some digging to see what the fuss is about.

 Levon Vincent - Pivotal Moments in Life >>> [BUY]


Turbo releases bumpin' techno crumpets.  This one from Turbo-tuner Mike Mind is an unreleased Crumpet.  Bump it...through the tube.

Mike Mind - Smile >>> Unreleased.


I posted the preview of the next song before, but here is a youtube video where you can hear all 7+ minutes of it's deep, dirty greatness.  Makes me think of nasty things. Complex things.

 Sishi Rosch - Complex Situation >>> [BUY]


Big fan of Brazilian label Molotov21.  My Brazilian brothers have been pushing some mega sexy panty-dropping material lately from artists such as Rockerr, Radio Guidance, Carrot Green, Toucan and of course, my favourite Beep Dee (Cool).  Heres 2 previews of their latest EP releases.  Straight heaters.  Off the meter type shit, for real.  Bump those crumpets.

Rockerr - Let Your Love Surround Me >>> [BUY Molotov21's 7th Release]



Carrot Green - Moving Fingers >>> [BUY Molotov21's 6th Release] DICK DIAMONDS