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Yes, those are the faces of Populette's Max and Andrew on a sheet of acid. Populette will be at Late & Deep tomorrow night. Click picture for more info.

We usually don't post two Deeply Rooted Mixtapes as close together as we are today, but we have to put up Max Pask of Populette's mix in order to get it up before he plays LATE & DEEP #12 tomorrow.  Max is one half of NYC duo Populette which has original and remix releases on super cool labels such as Throne Of Blood, Peacefrog and Turbo.  What we like about Populette is their originality and creativity, something that is often spoken about but rarely practiced.  We cannot wait to see Max's set this Saturday night, he told me that he has prepared a proper shake session to get us all greased late night.  Super stoked for this one!!




To download this mix, right click the blue link and choose "Save Linked Content As..." DICK DIAMONDS



DRM 031 comes from Berlin's Techno heavyweight Deepchild. The Australian-born EDM producer has been making us dance for a couple of years now - - and there seems to be no end in sight. Prepare for his August 9th performance in Toronto by listening to this exclusive mix for the Deep North.DRM031 comes to us from the beat metropolis of Berlin, which is arguably the best place in the world to be as a techno producer for quite some time now.  The man behind this ultra sweet exclusive mix for The Deep North is Rick Bull, more commonly referred to by dancefloor zombies as Deepchild - - a man who is likely a whole lot nicer than your best friend and probably looks better in a dress than your girlfriend could ever hope for.


Rick is quickly becoming a seasoned veteran in terms of his experience at being blogged at the Deep North, because we write about him more often than we would like to admit (did we just admit to that? Shit), but for good reasons.  With releases on over 50 labels, most of which put out damn tracks with very high production quality, it's no wonder we have so many of his tracks.  While he missed his appearance at Late & Deep 10 in February due to reasons beyond our control, the man will be back in Toronto to make up for the lost trip.  Expect our boy in early August, which we reckon is perfect timing to allow us enough time to get sick of this mix.  Here's a free tuner. 


Listen and buy more music by Deepchild over at Beatport.  Enough of my rambling.  With no further ado, we present to you an exclusive mix made by the illest cross-dressing producer we have ever known. 


To download this mix, right click on the link below and "save link as"

DRM031: Deepchild - We Couldn't Find North Exclusive Mixtape for The Deep North



We want to remind everyone of the POPULETTE SHOW @ LATE + DEEP  this Saturday, which is a special customer appreciation night where we get to thank you  for all of the support over the past year by offering 50% off regular prices for this event only. Dick Diamonds



Max Pask (L) and Andrew Potter (R) of Populette. Max will be gracing the dirty discs @ L&D 12


Populette is a duo from NYC which consists of two talented guys, one of which - - Max Pask - - will be flying out to our wonderful city of Toronto on Saturday for Late & Deep #12.  Populette makes really fun and unique music unlike a lot of the crap out there.  The Deep North has decided to make this L&D a special "partygoer appreciation night" as our way of thanking all of our supporters for helping the last year of events be as successful as it has been.  Thank you Toronto!

Populette has releases on Throne of Blood, Peacefrog, Turbo among others.  Max just sent me an exclusive mix for the blog which will be going up in the next two days as we warm up for L&DVII.

For now, listen to this mix - - which is made up entirely of Populette productions created in 2011.  Enjoy this dance-inducing mixture, shit is hot!


This is as fresh as it gets in terms of music.  This one  is by incoming miscreant Max Pask of the rad NYC duo and was just uploaded onto soundcloud today.  Super feel good diddy on this one.  Bite in.


For more info on Saturday's event through Resident Advisor, click here.  Facebook kids, click here. DICK DIAMONDS



TASC: New Video & Tune

TASC is a Toronto monster on the decks and has been putting in his work in studio - - catch him tonight at LATE & DEEP in Toronto.

TASC shot me this brand new video he put together for his track Across the Bridge.  TASC, a long time DJ in Toronto, has been turning up the heat on his productions as of late, and I cannot wait to see what else he has cooking in the god damn kitchen.  No doubt there is some tasty selections on the way.

Check out TASC tonight at our LATE & DEEP Party between 10pm and 6am.  Tasc is playing at 2am, so make sure you dont miss his set right before DJ FAME (NYC) goes on at 3am.  Super stoked!


Tasc - Across The Bridge from Spaceballin' on Vimeo.

BUY some of TASC's productions on Beatport, brought to you by his label Spaceballers. dick diamonds 


No More Joking Around

Alrighty folks...  As you probably noticed a long time ago, we havent been doing our radio show as often as we had planned...  in fact its been over a month since we have done one at all.  The good news is we will be back NEXT WEDNESDAY for good (we hope) from 9pm - 12am on Dubplate Fm's Urban Boogie stream.  Go to the website and click the urban boogie stream at 9pm (EST) and listen to Dick Diamonds, Book and myself play some tunes we think you will like, and if you don't like them, well too bad.  Tonight you can catch our homies Deadly Vanity during the same time slot, and they will be on the air every following week - - in alternating weeks with our show.  This means that every wednesday you can catch great vibes and good tunes @ between 9pm and 12am.  Zing!

We would also like to throw a quick mention on the topic of this coming weekend's Late & Deep party. This event is going to be a blast.  We have a tight little lineup of talented friends and extended deep north fam, headlined by Dj Fame (who you probably know for his jump up electro/party rockin tracks - - which we generally don't like).  Fear not, Fame will not be playing electro house, but rather, he will be bringing us a set filled with some of his favourite deep house and techno tracks at an all new location!  For all the details please click HERE 

Heres a mix from the man himself to get your feet moving.


Hope to see you on the floor!




We`re Back.

The Deep North Deer are half back...

Hello everyone, Mr. Diamonds reporting back from Brazil - - and a nasty little lack of service here at The Deep North. We apologize for the delay on getting the website back up, but everything is back up and well now.

To comemorate, here is a little teaser from Brazil`s own deep house duo Toucan and Gabriel Boni.  This new diddy was just released on Poland`s Loco Records Supreme imprint and is called Twenty-2.  This nasty track was released on a Three Song EP which is now available on Beatport. Click that link to hear more from the EP, including the wicked tune Thoth, a solid track with great synth progression.  Buy it now!

Toucan, Gabriel Boni - Twenty-2 (Teaser) by Toucan Music ­­

We have a great year ahead of us, and we have been working hard on some great shows in Toronto from the likes of Deepchild(DE), DJ Fame(NYC), Matt Walsh(UK), Tomas Jirku(CAN) and our favourite Bubba (IRE).  We hope all these shows happen over then next four months, but right now we are focusing on this weekends LATE & DEEP NUMBER 9: HUSHLAMB FAM.

Here is a sweet little minimalist tune I like from Hushlamb's co-founder Alicia Hush called Dogumentary, released on Smoked Mono Vol. 7, which is available for Free Download!


Alicia Hush - Dogumentary >>> [FREE DOWNLOAD]

See you this Saturday at LATE & DEEP! Dick Diamonds


Happy New Year

NYE fireworks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mad heads.

I hate the title of this post, it's so fucking predictable it makes me sick. 

Despite being like 37 hours late, I'm not going to apologize because I am currently in Brazil, trying to stay away from all the bleeps and bloops that surround me on the day to day.  So excuse our slowdown over here, we will be back in action just in time for our Late & Deep #9 event with none other than Toronto's Hushlamb Crew.  The first event of 2012 will feature performances by each one of our favourite acts - - Alicia Hush, Ana+One, Talal & Zoi and Zaid Edghaim - - from the crew, a serious barrage of heat that our city should look forward to seeing pump out of the infamous 40Hz Soundsystem on January 21st. [2am - 6am]

Oh yeah, four of our resident DJs -- Book, Boots Boogie, Max the Fax and myself -- will be going b2b2b2b for the opening three hours of this party [11pm - 2am].

We dedicate this event to the wonderful Miss O'Brien and her fabulous crew, a motley crew of miscreants who love it late & deep - - like real late & deep.  And of course to the whole Hushlamb Crew, we love you guys.

For now, a couple of sweet tunes from Huxley & Russo's semi-recently released Dollsit EP, out on one of my favourite labels, Leftroom Limited .  Great release here.  Bang!






Just wanted to share a neat promo video made by the people over at Indie Live Onlinea website that will be launching in early 2012 and which will cover a number of killer shows in both North America & Europe.  The site hopes to bring the best parties to your home by providing visitors to the site with lots of action, including recorded footage of sets, sound recordings of entire sets as well as interviews, write-ups and reviews.  The Deep North was contacted by IndieLiveOnline's Lizzy S with the request that we allow them to film at some of our LATE & DEEP events.  We agreed.  And last month they came through L&D #7.

Take the next two minutes to sit back and take a peek at the following promo video.  The Indie Live crew  were able to film a big chunk of our jam, and a couple of short but killer frames of Basic Soul Unit and  I (Dick Diamonds) playing the event were included in this one - - along with footage of Boyz Noize, Justin Martin, Jamie Kidd, Poupon and Meech.  We wish the Indie Live Online crew all the best, and look forward to seeing them again this friday the 16th for LATE & DEEP #8 with Sacha Robotti, Nitin, the White Lions and thes rest of the Deep North Residents.  Get Weird!



... by Dick Diamonds 


We Fly Them: Sacha Robotti x Toronto


Click this poster to see the Facebook Event

You heard us correctly: The Deep North is flying Klasse Recordings' musical heavyweight Sacha Robotti into Toronto for a couple of shows.  This guy is going to blaze a serious trail of heat for our eighth installment of our popular all night sweatfest Late & Deep.  

Although he is not really well known in our hometown, we like to take risks and show people what good music is all about by actually showing person.  Make sure you reserve your spot by buying a discounted advance ticket from Earth & Fire on Queen Street West (489, 2nd floor), or take your chances by paying at the door.  Be one of 300 people to see this monster blow the dancefloor apart for his first time ever in Canada.  If all goes well, you will also see his label mate BUBBA in the early months of 2012 - - plans for Klasse's second arrival are already being made.

We are fucking stoked.  Here are some samples to get your mouth watering.


Luca Lozano & Sacha Robotti :: "BARTOK (Siopis Remix)" by Sacha Robotti

Sacha Robotti :: "MOVE (Bubba Remix)" by Sacha Robotti

Daniel Dexter & Nhan Solo :: "OUR THANG (Luca Lozano & Sacha Robotti Remix)" :: OFF Rec (snippet) by Sacha Robotti

Deepchild :: "LIVE AT DIMITRIS 1993 (Sacha Robotti Remix)" :: Trapez (snippet) by Sacha Robotti

Turmspringer :: "WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT (Sacha Robotti Dusty Remix)" by Sacha Robotti

Mr. Ho :: "WHAT WE WANT (Sacha Robotti Remix)" by Sacha Robotti


We already featured this fall mix before, but we are gonna do it again.  Feel that! 

Sacha Robotti :: Fall Mixtape by Sacha Robotti Dick Diamonds 


Hello Thoughtless! Farewell Sleazy!

 Thoughtless Music's latest release - - the "Suffering Remixed EP" for Deepchild's "The Suffering Ones" - - was featured as a Beatport Exclusive yesterday.I would like to talk about the new remix ep that just dropped on Toronto's own Thoughtless Music imprint for Deepchild's late night (or more like early to mid morning) banger: "The Suffering Ones".  

Australian producer Rick Bull - - commonly known as Deepchild - - has become a staple of sorts for the global underground EDM community, releasing over 50 tunes on a plethora of international imprints.  One would be hard pressed to actually say they have not danced to one of his tunes in a club, somewhere, sometime.  Rick has been making some serious moves in the past year putting out a solid block of tunes which have left a solid bootprint on the face of dancefloors everywhere.

The latest addition to his drum-clip of dance bullets just so happens to be an absolutely air tight package of full metal remixes of "The Suffering ones", a track which we featured earlier this year on the blog.  I was excited to hear the clip click exclusively into digital super-retailer Beatport's merchant machine gun two days ago, ready to unleash a heavy barrage of heat filled with searing selections touched by a super talented lineup made up of Tim Xavier, Arthur Oskan, Noah Pred, XI, [a]pendics.shuffle, Gingy & Bordello and The Deep North's own resident killers Sean Roman and Phantom Ambulance. 

This hot little package includes remixes from a slew of talented local and international artists, both established names and fast rising tastemakers. I was super excited to see that Phantom Ambulance (the Deep Norths own "Max the Fax" alogside fellow muscian and kindred spirit Maxwell Lucas) had their way with the tune, Turning it upside down and bringing it back from a whole different angle.  Resident Sean Roman who just released on Hot Waves 002 with "Sarah's Song" provided his signature sultry vibe to the tune which resonated well with me.

since the release is hot off the press i will include the beatport player in hopes that all you fellow music lovers take the opportunty to go grab the release and not only support these talented remixers who made this such a solid clip of fire, but also those who are fronting the #Occupy Toronto movement that dares to shake the status quo in the name of change.  All of the artists on this release have agreed to donate all proceeds of the first 99 EP sales, as well as 1% of all sales, to the occupy chapter in  the imprints hometown of Toronto. If thats not your thing then you can rest assured that at the end of the day you will be getting some hot tunes from some hot cats, while putting some coin in their pocket. Enough said.  Now check it...

Go to Get These Tracks Add This Player
Keep your eyes peeled for a Deep North Exclusive from Thoughtless Musica FREE 320 kbps remix of Deepchild's tune by none other then our very own resident Max the Fax.  Check Back later today!
We throw it up for our crewmates and good friends at Thoughtless Music for their hard work and dedication to making music that is good, while maintaining some social conciousness in the process.  The Deep North salutes you!
We also bid farewell to our good friend Bea Sleazy, who unfortunately is going on indefinate leave from the blog due to mounting personal obligations with life, work and school.  We thank her for her contributions over the past few  months, and know she will be part of the Deep North Family for a long time to come.  You don't meet people that solid often, as we all know. Much love!