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For More info on the Beat Bazaar we are putting on this weekend, please click the image above

Imagine a COMMUNITY MUSIC MARKET made up of interesting people who all share a COMMON PASSION for ELECTRONIC MUSIC (or any music for that matter)..

Imagine if these interesting music enthusiasts brought their USED AUDIO EQUIPMENT, OLD RECORDS, CDs, TAPES, DJ GEAR, AMPS, VINTAGE SYNTHESIZERS, STEREOS, HEADPHONES, TURNTABLES, CDJs, EFFECTS PEDALS, STUDIO EQUIPMENT, PRODUCTION HARDWARE and any gear related to dance music to this community market in order to BUY, SELL & BARTER with one another over GOOD FOOD, COLD DRINKS & FAT BASSLINES.


We are putting on a crazy event this SATURDAY at 360 GEARY AVE (Geary Lane) that you really do not want to miss.

Get all the details about the event here, on the BIG CITY BEAT BAZAAR event page.


Fight the Scratch & Itch: A Mix Fix

We have a super dope guest from London, UK in town this coming weekend for LATE & DEEP #29. Click the image to see the event page!
Some new mixes by the crew and beyond, including a new one from upcoming LATE & DEEP headliner Owen Howells (UK), who will be playing next weekend for Late & Deep #29.  I am super stoked to have Owen up for a few days and get some music in the lab if we are lucky, or not too hungover.  Posting his mix for Pulse Radio, which he has uploaded along with the Hermans recent Fiendkast Mix. 

I also am including a new mix I did recently for Switzerland's Kartel Klub podcast series, which can be downloaded and heard on iTunes as well as soundcloud.  Speaking of which, I am throwing in mix by Kartel Klub member & Files Records boss Krizzli, with whom I have produced some music recently.  Finally, I am going to share a mix by Creme Organization regular Neville Watson, and make sure you check out this teaser of his brand new LP for the label called "Songs to Elevate Pure Hearts" which just came out on soundcloud a couple weeks ago and is available for preorder.

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather here in Toronto on this long May weekend.  I know I am!!  See you on the dancefloor ya filthy animals!

FIENDKAST005 & PULSE RADIO MIX - Mixed by Hermans (CAN) and Owen Howells (UK)

KARTEL KAST 023 - Mixed by Dick Diamonds (CAN)


KARTEL KAST 016 - Mixed by Krizzli (SWITZERLAND)

CREME ORGANIZATION PODCAST #10 - Mixed by Neville Watson (UK)



This Friday, The Deep North has got something super special planned for all you house heads out there. We're bringing together four deep house/techno players in the game to do things right for our 27th Late & Deep spectacular, at an all new location. The venue is two floors and has just revamped its soundsytem. This sounds like an equation for a serious party shindig. So, all you dance fiends out there, get prepared, it's a short work week and then the jam goes down Friday night. If you're not already anticipating it, listen to some of these mixes from our headliners to test the waters. Then, you'll know what's in store for you. The mixes speak for themselves.

Up first is a tasty treat from Throne Of Blood co-owner James Friedman:

Follow that up with an exclusive mix that Toronto's proud to be own Basic Soul Unit did for us:

And top it off with this beauty from Populette:

That should be enough to tide you over until the big night. So, now I'm sure I'll see all of you out Friday night supporting the Toronto good music scene.

Here's how to get in the know: Event Link


Rhobot Jones


Big Man Bimz

Gerard "Bimz" Valdez - - Resident DJ & Producer at The Deep North

Gerard Valdez, more commonly known in the Toronto House community as GCue, has been a staple for many housers looking for a good workout on the dancefloor when it comes to that late night boogie.  A long time DJ and promoter in the area, it would be hard to find a real  house head who has never heard of this monster behind the decks - - especially over the past year.  A longtime fixture at the late night watering hole 721 (RIP) and Red Door 1 Degree parties, it was not hard to understand why this guy makes so many people move on the regular.

GCue, formerly a co-founder of Locol Productions with Miz Megs, has more recently joined on as one of the ten Deep North Residents -- while still maintaining his old links in the scene - - and turned his focus to include more sounds in the 120-125 bpm zone of house and techno like the rest of the team.  Hit with a recent bout of mad motivation and a deadly ableton addiction, GCue has just kicked his musical career into overdrive - - and now is becomming one of the favourite DJs to watch in Toronto... again.

We at the Deep North expect that GCue will become a leading force within the crew, another mad dog from the Deep North who is on the brink of joining others in crew as an up-and-coming producer pushing the Toronto community further in its recognition as a world leader in electronic music.

We are all stoked to see what GCue brings in 2013.  We know it's going to be a big year for this guy as he kicked off the year with one of the best sets at LATE & DEEP's 2013 Kickoff Event with Austian powerhouse Joyce Muniz.  Listen for yourself on his Soundcloud page, and keep your eyes open for his next set this month.



Flip The Script

Attention all Late & Deep Party People, next Friday, December the 7th, the late night fun starts again. After a month long hiatus while Dick Diamonds traveled around Europe bringing The Deep North stylings with him, he's back and ready to throw the best Late & Deep yet! 

This time around we've got a Mutek legend Tomas Jirku [Klang/Traum/Thoughtless || Vancouver] back again to blow the minds of Toronto's underground scene with a totally vinyl set reminiscent of his last Late & Deep session with us.  

Check out one of his latest mixes to get you ready for what to expect this coming Friday.  

 So start lacing up your dancing shoes and get ready to party the night away with Tomas Jirku and the whole Deep North crew this coming Friday December 7th,2012 at a secret location (think Red Door). For location information email to get in the know. 


Czech vs Techno vs House vs Canada vs Rivers vs Bratislava vs Toronto

Tomas Jirku can usually be found in places like this, which probably seems bizarre compared to most people known for making Techno lunkers.

This has got to be one of my favorite EP's of 2012.  Slovakian imprint Leporelo strikes the goods once again with the Czechno EP, a four track war wagon that just rips through you with undeniable dance floor flavour.  This thing is more like a futuristic war chariot, painfully obvious once one experiences how it unleashes a volley of four original stingers - - dance floor missiles that have been beautifully crafted by Canadian West Coast talent Tomas Jirku.  Don't sleep on your chance to catch the Mutek Favorite this coming December 7th in Toronto, as we bring in the man himself from Vancouver for an all vinyl set @ Late & Deep.  This will be his second time at one of our late night events, and we expect it to be succulent.  Come bite into some real techno and house from one of our Nation's best musical morsel makers.

Here, check out three of the four tunes here, and hear more on the Leporelo Soundcloud.

Tomas Jirku - Czechno >>> [Buy It]

Tomas Jirku - Droids >>> [Buy It]

Tomas Jirku - Wild West Indies >>> [Buy It]



Don't forget that Chris Woodward (UK) is spinning the next LATE & DEEP on Friday the 8th at a brand new location on College Street which you do NOT want to miss. We go till 6am.

Just thought I would make this one nice and short, but then decided otherwise.  Below are a number of hot mixes which I have either a) stumbled across and loved, b) recorded myself or with some friends, or c) have a personal connection with and think it's imperative that others experience.  

The first mix comes from our LATE & DEEP 2.2 headliner-to-be Chris Woodward of the United Kingdom, a cigarette smoking DJ which I had the pleasure of seeing rock the shit out of a Buzzin'Fly Records night in December of 2010.   I told him that night that I would book him in Toronto sometime, and I doubt he believed me, until recently when I actually did.   Chris hasn't dropped any new productions (at least not official releases) in a while, but tells me that he has some heat in the bag coming out on Dirt Crew, which I cannot wait  to hear.  Make sure you come out Friday, June 8th for LATE & DEEP 2.2 because I can tell you right now you will dance your pants right the fuck off your boucing legs.  If you live in Montreal, make sure you catch him on June 7th @ Royal Phoenix alongside The Hermans, Vosper and the Jealous Lovers.


The second mix comes from me, and is a special mix that holds a special place in my heart as it is a recording made in my home which is a back 2 back set between myself (Dick Diamonds) and my favorite producer in the world, Jonathan Smyth, better known across the world by his pseudonym BUBBA.  As you all know, this guy is a regular figure covered here on the Deep North, and rightfully so - - BUBBA has released on major labels in the game such as Hot Creations, Extended Play, Classic, Pets, Act Natural, Love Not Money, Alive, Exploited, Dogmatik and more.  This mix was done completely on the fly and has absolutely no additives.  Natural flavour all the way!


The Third mix is my newest mixtape, which I made exclusively for EMMY, a student run organization dedicated to electronic music which I am a strong supporter of, and which is headed by a solid group of enthusuastic kids who give it 110% on the dancefloor.  Special note on this mix:  the first tune is an exclusive and unreleased track by Alixander III & the White Lions featuring vocals by Starving Yet Full, who, along with Alixander make up 1/2 of the ultra-popular Canadian ensemble Azari & III.  Dig into this mix and let me know what you think of it.  I would love to hear feedback, as always.


Finally, the fourth mixtape I am going to post comes from Dominican Republic's talented DJ and producer Monsanto, a good friend of ours who now lives in Toronto and is part of the squadron along with other homies of ours such as Jeff Breen, Wes Bonaventure and Luis "Dirty Mex".  Here is a short promo mix he did and has on his Soundcloud.  For good measure I am posting his new tune which is coming out soon on Divine records.  I have also included the official remix which was done by our good friend Jeff Breen for exxxxxxxxxxtra good measure - - look for these tunes on Beatport in June when they release.  Proud of my boys!!

 Dick Diamonds


Quick Jams

The Deep North Headquarters is always working on new concoctions and designs which aim to blow your mind. April is a month we have worked long and hard on in order to hit you with a 3-4 supercombo of heavily armed events with amazing international and local talent. Get in your wargear, we're about to unleash some deadly Weapons of Mass Dance-truction.

Excuse the lack of updates lately, but we have been busy in the studio banging out tunes and in the war room planning out big upcoming parties such as the LATE & DEEP ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with none other than BUBBA and Nathan Barato as our super sick headlining guests.  Of course, you can always expect the home team to be present and ready to rock some jams on this one, as we hope that all of our residents will grace the decks as well for some pre- and post-headliner action on this exciting one year event.

Another big event which we have lined up is the first ever NEW SCHOOL DEEP event, which we have partnered up on with Boogie Inc., bringing Toronto a hot show with two major international headliners - - Kyle Hall and BUBBA - - alongside Toronto house and techno hero Basic Soul Unit.  Resident representation will be in the building, with opening sets from Boogie inc. residents the Sno-Men and our very own resident duo The Hermans, who just recently signed with Californian label 530Techno.

Below are some jams which we have been rocking out at the Deep North's Headquarters, a place which sometimes works around the clock and sometimes does not - - but always blasts tunes which are blistering hot.  The following releases by Zumo [Hypercolor], Re.You [Souvenir], Chris Fortier [530Techno], Maetrik [Cocoon] and Scott Kemp [Zoo:Technique] are all undeniably massive heaters, some of which are brand new, some of which are not.  Either way, get your steam on kids. 

Zumo - H (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Re.You ft. Daniel Wilde - Falling (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Chris Fortier - Leadwave (Full On Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Maetrik - The Reason (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Scott Kemp - Being With You (Raffa FL Remix) >>> [BUY IT] Dick Diamonds


Toronto Tonight: James What [UK]

Anxiously awaiting a good show in Toronto? Smoking a lot and drinking nutrient deficient liquids help. Click to see the event page for tonight's show.

Yeah, you heard me right.  UK producer James What of Crosstown Rebels and Poker Flat Recordings fame is flying into Toronto tonight courteousy of and The Deep North before heading down to Miami to blow peoples heads off in the warm weather.  The dude gets in at 11pm and will be playing at midnight, so make sure you get there early.  Festivities begin at 9pm and go until 4am, so get ready for a hung over Thursday, because this is some mid-week deep.  

Yes, it is a risky booking.  Yes, it is on hump day Wednesday.  No, we don't give a flying fuck.  This guy is sick and Toronto needs to hear him - - and that is precisely why we are doing it.  Get more information here.  If you have been living inside Uranus since 2008 and have never heard of James What, or if you are not sure about coming out tonight, take a quick listen to the tunes below and reassess your life.   We hope you make the right decision tonight, whatever it may be.

BUY some James What music by clicking here.




Old Dirty Demac's Heart

">Tom Demac: Curls, Crew Cuts, and Free Flowing Colours of Hype.

Wu Tang, specifically Ol' Dirty Bastard.  Tom Demac.  What do you get when you combine the two amazing artists?  One healthy serving of hell-born heat.  Sub bass superstar and Electronique Audio bossman Tom Demac brings forward the tune Dirty Honey through the UK's Hypercolour imprint.  Hot shit right there.  Came out yesterday and you should buy it today because that is the logical next step in your life's process.... obviously.  The whole EP is solid, but my Wu obsession made this one an unarguable winner in my mind's reasoning.

Dampening Deaf Ears EP Previews:


We have you coverd.  This Remix by Jamie Jones is so dirty,  just talking about it makes me want to wear a bib just in case.  While this gem is a bit older (2k9), it has seen so much play by me that it's one of those timelesss tunes which will always be a tool ready to be inserted into any given set.  



On a similar note, speaking of Jones, I just saw that the newest tunes released on Hot Creations - - Jamie's label with Lee Foss - - come from  Heartthrob, and are available at Phonica, over here. Dick Diamonds