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Mix Fix Mix Fix Mix Fix... Goose!

Deep North outnumbered by some dirty Creme Org

Just dropping in to share some super greased out mixes here from Deep North Crew member Bones McLeod and three other favorites of mine from the undoubtably dope Creme Organization imprint.  Old and new mixes in this creamy sack of beautiful bangers, but one thing I can say is that all are mixes which I think are pretty hype, whether old or new - - especially the latest from DJ TLR, which is nothing short of a volley of muscle mashing dance missiles.  Time is tough to come by these days since I developed a nasty addiction for production, but the blog is never forgotten.  Get your listening caps on because these firebombs are about to melt your face off - - in a good fucking way.  In other words,  think fast, dont blink!

Bones McLeod - March 2013 Mix >>> Download


DJ TLR - World Ful of Weirdos >>>> ** MIX OF THE MONTH DOWNLOAD **


Neville Watson - Bodytonic Podcast March 2012 >>>> Download

While Neville hasnt really posted much in terms of mixes on his soundcloud for a minute, check out this recently added preview of a fresh remix EP he has over at Teng Rec.  Word is he also has a release coming from top-tier label Creme Organization, which I cannot wait to hear.  This is one of my top picks for future artists I want to being out to Toronto... so keep your eyes peeled.


Neville Watson - One For Green Remixes


Next up is the one and only weirdo Willie Burns, also from the Creme Roster, who recently took part in the L.I.E.S. takeover of Boiler Room.  Check out this set, and then taste the zesty tatziki he has forthcoming on Creme Organization. 

Willie Burns - 50 Minutes @ Boiler Room New York >>>> Download

Willie Burns - Forthcoming Vinyl release on Creme Org >>>> Pre-Order Now



Mix Fix: Book & Fazekas

Click. Boom. No, Mike Corleone did not record these mixes on vinyl, but some TDot regulars did, including our very own resident, BOOK.

Just a quick post here with a couple of cool mixes from Deep North resident DJ BOOK, aka Benjamin Wood and breakandenter resident DJ Martin Fazekas, aka Brad Neil.  Book, a co-founder of the Deep North blog, recorded this one after adding a few new records to his vinyl collection, and posted this all-vinyl mix on the FB group Deep & Delicious which houses some of our good friends and fam.  The all vinyl tracklisting can be found on BOOK's Soundcloud.  

BOOK - All Vinyl Tincanalley Mix >>> [Download it!]


Martin Fazekas is a member of Toronto's breakandenter crew, which can be found on online through their website and facebook page.  The following mix has no tracklisting because it was recorded live by Martin at the HOT Box party where he played alongside Prosumer [Osgut Ton], Zaid Edghaim [Thoughtless] and Dirtyred at the end of 2011.  I quite enjoyed this mix and decided to put it up for you all to enjoy too.  You can find more mixes by Martin on his Soundcloud page.  I am lucky enough to have been invited by the breakandenter crew to play alongside David Aju [Circus Company], James Teej [My Favorite Robot] and the man himself, Martin Fazekas [breakandenter for life]on April 7th at a top secret location in Toronto.  You can find out more on the event by following this event link.

Martin Fazekas - HOT Box Vol. 1 Mix >>> [Download it!] Dick Diamonds


Robo Art

Just about to leave the house, but I have to let you all know about a new -- and long -- remix of My Favorite Robot's tune Wakinda Park by the boys of Art Department (Kenny Glasgow & Jonny White).  Tune is great, and should be taken in by the fans of our blog.

My Favorite Robot will be playing in Montreal on the 10th of December, so if you are in the area - - go check it out.  These guys know how to put on a show.


MFR042 -My Favorite Robot -Wakinda Park (Art Department Edit) -My Favorite Robot Records(out Nov 28) by My Favorite Robot Records Dick Diamonds 


Late Night Robot Parties

MFR 040: Remain's "La Rixe EP" on My Favorite Robot Records. Click Image to hear this release.

With Late & Deep #6 fast approaching, I feel compelled to share a bit of music from the Toronto label that will provide us with an array of musical masterminds in just under two weeks.  My Favorite Robot (MFR) is one of the most exciting Canadian labels in the industry right now, and a quick look at some of their releases on beatport should excite anyone who calls themselves a fan of modern tech house, deep house, techno and electronica.

The imprint's vision couldn't be any more simple.  According to MFR's label page on resident advisor, these guys seek to "Ignore the norm and broaden the definition of electronic music in order to deliver it to as many music lovers as possible", something that they do well.  With an impressive roster of artists which includes the likes of Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White of Art Department, James Teej, Adultknapper, Jori Hulkonnen, Jozif, Sasse, Nitin and Pan/Tone, to name a few, it is no wonder these guys seem to be moving along like a massive musical snowball, simply getting bigger and bigger by the second.  Just watch how these guys got the kids going crazy at Piknik Electronic in Montreal last month!  What a crowd.



Get ready people because on the 21st of October, The Deep North will be hosting the Official "La Rixe" EP Release Party for MFR's newest artist Remain.  The EP is fantastic and I am super stoked to hear this guy drop some amazing tunes for the home crowd.  To make things just a little bit sweeter, the label will be providing extra heavy support for Romain Rouffiac's set with the additional firepower provided by three of the labels local artists: My Favorite Robot, Nitin and Aaron Santos (of The Kings Arms).  Now that is what I call a lineup worth lining up for.  Check out some heat from these artists, including a remix by Toronto's very own Drumatix Six and get ready for the official announcement concerning presale tickets.  Trust me, you will need them if you plan on seeing this event in person.  Get stoked!

Be sure to check out the MFR Soundcloud for further sneak peeks of Remain's new La Rixe EP and lots of other tunes and even mixes.

Note: My Favorite Robot is Jared Simms, Voytek Korab & James Teej // The Kings Arms is Aaron Santos & James Teej.



Remain - La Rixe (Drumatix Six Yokai Dub) >>> UNRELEASED, Exclusive 128kbps Coming Soon!


My Favorite Robot - Birthday Song [MFR] >>> [BUY IT]


The Model ft. My Favorite Robot - Still In My Heart [Crosstown Rebels] >>> [BUY IT]


My Favorite Robot - The Future Will Judge Us [MFR] >>> [BUY IT]


Nitin - Blink Twice (Original Mix)[MFR] >>> [BUY IT]


Nitin - The Nine In One (Original Mix)[MFR]  >>> [BUY IT]


Nitin - Silent Scales (Osunlade Remix)[No. 19] >>> [BUY IT]


Jonny Cruz & Lati - Crack is Wack (The Kings Arms Remix) [MFR] >>> [BUY IT]


The Kings Arms - No Good For You [Wolf + Lamb Black] >>> [BUY IT]


Although these guys won't be at the party on the 21st, I am a huge fan of Class B Band's August 15th release on MFR Records titled "Strange Wolves".  Get that!!

Class B Band - Strange Wolves [MFR] >>> [BUY IT] DICK DIAMONDS


Maya Slide

Maya Jane Coles is a name many house heads have become familiar with in the past couple of years.  This marvelously talented young producer has achieved a level of respect in the scene that would take most musicians a lifetime -- and the snowball of respect is only going to get bigger.  July 9th saw her highly anticipated essential mix drop, which was well recieved and seen by many as a unique adventure into her diverse collection of house and techno stylings.   

One of her latest releases that I am feeling bigtime is the "Focus Now" EP, which came out on 2020vision.  This release has really grown on me over the past month, particularily the tune "The high Life".  This smooth slider sets a great vibe which is perfect for those hot summer nights.  I love the crisp metallic percussion that drives the filtering hook, all while a yearning vocal sample sends you deep into the warm summer eve.  Like many of her works, this tune is timeless.

Maya Jane Coles - The High Life >>> [Buy The Release]

If you didn't already know, the guys at Faktory, Platform and Embrace will be bringing Maya Jane to Toronto's Wrongbar on October 27th.  She will be rocking the house alongside James Teej, so start saving those pennies because this jam is not one you will want to miss.  



Burning Inside Us All

Germany's Thomas Koch (aka DJ T.) is a long time veteran in the global electronic music scene and has been an important part of club culture through many of his roles as a DJ, producer, label owner, club operator, publisher and even journalist.  DJ T. has recently switched his focus from managing the famous Get Physical imprint to his role as an artist - - and 2011 has already shown the world how deadly that focus can be.  It`s been a huge year for the talented producer after he hit the world with some ultra-heavy heat on his third - - highly anticipated - - LP, The Pleasure Principle.  The album was released in mid March and includes collaborations with artists such as Jaw & Ginger, Nick Maurer, Carl Golden, Kahn, Dave Aju and super-hot upcoming Canadian producer James Teej (on the track `Sense`, shown in the above video).

Aside from Sense, my favourite track on Koch`s latest full-length album has to be Burning, which features the vocals of Nick Maurer.  This track is as much creepy as it is sexy, an odd but strangely amazing combination that keeps me coming back to this deep and minimal masterpiece.  I`m burning up.

DJ T. featuring Nick Maurer - Burning (Original Mix) >>> [ BUY 320 ]




DRM 001: Paul Revered 

Over the coming months we will be bringing you a number of exclusive mixes through our Deeply Rooted Mixtape Series.  DRMs will be rolling in steadily from this point forward.  All of the mixes presented in this special series will be put together and shared with the public exclusively through our blog - - ensuring that our readers always have something special to look forward to every couple of weeks here at The Deep North.


Deeply Rooted is about the passion we and our friends have for house music and nothing more.  We look for contributing artists who live and breath house music, those who genuinely enjoy taking the time to craft a mix that reflects their personal taste and style, and who do it with enthusiasm.  We seek those who see building a mix as fun and exciting rather than a chore that is only done after sufficient badgering.  If you would like to send us a mix for consideration, please do so - - but remember that not everyone's mix will fit the bill, even if every mix is seamless.


Our first Deeply Rooted Mixtape comes from local house music fanatic, DJ and producer Paul Revered - - a man with that deeply rooted passion for house music that we look for.  A longtime figure in the local Toronto scene, Paul has released music on labels such as Conneticuit's  Soul Shift Music - - check out his awesome tune Flute Thing after biting into his deep 44th Parallel Mixtape made specially for you.


Get the tracklist here.