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Kalk & Mara: A Videovasion

Paul Kalkbrenner - Boexig Leise >>> [BUY]

Paul Kalkbrenner - Gutes Nitzwerk >>> [BUY]

Legendary German producer Paul Kalkbrenner has dropped his latest works on Icke Weider, a ten-track LP released through Englands Rough Trade imprint.  The album is the musicians seventh LP release and hit digital retailers on June 3rd after much anticipation among techno/electronica enthusiasts worldwide.  The album was reviewed and recieved a score of 4/5 from Resident Advisor's Nick Connellan last week, who suggests that Kalkbrenner played it "safe" with this release, adding that there was enough "variation in mood and intensity to hold interest, but not enough to reduce the whole listening experience to that of fragmented compilation".  I couldn't agree more with this statement.  The release definitely kept my attention and I recommend it to all fans of his past work as well as all electronic music enthusiasts in general.  Get the album, get Kalk'ed.



Hans Zimmer - Inception (Marastu Remix) >>> [More Marastu Music]

There is just something about this beautiful remix of Hans Zimmer's Inception theme song by unsigned German producer Marastu that has had me coming back time and time again since I first heard it nearly a year ago.  Fairytale business for real.  

Marastu - London >>> [More Marastu Music]

I am also really feeling Marastu's tune London which is darker in nature and appears to feature the producer himself in the video - - although I could be completely wrong on that.  I have tried to find out more about this producer from Stuttgart, but given that he has few followers on his soundcloud and very few views on his year-old videos, I think it would be safe to say that he likes to produce music, but does not grind hard on the self-promotion.  It's a shame really, as some of his work is quite good.  I think more people should know about him either way, so here is some of his music.  Marastu, where are you?

UPDATE:  Maratstu hit me up on facebook saying he is alive and well.  He says that music is his passion, but that focusing on his engineering degree takes precedent right now for pragmatic reasons.  Once finished his degree, Marastu says his focus will be on music, and suggests that people check out his facebook page to keep up to date with his musical developments.  Thanks Marastu!