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Deeply Rooted Mixtape No. 23 comes from Toronto's techno hero Jamie Kidd. Unlike these Techno deprived freaks, the zombies move a lot faster during one of Jamie's popular live sets.

Smile kids, its Friday!  Hard to believe the best day of the week has ambushed us again, it feels like this week has just blown right by in the blink of an eye.  This is a heavily loaded weekend here in Toronto, with tons of great shows on the agenda, all of which are listed on my favourite website Resident Advisor.  The Deep North will be personally involved in two hot jams this weekend: Thoughtless' Escape from Babylon party tonight and tomorrow we will be co-hosting Sean Roman's birthday party at a new venue for Deep Under Ground: Chinatown.  Check them both out!

Tonight's going to be a heavy one for the Deep North, as our resident DJ's Phantom Ambulance open up the Thoughtless Music monthly which includes none other than NYC's Brendon Moeller, Brandon Oliver (Curb Crawlers founder Brandon Sek's new alias ) and Toronto duo Metalogic.  The party is extra special this month as it is the EP release party for Metalogic's Hollow Strangers EP (TLM056) a fantastic album featuring the work of two techno monsters Dietrich Schoenemann and Brian Zentz.  The entire package is fucking nasty, but I personally think that the sub-filled low roller Volatiles takes the cake as my favourite bruiser of the bunch.

Metalogic, a duo made up of Toronto's Frederik Hatsav and local club hero Jamie Kidd, come back strong on this bone rattling EP following their remix of Ludwig Coenen for TLM022 and a number of lauded releases on labels such as Nachtstrom Schallplatten and Perc Trax.  Pick this album up on limited edition vinyl through or digitally on Juno, which includes an the exclusive track Volatiles.

TLM056: Metalogic - Hollow Strangers (Bryan Zentz Empty Vessel Dub)  >>> [BUY IT]


Jamie Kidd of Metalogic spinning one of Toronto's notorious Cherry Beach Parties this past summer.


Metalogic's Jamie Kidd is a well known figure in Toronto's -- recently booming -- underground techno scene.  As a resident dj for titan techno promoters Platform Entertainment, Jamie has played nearly everywhere alongside some of the worlds greatest producers including Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, Maceoplex, Matthew Dear, Claude VonStroke, Trentmoeller and many, many others.  This is an action packed month for the Toronto DJ, producer and jazz/funk band bassist, with releases as Metalogic and a solo remix on Toronto's Roots and Wings Music due out on November 21st.  Jamie Kidd is also co-headlining  our monthly party Late & Deep #7 next weekend with Basic Soul Unit, which we are super stoked about.

Michael & Ryan - Pills & Needles (Jamie Kidd Remix) >>> RW029 [Available Nov 21] 

 Listen to a couple of older tunes by Jamie Kidd's duo before you listen to his exclusive Deeply Rooted Mixtape, available only here at the Deep North.  The mix is a live recording of a wicked set Jamie played on October 1st, 2011 for the TechNoir Warehouse Party put on during Toronto's Nuit Blanche evening of art.

Aileron by Metalogic


This next tune was not named after me, but I like to pretend that it was.

Metalogic - Diamonds by Roots and Wings Music

  Perc - Mandrake (Metalogic Remix) by Metalogic

Perc & Metalogic - Bouncer by Metalogic


So here it is folks, Jamie Kidd's submission for our Deeply Rooted Mixtapes Series, the twenty-third installment in what is becomming a great catalogue of wonderful mixes.  Unfortunately, we do not have a tracklisting for this live mix as of yet, but keep checking back to see if we put it up in the future.  We would like to thank Jamie for this submission and all of the great contributions he has made to the techno-music scene in Toronto and beyond.  Look out for this guy in Europe during 2012, as he makes a move out there for a hopefully temporary stint in the worlds electronic music continent.  Make sure you come back brother, Toronto loves you!

DRM023 - Jamie Kidd - Exclusive Live Set from Toronto's TechNoir Party (Oct. 1st, 2011)



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