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Weirdo Videos: XOSAR

XOSAR must be a total babe, because her music says so. Hot.

This video is getting real weird  with it, but the song is simply amazing - - off the debut release of cosmic mystic XOSAR - - and has a gnarly bassline, dreamy vocal samples and is exceptionally fresh.  Loving this shit, for real.  Check out more of her Detroit techno and cosmic house fusions through Rush Hour Records of the Netherlands website here.  This girl murders shit, and I am not even playing around.  Check out her newest EP release on Rush Hour, named GhostHaus, which has the sickest album artwork and features two remixes by her friend Legowelt - - that guy with amazingly weird music and ghetto website ever.  Big music.  Big websites.

XOSAR - Tropical Cruize (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


XOSAR - Ghosthaus (Legowelt Remix) >>> [BUY IT] Dick Diamonds