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TORONTO ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL? Yup. And We Are Involved, Get Stoked. Click the picture for more information straight from the people at Studiofeed,

You heard us correctly.  Exciting, isn't it?  There is a movement happening here in Toronto, and Studiofeed is at the helm.  The community driven group has partnered up with other promoters and musicians in our great city to bring Toronto an Electronic Music Festival that has been really missing here despite some previous half-assed attempts.  The Deep North is one of the associated groups which was invited to take a part in this movement, and for this we are thankful.  We hope that this brings Torontos EDM community even closer together and that this becomes an annual event that the city can enjoy for years to come.  Big up to the Studiofeed Collective.


Here is a new tune by Spanish producer Falomir!  I just got the promo for this jam and was given permission to post a video by the label itself, so let's just say this is a new bit of music to say the least.  The tune is being released by Sonovivo, a new label put forward by German Wigbert Franze.   The new upstart imprint will be putting out hot House, Techno and Minimal music which has Jazz, Blues and percussive rhythms and ambient flair.  Read more about the new label here.

Falomir! Meets Los Cubanos - Asere (Original Mix) Dick Diamonds