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DRM 008: Mr. Ho

We are back after a rocky week folks, and we would like to apologize for the lack of new material here on the blog.  The past week was riddled with barriers that effectively slowed down the team and kept us from posting at our usual rate.  We could write out our lame excuses, but I think that the most people would rather hear about DRM 008, the latest installment in our Exclusive Deeply Rooted Mix Series.  This week is super exciting, so let's quit stalling and get right to the point.

I am pumped to announce that DRM 008 comes from another artist whose works we previously featured, Michael Ho, better known amongst house heads and loop-lovers as Mr. Ho.  This guy is an extremely skilled producer and an integral member of the Klasse Recordings family based in Berlin.  Klasse Recordings is a dedicated music label that deals with the good stuff we love so much here at the Deep North: House and Techno.  The label has put out quality releases from a number of badass artists including Pol_On, Luca Lozano, Bubba, Sacha Robotti, Johanna Knutsson, Minilogue and Turmspringer.

We are amped that an established artist such as Mr. Ho was so enthusiastic about making an exclusive mix for The Deep North.  His exclusive - - clocking in at almost one hour and twenty minutes - - is ultimately an act that shows real character and one's desire to promote not only themselves, but also that which they love so much.  We thank Mr. Ho, Klasse Recordings and all the other DJs who have contributed their time and effort for the fans of house music worldwide, and for the growth of the global house music scene.  After all, community is unity.

For more info on Mr. Ho, check out his facebook.

The tracklisting for this mix can be found here.

DRM 008: Mr. Ho - Keepin' It Klasse From Berlin To Toronto (Exclusive Deep North Mix) 



If you are digging the sounds of Mr. Ho, be sure to check out KLS007, Sacha Robotti's Move EP, as well as KLS006, Turmspringer's Freedom EP, both available either digitally or on vinyl.



DRM 007: Tomas Jirku

The seventh exclusive mix in our Deeply Rooted Mixtape series comes from Canadian Tomas Jirku, out of British Colombia, Canada.  When Tomas - - who was featured back in May by Max The Fax - - is not busy fishing for lunkers in the lakes of the Deep North, the Canadian producer is busy in the lab putting together some really innovative Techno music, which has been his trademark sound since he first appeared on net-label NoType in 1999.  

Born in the Czech Republic, Jirku fled Eastern Europe with his family while it was still under Communist control, growing up in Canada while studying fine art and design, bombing walls and listening to electronic music - - which today he creates, and creates damn well.  In fact, the tunes he makes are so well respected that the man was invited to play in this years Mutek festival in Montreal - - check out his set at this years Mutek festival here, on his Soundcloud.

We are super excited to share Jirku's wicked Deep North exclusive with you, the avid readers of our blog.  We also welcome Tomas' fans, who may be visiting the site for the first time.  Thank you for supporting great music and motivating us to continually seek out generous artists like Tomas who are willing to put together something extra special for people who like great electronic music.  Enough talking, lets unleash Tomas' version of deep.

Full tracklisting can be found here.

DRM 007 - Tomas Jirku's Version of Deep: An Exclusive Mix for TheDeepNorth.Ca




TDNM 001: Deep, Dirty & Squirrely Mix 

Here at The Deep North we are fully committed to bringing you the finest mixes we can get our hands on.  You have had the chance to taste some succulent submissions from Canada, Austria and Germany in our Deeply Rooted Mixtape Series - - we have some serious new heat coming right down that alley in the very near future by Vancouver's Tomas Jirku - - and we hope you loved them as much as we did.  The Deeply Rooted Mixtape Series brings exclusive selections to the readers of the Deep North, showcasing the tastes and talents of a number of unique artists from different corners of the world. 

Our team wants to keep pushing the envelope by bringing you more fun and exciting listening material that is unique and exclusively available to you, the loyal readers of The Deep North Blog.  That being said, we are happy to announce that today marks the launch of a second, brand new exclusive mix series showcasing selections from our very own resident DJs and contributors.  The new series is called the Team Deep North Mixtapes (TDNM)and will consist of 30 - 75 minute long mixes shared exclusively through our website and put together by the members of our crew: Dick Diamonds, Durt Stash, Book and Phantom Ambulance (Maxwell Lucas and myself, Max the Fax). 

Thats right folks, we will be heading down into the musical mines of The Deep North in search of hot gems which we can craft into hot new mixes which will be shared exclusively with you.  Strap on your headlamp, grab your pickaxe and prepare to dig deep...we are going in!

The First mix in the series is called the Deep, Dirty & Squirrely Mix and comes from the Deep North's founder and log chopping, beat dropping lumberjack Dick Diamonds.  Get squirrely to this well mixed bag of assorted deep- and tech-house nuts!!  

The tracklisting for this mix can be found here.

[TDNM 001] Dick Diamonds - Deep, Dirty & Squirrely Mix by Dick Diamonds

To download this mix, simply click here.



DRM 006: Marastu

Marastu.  Little is known about this German producer from Stuttgart, but one thing is certain, Dick Diamonds sure found a real gem with this craftsman.  We featured a couple of Marastu's productions about two weeks ago along with the new Kalkbrenner release, and shortly afterwards Diamonds was able to touch base with the elusive producer via soundcloud.  Turns out that the German producer is alive and well, producing tunes that one could classify as melody-laden minimalist electronica/techno with nothing but passion from the heart.  We are big fans of this unsigned artist, and would love to see a label out there pick up some of his tracks - - he sure does deserve it.

Marastu jumped on the opportunity to make us an exclusive mix, and we are very happy with the result.  Therefore, we are proud to say that we have made this blend of tracks the official sixth installment in our Deeply Rooted mixtape series.  Get ready to be taken on a melodic journey of aural bliss, one which is heavily packed with sounds from producers such as Dominik Eulberg, Rodriguez Jr., Pan Pot and Marc Romboy.  Also be sure to check out Marastu's Facebook and Soundcloud pages, where you will find a number of his original productions - - all of which are worth a good listen.  

Dick Diamonds and I are pretty big fans of Marastu's new track Nirwana, give it a taste!

Get your hands on the DRM tracklist here

DRM 006 - Marastu's Exclusive Deeply Rooted Mix For The Deep North 





DRM 005: Boots Boogie

It's that time again, and this week we are bringing you something a little bit different in our Deeply Rooted Mixtape Series.  The fifth installment in our exclusive mix series comes from a very good friend of mine named Derek Williamson, aka Boots Boogie.  With over 7 years of DJ experience under his belt, Boots Boogie is no stranger to making the dance floor move - - having thrown and played at almost every type of party imaginable, this man knows how to put some funk in your feet.

Over the past two years, Boots has been known mainly for his role as one half of the Toronto DJ duo Hotmess, who have played some of the best venues in the city, including Wrongbar and the Mod Club.  Recently however, he has been playing a lot more solo gigs as Boots Boogie - - bringing the heat to the night with his love for all things house - - especially funky, disco house.  I have had the pleasure of playing with Boots a number of times and we recently upped the ante by starting a weekly house night at Bunda Lounge together every Thursday night along with Paul Revered and Durt Stash.  

Check out Boots' Deeply Rooted exlusive mix - - a funky fresh disco-and-tech house mix that will get your feet ready for Friday, even though it's only Monday.  The tracklisting can be found here.

DRM 004 - Boots Boogie presents: Boogie's Funky Northern Flextape 



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