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The Grease Boutique [Vol. 1]

The Original Grease Boutique: Dick Diamonds & Paul Beazy, aka Bone$ McLeod (Pronounced: Mic-Loud). Taken somewhere, sometime by someone of two late night greasers.

Just wanted to hop in real quick like, with a little stinger by my boy Paul Beazy aka Bone$ McLeod.  This is the first little mix I have heard in a while from the witty Toronto-based rapper, slang-slinger and occasional selector.  The mix was not quite long enough to be submitted as a DRMbut definitely makes for a great listening experience with some new fire he just dug up in the mix.

For the fans of hip-hop out there, make sure you check out some of Bones' work under his other moniker Paul Beazy on RevebNation, which is essentially a "nickname of a nickname" - - a modified shortening of his original rap alias Paul Bearer.

You can catch Bone$ McLeod spinning an hour long set at TOTA Lounge tonight at around 11:30pm for a new weekly event called Deep Kiss Tuesdays.  Who knows, you may even see some of us out there in the crowd, or even spinning with him during his first set under the new new "Bone$ McLeod" moniker.  The new weekly event will happen tonight, then jump onto a weekly basis starting in two weeks, on Tuesday the 27th.

It's gonna be fun.  A "real pearll" of a time, as some might say in Italy - - so come out!!

To download this mix, click here.  Enjoy it, and look forward to the next volume in Paul's Grease Boutique Mix Series.




I'm a Loner Dotty.... A Rebel.

Unreleased music from the UK's REBEL, due for release on Digital Delight, Nov. 30th.

Recently I have had the pleasure of connecting with Barcelonas prince of sleazeball music Sishi Rosch - - respected musician and businessman.  The prince of sleaze is an important player in the Spanish city's underground EDM scene, and the co-founder of the two killer labels Digital Delight and Sultry Vibes (founded with Carlo Martiny and Diego Moreno respectively).  If you are not familiar with these imprints, I suggest checking them out because they make some hot and sexy deep house, nu-disco and indie dance music that is perfect for getting people laid.  That includes you!

Anyways, Sishi sent me three bangers from a hot upcoming Digital Delight release (Nov 30th) by the UK's Jonny Lawrence aka Rebel, and I have put them up on Youtube in order to share them with you.  The artist has had previous releases with the boys from Digital Delight, Lower East, Hourglass and Electronique.  Keep your eyes peeled for this puta of a release, available on all major digital retailers on November 30th.  Slut music!

Rebel - Grass Roots >>> Nov 30th Release, Digital Delight.


Rebel - Spark One Up >>> Nov 30th Release, Digital Delight.


Rebel - You Know How To Love Me >>> Nov 30th Release, Digital Delight. Dick Diamonds


Hushed Homes

While there is no doubting that Toronto is a hotbed for diverse talents in electronic music, I have to admit I usually find myself looking past our borders for new music.  Maybe it's to further the experience of "otherness" that the best electronic music elicits, but some of the brightest new emerging talents of our fair city really cause me to question the validity of this argument.

Kevin Mcphee's first two releases are both on UK based labels located at the heart of a scene being admired from across the globe.  While his first release to me perhaps demonstrated a bit too much influence from certain other producers from the global bass scene, his more recent release on Bristol's Idle Hands label finds him with a late-night house sound incorporating a unique sound design all his own.

Kevin Mcphee-Sleep >>> [BUY IT]


Aside from his increasingly interesting productions, Kevin is a killer DJ who plays all vinyl sets with many of his own tunes cut to acetate, and I highly recommend catching him at this week's Galapagos party opening up for Bok Bok as a precursor to The Weekend's Festivities. BOOK


Fun, When No One Is Looking

Metronomy is that band that you love to hate.  Kind of like a scooter.  A band bent on electro-pop music which is actually amazing and accounts for most of the time you and your girlfriend actually get along in your relationship.  You just cant do anything but jam.  And if you simply won'r accept that it is a band, then you can sigh in relief because the bands lead is also a DJ and produces some hot, hot, remix heat.  Here is a prime example of how proper this guy comes with his remixes.

This is that band, the one most dudes will try to say they hate, yet secretly love - - you know, like you and I.


Sebastian Tellier -  La Ritournelle (Metronomy Remix)