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Deep in the Dutch Techno Panier

Nothing but sweet deep kicks in the paniers of the Dutch

It could be the cheese, maybe it's the bikes, or all the pretty red lights...but in all likelihood the hash, the Dutch label Delsin Records knows how to pick them.  While having some deep & electronica releases, the primarily techno label consistantly delivers heavy rhythms and outstanding synthy goodness from many regulars in my headphones including Mike Dehnert, Conforce, Shed, $tinkworx, D5, Claro Intelecto, A Made Up Sound, Taho, Marcel Dettmen, Steve Rachmad, Roman Lindau, Future Beat Alliance and a laundry list more...I recently got into one name who has been at it for a while and after many well received releases has been garnering some serious worldwide support as of late, Bram Sluiter aka Quince.

The Utrecht resident has some unreal stuff on Music Man, Clone and one of my favorites Smallville.  His latest vinyl only release REM / Alfa on Clone has been difficult enough to find, but I will get my hands on it.  A little more dubbed out than his earlier Detroit style, REM chugs nicely along the deep techno tracks and Alfa is simply a big dubby beaut.

With an upcoming number on Kompakt, Quince has proven he is one to watch.

Quince - REM / Alfa 12" >>> [BUY IT]

While on Delsin, check out UK break and dubstep producer Gerry Read's endeavor into house, the 19 year old is bringing deep house and techno tin can banger style and his slated to do a house release series on Delsin, wicked.  [BUY IT]




Lego Rout

I'vs always been a big fan of super-unique dutch producer Danny Wolfers, aka Legowelt - - a prolific musical monster who describes his style as "a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago House, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtracks".  Yeah, heavy.

This guy has put out tons of music, but most of it has been on vinyl through The Hague's Bunker Records.  His nu-disco techno trip Disco Rout was probably the producers biggest commercial success when it was vored the track of the year in 2002 by Germany's music mag, Groove.

Legowelt - Disco Rout (Original) >>> [BUY]