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Click here to buy on BeatportOutstrip has just done a remix for Dick Diamonds and Sean Roman on Beef Records.  Personally, I prefer the orginal but I like the bass heavy take on this one.

Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds - Late & Deep (Outstrip Remix) 



Fight the Scratch & Itch: A Mix Fix

We have a super dope guest from London, UK in town this coming weekend for LATE & DEEP #29. Click the image to see the event page!
Some new mixes by the crew and beyond, including a new one from upcoming LATE & DEEP headliner Owen Howells (UK), who will be playing next weekend for Late & Deep #29.  I am super stoked to have Owen up for a few days and get some music in the lab if we are lucky, or not too hungover.  Posting his mix for Pulse Radio, which he has uploaded along with the Hermans recent Fiendkast Mix. 

I also am including a new mix I did recently for Switzerland's Kartel Klub podcast series, which can be downloaded and heard on iTunes as well as soundcloud.  Speaking of which, I am throwing in mix by Kartel Klub member & Files Records boss Krizzli, with whom I have produced some music recently.  Finally, I am going to share a mix by Creme Organization regular Neville Watson, and make sure you check out this teaser of his brand new LP for the label called "Songs to Elevate Pure Hearts" which just came out on soundcloud a couple weeks ago and is available for preorder.

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather here in Toronto on this long May weekend.  I know I am!!  See you on the dancefloor ya filthy animals!

FIENDKAST005 & PULSE RADIO MIX - Mixed by Hermans (CAN) and Owen Howells (UK)

KARTEL KAST 023 - Mixed by Dick Diamonds (CAN)


KARTEL KAST 016 - Mixed by Krizzli (SWITZERLAND)

CREME ORGANIZATION PODCAST #10 - Mixed by Neville Watson (UK)


Collect Calls On The Lam

2 Samples of Upcoming Originals by Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds on Molotov21

New Release forthcoming from Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds on Brazilian up and coming label Molotov21 out of Rio de Janeiro.  The label is owned by Toucan member Bernardo Campos and Pedro Mezzonato, and boasts a pretty strong lineup which includes releases by sick artists such as Beep Dee, S.K.A.M., Diego Moreno, Rockerr (Ricardo Estrella), Nytron, Matt Fear, Adam Banks, Allan Villar (Pimp$hit) and others.

This will be Sean's second EP for the label, his first being the highly successful Staring EP.  Molotov has put out a lot of fire in the past year, and their label has risen to become one of Brazils premier forces in its growing house and techno market.  We are super stoked to be working with our friends over at Molotov.

We are even more excited that we have two unbelievable remixers on this EP doing their own personal take of the releases title track Collect Call. BUBBA (Runnin Wild, Hot Creations) and his production partner T-BONE (Extended Play, aka Timmy Steward of Jet Project) each did a remix of one of our favorite productions to date. It is an absolute honour to have these two amazing artists and good friends of ours included on this EP.  There is some more info on the release and media below.  We hope you dig this one, we loved doing it.


1. Collect Call (Original Mix)
2. On The Lam (Original Mix)
3. Collect Call (Bubba's Rewerk)
4. Collect Call (T-Bone's Dial Tone Remix)



BUY MUSIC from Molotov21:



This Friday, The Deep North has got something super special planned for all you house heads out there. We're bringing together four deep house/techno players in the game to do things right for our 27th Late & Deep spectacular, at an all new location. The venue is two floors and has just revamped its soundsytem. This sounds like an equation for a serious party shindig. So, all you dance fiends out there, get prepared, it's a short work week and then the jam goes down Friday night. If you're not already anticipating it, listen to some of these mixes from our headliners to test the waters. Then, you'll know what's in store for you. The mixes speak for themselves.

Up first is a tasty treat from Throne Of Blood co-owner James Friedman:

Follow that up with an exclusive mix that Toronto's proud to be own Basic Soul Unit did for us:

And top it off with this beauty from Populette:

That should be enough to tide you over until the big night. So, now I'm sure I'll see all of you out Friday night supporting the Toronto good music scene.

Here's how to get in the know: Event Link


Rhobot Jones


!To Peace In A Pod

New news in the deep world of The Deep North. The latest being that there is a fresh Dick Diamonds mix on Jeff Button's popular iTunes DigDeep podcast series.  Play this smooth sequence of tunes and jam out if you are looking for a sensational experience.

Now that that's got you in the mood, I hope, why not wind up at the next big event here in the dot we are putting together.  The debut of Leeds wonderchild Denney, one of the UK's emerging dancefloor stars that is helping the world get it's groove on. With releases on Hot Creations, Runnin Wild and Extended Play this man is a surefire way to get you into that Summer mood as we work our way through spring.  Be kind to yourself and enjoy the 4am last call this Thursday with us.


Click the following link if you wish to Download this DigDeep Podcast.

Denney Event (Thursday March, 21st, 2013)


And I'm Out,

Rhobot Jones




For the seventh episode of Deep North Radio, the crew shift gears from an all-female episode #6 to an all-male line up of DJs consisting of special guest & international homeboy T-Bone (Extended Play, Jet Project) who came to Canada via the Deep North to play LATE & DEEP - - which he murdered - - as well as our FAMILY MATTERS event Today.

Trading off half-hour long mixes, the guys dip into the house flavours that are common at many of the Deep North’s events (including a new track "Evacuation Jam" which was the last song dropped by Dick Diamonds, a collaborative effort by him and Maxwell Church, aka the Hermans) as well as a few more techno-tinged tunes.

Extended Play label owner T-Bone gets things going first,  trading off his slot to EXTD PLY labelmate Dick Diamonds who is then succeeded by Mike Davis.

Download this always-quality mix of house and techno from the Deep North via the Soundcloud player below, or check out the archived video from their live stream of this episode in the video player above. 


T-BONE (UK) and Residents MIKE DAVIS (Berlin) & DICK DIAMONDS (Toronto) @ DNRadio #7.

Click Here to download the MP3 of this set.

StudioFeed Radio: Deep North Radio: Episode #7 Ft. TBone, Dick Diamonds, & Sid Frisk from StudioFeed on Vimeo.



Roamin' Candle

That's right, The Deep North's one and only Sean Roman will be heading out on tour with his homie Dick Diamonds to euphoric Europe again from April 11th to the 29th. If you're interested in a booking hit up: So check out his latest mix to see what all the fuss is about. 


Rhobot Jones


Are We Related??...Drip..Drip..Drip

Two of The Deep North's finest, Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds have just had one of their phattest remixes released this week on the stellar Extended Play label right out of Belfast, Ireland. That's right Bubba & T-Bone's latest release featuring the legendary NYC veteran Abe Duque, Bloodline, is all that and then some. With four rocking remixes of the hardcore original it's a tasty treat for your dancing feet. Check the boys doped re-salt track and then go out into the internet and buy it off the digital shelf. Can you dig it?

Bubba & T-Bone ft. Abe Duque - Bloodline EP >>> [BUY IT]


Euro Teasers

Surface Nottingham - - Sean & Dick played a dirty show with Darius Syrossian, Ellis & King plus more while touring Europe in 2012

In November of 2012, the Deep North got heavy up in Europe for a few amazing shows including this one at Stealth Club, Nottingham UK.  The Surface Crew really knows what is going on when it comes to getting fucking real with the jams.


So here are some newly uploaded clips of fresh tracks Sean Roman and myself, Dick Diamonds, have put together in the past six months which you may like - - at least we hope you don't hate them.

Lie to Me is a re-run for the site, but will be coming out in early 2013 on Runnin Wild, the one remix of this track is by a very special friend of ours from Berlin.  We like suprises.  Another forthcoming  banger for early 2013 is our remix of Bubba & T-Bone ft. Abe Duque - Bloodlines,  which will be released on UK's Extended Play.  The third one, Heatstrokes is unsigned and we aren't even sure if we are done with it to be honest... but we will see.  Look out for a tonne of upcoming collaborative releases by the two of us in the new year.  You can also check out our page - Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds on Resident Advisor.

Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds - Lie to Me (Original Mix) [Teaser] >>> Forthcoming Runnin Wild 


Bubba & T-Bone ft. Abe Duque - Bloodlines (Original Mix) >>> Forthcoming Extended Play

Bubba & T-Bone ft. Abe Duque - Bloodlines (Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds Remix) [Teaser]

Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds - Heatstrokes [Teaser]



What the fuck does this picture have to do with anything?

Summer Glaze shit.  Unreleased tuner by the Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds duo.  

This is what happens when I get bored.  Self promo like a bum.  Someone's gotta do it, right?

Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds - Summer Glaze (Demo / Unreleased)