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Friend of The Deep North, originally hailing from Japan, now residing here in Toronto, DJ Zenta. We've got a nice, chilled, all vinyl mix, courtesy of the man himself, for you all to check out and groove to. So get in the know and come check this cat out at one of our upcoming parties. 


Nagisa by Dj Zenta on Mixcloud


Rhobot Jones, out.


Moss Sandwich

New heat from one of my favourites, Dial Records co-owner, Lawrence. Releasing an EP once again on Japan's Mule Musiq, Gardens Of Moss, is a delight to the ear drums. With a remix of the second track Neon Lights by Christopher Rau and a hip hop version of title track what's not to like? Give the title track a listen:

Gardens Of Moss >>> [Buy It]


Tonight: Kate Simko + Hermans @ Wrongbar


Kate Simko plays Wrongbar tonight with Deep North's Hermans and Platform resident Gera. Click the image to visit the event page.

Tonight myself and Max the Fax - - aka the Hermans - - have the absolute pleasure of playing alongside one of our favorite producers from Chicago, Kate Simko, at one of Toronto's favourite clubs Wrongbar.  We are super stoked on this and can't wait to see her play.  The promoter of the show, Houseaddict, wrote a cool blog post on their website about us, and included an exclusive mix we did specifically for this show.  Below is the quoted article and mixtape, we thought it was super nice of the Houseaddict crew and wanted to thank them for the booking and kind words.  Make sure you sign up for reduced guestlist before 12am by clicking the following link for Reduced Guestlist @ Kate Simko.



" Let’s just start this blog off proper shall we?  The Deep North are a fucking motley crew!!!  They’re a team of three dudes who chose the underground of Toronto as their outlet for creativity, and that comes in the form of producing unique tracks, and showcasing them at uber-unusual venues such as basement bars in Chinatown, and most recently, defunct loft spaces on Colleges St. in the heart of Little Italy.  Their marquee series, as many of you will already know, is LATE & DEEP.

Two of the three homies, Dick Diamonds and Max The Fax, joined forces to start producing asThe Hermans.  These two dudes completely ignore any conventional rules of mixing music and genres.  In fact, they tend to create sets that really are hard to pigeon hole into a single genre.  One might say that’s what makes them who they are.  Hell, why bother talking about it, when we can just listen to a sample they made exclusively for our crew:

Hermans - Two House Addicts Bound by Sound >>> [Download]

When we spoke to the dynamic duo back in April about performing with Kate Simko on June 22 @Wrongbar, well they jumped off the computer screen and gave us a huge hug.  Man, if that ain’t dedication to the cause, we really don’t know what is.  This event kicks off our collaborative series,SUMMER MIXTAPE SESSIONS (SMS), a four-month residency at Wrongbar  : )

The Hermans will have the set time just prior to Kate taking over the booth, so please join us on the dance floor to get things moving early.

SMS aims to offer Toronto a summer of performances with underground artists who demonstrate how being different should be the norm.  All in the heart of Parkdale…

Caution – you may have a hangover after this one  ; )"


Thanks so much for the kind words guys!!

Here is a recently uploaded set by Kate Simko which we found on her soundcloud.  You can also check out an article we wrote on Kate last year by clicking here.  Enjoy, and we hope to see you tonight!!

Kate Simko - Rebel Pod Mix #14 >>>> [Download it] Dick Diamonds


On The Button

It's a common sight in Toronto: Birds line up to see Jeff Button's solid sets, who knows if they really love his pole though.

Jeff Button, a name all too familiar to those in the deep house/underground electronic music scene.  Touted by many as "Toronto's best opening DJ", it would be hard to find more than zero reasons to suggest otherwise.  A man who is passionate about music, a businessman firm to his line, and a player who loves to grind it out while commanding the respect of his peers is someone who has put in the work.  Jeff Button has put in the work, and continues to do so.  You can't argue with a guy who constantly gets booked to play - - for pay.  Rare indeed.

Check out this nice mix he did for BlogTO's article "Get To Know A DJ" and read up about this guy and what he does.  As far as this mix is concerned, it is right on the Button.  

Big love to the Button.  Keep diggin deep homie!

Jeff Button - Exclusive Mix for BlogTO >>> [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] DICK DIAMONDS


#SimTO: Independent Electronic Music Festival

#simTO looks to be a promising contender in the year of festival upstarts in Toronto. Click the image to check out the website and don't forget to grab a super cheap earlybird ticket!!

If you haven't heard yet, The Deep North is one of the players - - along with breakandenter and Hushlamb - - behind this summers Sound In Motion Electronic Music Festival, a totally independent project headed by the brilliant people at Studiofeed which will be bringing some seriously amazing music and art to Canada's multicultural capital of tunage.

The three-day festival will focus on electronic music, namely house and techno - - but expect more than that - - and is scheduled to run from Friday July 13 through to Sunday July 15.  The festival is unique in that it is a not-for-profit event which spans three days, is held at various downtown locations - - including Sugar Beach (1000+ Capacity) and a huge warehouse location - - showcases a large number of local artists as well as an exciting lineup of international acts into the mix.  The best part of this event is that the festival, unlike some other "festivals" happening this summer, is a completely independent undertaking - - there is no bullshit here - - free of any corporate funding, relying solely on the time and effort of a music loving community.  That's what we are talking about, baby!!

While the complete lineup and schedule of events has not been uncovered yet - - read: more to come - - below I will quickly list some of the exciting acts that will be rocking one of several festival events happening Friday night, Saturday, Saturday Night and Sunday.



ARTIST NAME ..... ORIGIN (Affiliations) 

Sammy Dee ............ Germany (Perlon/Ultrastretch) 

Dualism .................. Switzerland (Archipel/Maschine/Numbolic)

Billy Dalessandro ... United States (Archipel/Siteholder/Soniculture) 

Demas ..................... Germany (Klangscheiben Records)

Konque .................... United States (Alka Rex & David Last)

Pursuit Grooves ...... United States (Techtonic/Deepblak)

Pheek ...................... Canada (Archipel)

Matt Thibideau ........ Canada (Cynosure/Obsolete Components/Archipel)

Mark Thibideau ....... Canada (Cynosure/Obsolete Components/Archipel)

Arthur Oskan .......... Canada (Thoughtless/Night Drive/Beretta)

Knowing Looks ....... Canada (WCNL/Musique Risquee)

Yes Ma'am .............. Canada (Alicia Hush & Ana+one)

Cee Cee Cox ........... Canada (Siteholder/Takita/Two Birds)



Unlike other festivals, the Sound in Motion event is unbeleivably affordable. especially if you act now and purchase your Early Bird Weekend Pass.  The Early Bird Pass is a super steal at only $55.00, but is only offered for a limited time and at a very limited number of 200 passes.  I have just been told by our accounts department that these Early Bird Passes are ALMOST SOLD OUT so save yourself time and money by buying them online right now - - by using either Debit or Credit!  Yes, that is right, you can use your debit card to make this simple transaction.  Don't sleep on this deal guys!


We are super excited for this event, and we cannot stress enough just how important it is that you come out and support this wonderful music festival.  We know how many complaints we all have heard about Toronto's lack of anything close to a real music festival.  Well, here it is people... this is our chance to make our dreams a reality, let's build something that will grow and continue years into the future.  For more information on this event, make sure you check out the sound in motion website.  See ya there! Dick Diamonds


DRM036: Deadly Vanity

Deep From Within The Power Room: Deadly Vanity Delivers Our 36th DRM Mixtape.

Toronto's up and coming deep house selectors Deadly Vanity - - Joel Waz and James Mac - - have made you a sexy deep grinding mix fit for dry summer days or humid sweaty nights... it would even sound good in a complex powder room senario like the one above.

Our 36th Deeply Rooted Mix comes from this deadly local duo who are on the rise right now and continue to make deep analog noises that have been shaking the depths of the underground house music scene here in Toronto.  After a couple of years of hard work, it seems that the duo has finally begun solidifying their presence among many of Toronto's local favourites and upcoming crews.  The boys run a weekly radio show on every other wednesday called Dead Air, and can be followed through their soundcloud page which will give you a more in depth taste of what these two techno troublemakers like to mix.  Dick Diamond's really likes these cat's because they "don't wait for people to put them on, they make the f*@king moves themselves" by promoting their music feverishly and throw their own events which always draw at least a small, motivated crowd every time.

The mix they pitched us is an infectous blend of contemporary deep house sounds set at a grinding pace capable of making some asses shake, regardless of size. The duo has been having some good luck lately grabbing the attention of one of Toronto's most popular Deep House peddlers - - Jeff Button - - a often busy and highly booked veteran dj known as the curator of the popular to "DigDeep" Podcast series and a main man in the Modern Love Affair event series.  This well deserved attention landed them in the spotlight as they did a cool guest mix for the successful podcast series, which - - as far as I know - - lies among the 100 most popular podcasts in the world.

So, with that ladies and gents, we would like to present to you Deadly Vanity's exclusive Deeply Rooted Mix.  Enjoy! 



by Maxxxxxxx Faxxxxxxxxxx


Tazmanian Orgy

Tazz takes on techno from many angles

On an all too sunny Sunday afternoon some Late & Deep induced insomnia had me seeking something deep and moving, just a few minutes in the shop it was New Kanada to the rescue with some nice Canadian content.

The artwork and title of Tazz's Cosmic Sex EP had me imagining myself losing my wallet in a brothel on Mars, which I suppose is kind of irrelevant as I doubt they’d accept Canadian dollars anyway.

I got into New Kanada through the The Mole, Seuil and BSU, so was looking forward to something evolving.  It delivers, on top of inducing what could be mistaken for time travel the title track Cosmic Sex proves a weird and wicked acid stomper.  It’s complemented nicely by Mermen And Mermaids, equally banging with its array of nicely done hats and spooky vocal.  Wanderer completes it nicely with its wavy synths, arpeggiated organ and piano stabs.  Do pick up Cosmic Sex, but wear cosmic protection.

While on Tazz, his latest on Tsuba, Adventures Of Tazz, and corresponding remixes, proves an adventure indeed.  The ten track LP seems to cover Tazz’s evident score of directions whether it be deep, dubbed or in a dream powered by skipping hats and dreamy synths, I’m really digging.  Each of the deep techno and electronica productions are unorthodox and compelling.  See for yourself...

Tazz - Cozmic Sex EP >>> [BUY IT]




Introducing: Sid Frisk

We want to introduce you to our newest - - and final - - member of the Deep North: Sid Frisk

Good morning to you, the readers of The Deep North Blog.  We have some exciting news this morning concerning a guy we like to call Sid Frisk aka Mike Davis, a fellow producer and DJ from our hometown of Toronto that has become a good friend of ours over the past year.  Mike is a York University student who we connected with through a mutual love for all things deep, and after a long trial period we have decided to extend him an invitation to join our team as a new contributor to the blog.  Expect to see some cool music posted on the blog each week from this guy - - and knowing Mike, some questionable selections as well.  All jokes aside, we want to welcome Sid Frisk to the team and we hope that he will make a strong contribution to the team.  Check out some of Sid's sounds over on his Soundcloud Page and tune into his weekly radioshow Friskbiscuits on on Monday nights.  Welcome aboard buddy.

Friskbiscuits Radio Show 002 by Sid Frisk

Jesse Perez - Wuz Up With Dem Big Booty Girls (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]



DRM035 comes from our Toronto homie SHEMCA, a little known DJ and Producer who loves house music and hip hop more than you do. Well we don't know that, but we're saying it anyways.DRM034 comes from our hometown of Toronto, a place that seems to be bubbling with new talent and a renewed interest in house and techno music.  It's easy to get lost in the storm and forget about us little guys on the come up, including the never-frowning character known to many simply as Shem, :) (aka Colon Bracket) or by his official production/DJing handle Shemca.  It's not even summer yet, but one look at Shem's Soundcloud will be enough proof that this cat has the heat levels set to swelter.  

Max the Fax told me that he nearly blew a gasket when he saw Shem spin a firestorm at the end of last summer during an outdoor party put together by Metronautix founder Jeremy Mandel (aka Mr. Mandelephant or more recently Jeremy Sean).  Apparently his set was jammed so tight with firey nuggets that Max forgot about the jaw he dropped on the ground as he stood - - mouth wide open - - stunned like a frightened fawn in the nippley weather that day.  Now I was not there, but I beleive it, and that was what motivated me to ask Shem to submit a DRM mix for The Deep North.  So, here it is folks - - a hearty mix of 23 healthy house heaters packed into a nummy package ready to keep you smiling on this cool Canadian day.  Get those chunklets.




Tracklisting for this 45-minute mix below. 

I:Cube - A bicyclette
Jacob Korn - IT (Original Mix)
Bocca Grande - Even If (Morning Factory Remix)
Nick Beringer - Never Acting (Original Mix)
Unknown Artist - Time Has Come Back (Breach Remix)
Rene Breitbarth - North (Original Mix)
Arash - Heroes and Demons (Original Mix)
Rene Breitbarth - East (Original Mix)
Claptone - Cream (Original Mix)
MAM - Modern Heat
Moomin - Love And..
9West - In Love (Original Mix)
Audiojack - Stay Glued Feat. Kevin Knapp (Fcl Weemix)
PBR Streetgang - Downstroke (Deetron Remix)
Francesco Bonora & Zoe Xenia - Heart & Spirit (Glimpse Remix)
Marvin Dash - Untitled 2
Limo & Niconote - Party Girl (Dachsund Remix)
Pete Dafeet - Stutter
Tony Lionni Higher Ground
Solar & Poppcke - Lightest Shades Of Grey (Original Mix)
RNDM - Goat
Hooved - Queen of Flowers (Sasch BBC & Caspar Remix)
DJ Yellow & Yota - Someone (Youandewan Remix)





DRM033 comes via Boots Boogie's good Australian friend CC:DISCO!

The 33rd piece of the DRM puzzle comes all the way from Australia, a part of the world we have not had a mix from - - unless you count that of Australian-born Deepchild, who lives in Berlin - - before this one.  CCDISCO! heads up the Australian Kiss FM radio show D is for Disco is a very funny and upbeat gal whom I met once as Boots Boogie (a close friend of the aussie's) and his crew, including the Hotmess DJs' Chris James and disco babe Cozmic Cat, were kicked out of a rock bar's premesis for playing music they didn't like.  Who the hell brings in house music DJs to play a Rock Bar with Zero atistic tolerance, and a disdain for disco?  Motel.  Whatever, they are lily-dipping wannabe Rockstars who act like clowns and love Brostep to boot.

Disco is this lady's love, and she has done an exclusive mix for The Deep North's Deeply Rooted Mixtape series and sent it to us through her Canadian cohort Boots Boogie, aka "White Girl", "DBW" or the "Bad Disco Daddy" of the Deep North.  CC:DISCO has had the chance to rock crowds in Canada's PRIDE Parade to much fanfare.  Check out her soundcloud for more down under disco grooves.

Put on your wigs, platforms and swimsuits kids, cuz this one's a rare swim in the deep end of disco waters.  Thanks CC!  Call us, we want to throw a jam over in Tazmania, nut need to launch our party boats from your spot!

DRM033: CCDISCO! - Exclusive WWJD Kinda Disco Mix for The Deep North 


Download by Right Clicking and Saving linked Content as...