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Local Boogie

Toronto DJ Dirty Dale has been working his arse off lately, or at least my Twitter feed tells me so. It looks to be paying off, too! He's released a handful of new remixes over the past week or so, and I'm definitely feeling all of them. This dude rocked Late & Deep back in the summer so it's really no surprise that he's putting out such lovely mixes. Super chill, super sick, super fun. I'm down.

JILL SCOTT - QUICK ((DIRTY DALE REMIX)) by djdirtydale SBTRKT - Hold On (DJ Dirty Dale Re-Rub U All Night Edit) .WAV by djdirtydale

This little gem is a bit older, but I'm a sucker for a good mixtape/podcast/whatever you want to call it.

Dir30ty min workout by djdirtydale

That's all for now. See you Friday for Deep Arrival at Riva Supper Lounge!

Love, Bea Sleazy