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Toronto Tonight: James What [UK]

Anxiously awaiting a good show in Toronto? Smoking a lot and drinking nutrient deficient liquids help. Click to see the event page for tonight's show.

Yeah, you heard me right.  UK producer James What of Crosstown Rebels and Poker Flat Recordings fame is flying into Toronto tonight courteousy of and The Deep North before heading down to Miami to blow peoples heads off in the warm weather.  The dude gets in at 11pm and will be playing at midnight, so make sure you get there early.  Festivities begin at 9pm and go until 4am, so get ready for a hung over Thursday, because this is some mid-week deep.  

Yes, it is a risky booking.  Yes, it is on hump day Wednesday.  No, we don't give a flying fuck.  This guy is sick and Toronto needs to hear him - - and that is precisely why we are doing it.  Get more information here.  If you have been living inside Uranus since 2008 and have never heard of James What, or if you are not sure about coming out tonight, take a quick listen to the tunes below and reassess your life.   We hope you make the right decision tonight, whatever it may be.

BUY some James What music by clicking here.




Fur Coats & Dinosaurs

Image by the wonderful Merry Sommers. Click picture to visit her site!

We're back!  It's been a bit busy over here are The Deep North HQ, and last weekends amazing show with Remain was so amazing that I was guttered for the 2 days afterwards.  Speaking of Remain, his new EP on My Favorite Robot Records is now available for purchase.  Go grab yourself a copy of the "La Rixerelease, you will not be dissapointed - - the remixes are serious!

I wanted to speak briefly about a hot recent release on Crosstown Rebels by Venezuelan artists that go by the names Fur Coat (Delete & Israel Sunshine)and Argenis Brito.  The release, Space Ballad came out on my birthday (October 3rd), and is the 83rd release by the popular Crosstown brand.  This tune is fresh as all hell, and I have been bumping it like a madman for the past two weeks, and I am sure you will be too if you have not heard this yet.  The Deep House original is a slow starter, only heating up after the 3 minute mark, and UK remixers TEED took it upon themselves to kick the heat up a notch after one minute in their house mix of the jam.  I prefer the original mix, but both versions are wicked.  I will share a 128kbps version of the TEED remix with you all, I hope you enjoy, and sorry for the wait my friends!

Fur Coat & Argenis Brito - Space Ballad (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Fur Coat & Argenis Brito - Space Ballad (T.E.E.D Remix) >>> [BUY IT]



Back To The Drawing Board

With a fresh outlook on the future and the past behind me, it seems I am back at the drawing board once again... but I am not alone.  

Canada's dynamic duo Art Department (Kenny Glasgow & Jonny White) was just there too - - according to the name of their most recent release on ever-hot label Crosstown Rebels.  "The Drawing Board", which hit digital retailers earlier today amid much anticipation is another stunning example of the team's top quality work in the deep house / nu-disco game.  The entire 11-track album is nothing short of a firestorm, leaving the listener little time to rest their neck between repetetive neck bobs and shoulder shucks. 

As hard as it is for me to single out my "favourite" tunes on the release - - given that I will be rolling the album non-stop for the next few days - - the tunes Much Too Much and We Call Love were instant faves packed with flavour.

Art Department - Much Too Much (Original Mix) >> [BUY IT] 

Art Department - Much Too Much (Original Mix)


Much Too Much is a captivating cowbell cruncher, laced with claps and eerie synth lines which add a creepy continuity to the somber, yet awkwardly pleasant vocals of Kenny Glasgow.  

Art Department - We Call Love (ft. Soul Clap & Osunlade) >> [BUY IT]

Art Department - We Call Love (ft Soul Clap & Osunlade)

I liked We Call Love before I even heard it, mainly because I had lofty expectations - - ones which I could not bear to have left unfullfilled.  It would just be a travesty if a Soul Clap, Osunlade and Art Department collaboration was anything but fire.  Well luckily that is not the case... this tune is laced with some catchy and gnarly hollow bass.  Another Art Department ace.