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Toronto Tonight: James What [UK]

Anxiously awaiting a good show in Toronto? Smoking a lot and drinking nutrient deficient liquids help. Click to see the event page for tonight's show.

Yeah, you heard me right.  UK producer James What of Crosstown Rebels and Poker Flat Recordings fame is flying into Toronto tonight courteousy of and The Deep North before heading down to Miami to blow peoples heads off in the warm weather.  The dude gets in at 11pm and will be playing at midnight, so make sure you get there early.  Festivities begin at 9pm and go until 4am, so get ready for a hung over Thursday, because this is some mid-week deep.  

Yes, it is a risky booking.  Yes, it is on hump day Wednesday.  No, we don't give a flying fuck.  This guy is sick and Toronto needs to hear him - - and that is precisely why we are doing it.  Get more information here.  If you have been living inside Uranus since 2008 and have never heard of James What, or if you are not sure about coming out tonight, take a quick listen to the tunes below and reassess your life.   We hope you make the right decision tonight, whatever it may be.

BUY some James What music by clicking here.