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Salute the movement!

And I'm not talking about this weekend in Detroit. 
Next weekend, The Deep North takes the next step in becoming a true player in the world of house and techno. We are starting a record label. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we've got one of our artists coming up from the lone star state. This young man goes by the stage name TX Connect and with releases out and forthcoming on great labels such as Pinkman, Creme Organization, L.I.E.S., Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, and Deep North Records, you can expect this one to be a real treat. 
Next Saturday, May the 31st it all goes down. Starting at 10 P.M. at Wrongbar catch Gcue, Douglas Carter and TX Connect as they tear up the venue for the first official DNR Label Showcase & Fundraiser.   After that, in true LATE & DEEP fashion, we will keep  the party going until sunrise.  People will then head on over to the official after party and dance away the rest of the night.  As our way of thanking those who support the label night and fundraiser at Wrongbar, we will be giving you all the secret after party location plus free entry to the Afterparty. What more could you want?
To help get you in the mood check out this podcast mix Mr. Connect did for Creme Organization, as well as his up coming Double-Disc release forthcoming on the label.



TX Connect - Creme Organization Podcast 

TX Connect - Creme Organization 2EP

And I'm out.

add me to your Rolex


Hey, it's Rhobot back in the mix for you deep northerners. Long time no blog, I've been in Antarctica balling with the penguins. But I'm back now with some hot polka trax direct from Germany. One of my faves and Kompakt label boss Wolfgang Voigt gets different with one of his favorite genres. It's nice house with a polka flavouring. Check it.



Tune in next time, same deer time, same deer url.


Mr. Jones



The latest creation from The Deep North squadron is a hip, happening, techno night going by the name of Nightshift. So to blow the roof off this bish were bringing up a special person all the way from down south, Tampa Bay, Florida that is, Chris Mitchell. A techno vet with releases on labels such as Vanguard Sound!, Plan B Recordings, and Proper Trax. He's def going to blow a hole in your eardrum this hot, new night for all you t dot techno heads. It all goes down at a secret location Friday, March 8th, 2013. So come out and show some love. And don't forget all proceeds of the night go to supporting our local family. So turn up and tune in. To get you in the mood here's an exclusive mix Chris did for The Deep North. Get in the groove, YO!


Event Link


Rhobot Jones


T-Bone Time!

Looking at my rolie, it's about that time. This Late & Deep we've got a real treat for you. T-Bone aka Timmy Stewart, co-owner of Extended Play Recordings is a real beast out of Belfast, Ireland. This week he is hopping across the pond so he can get down with all of us house heads here in the dot. This guy is a serious sonic specialist so you really don't want to miss out this Friday when he beats up the dancefloor for all you dancing maniacs. And if you don't believe me, here comes the proof. 

Here's a tasty exclusive mix he did for us over in The Deep North, check it out, it goes, that's for certain:

Now if that's not enough to convince you here's another dosage of dope for your soul. This is a dirty hour-long mix of T-Bone's personal faves of 2012. Don't sleep:

And if you thought T-Bone was only a brilliant DJ you were dead wrong. He's also a fine producer as well. Give your ear to a few of his splendid creations:

One of his latest releases with his collaborating partner and good friend Bubba featuring Abe Duque, along with some beautiful remixes, good stuff:

So if all that hasn't got you hooked yet there really isn't much more I can do for you. My only advice is to turn your hearing aid up to 11 for this one:

Remember folks, this Friday it all goes down on a dancefloor near you. For more details of how you can get the chance to bust a groove to the workings of T-Bone's magic, HIT THIS LINK!

And I'm out,

Rhobot Jones



What the fuck does this picture have to do with anything?

Summer Glaze shit.  Unreleased tuner by the Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds duo.  

This is what happens when I get bored.  Self promo like a bum.  Someone's gotta do it, right?

Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds - Summer Glaze (Demo / Unreleased)


On The Button

It's a common sight in Toronto: Birds line up to see Jeff Button's solid sets, who knows if they really love his pole though.

Jeff Button, a name all too familiar to those in the deep house/underground electronic music scene.  Touted by many as "Toronto's best opening DJ", it would be hard to find more than zero reasons to suggest otherwise.  A man who is passionate about music, a businessman firm to his line, and a player who loves to grind it out while commanding the respect of his peers is someone who has put in the work.  Jeff Button has put in the work, and continues to do so.  You can't argue with a guy who constantly gets booked to play - - for pay.  Rare indeed.

Check out this nice mix he did for BlogTO's article "Get To Know A DJ" and read up about this guy and what he does.  As far as this mix is concerned, it is right on the Button.  

Big love to the Button.  Keep diggin deep homie!

Jeff Button - Exclusive Mix for BlogTO >>> [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] DICK DIAMONDS



Montreal duo Vosper has come out with a warboat release on French imprint Meant Records, which has been getting a ton of hot media coverage as of late. Move out of the way captain!

Have you heard of the Canadian duo out of Montreal named Vosper?  The Canadians - - Edouard Le and Christopher Bryon have been making waves on several strong internet publications such as XLR8R and Ibiza Voice, who recently gave the boys a strong 9/10 rating for their newest release on Deep North favorite Meant Records, which is headed by France's Romain Rouffiac, aka Remain.  Below are samples from the release, a five-song EP which can be bought on Beatport.  In the meantime, grab a free copy of the remix by Polar, which can be found on the XLR8R Page.  Great work from our fellow Canadians - - get that!

Vosper - Release (Original Mix) Official Video >>> [BUY IT]

Vosper - Release EP >>> (BUY IT)

Since were here, and on the topic, I will share a couple of other strong releases on the Meant imprint which I think you should check out.  Remain had a banging one with his Ralph/Digression EP and our homies Clouded Vision [Matt Walsh / Steve Cook] who, we might add own a label of the same name, had another good one under the Meant banner with their Room101 EP.

Remain - Ralph / Digression EP >>> [BUY IT]

Clouded Vision - Room101 EP >>> [BUY IT] Dick Diamonds


The Grease Boutique [Vol. 1]

The Original Grease Boutique: Dick Diamonds & Paul Beazy, aka Bone$ McLeod (Pronounced: Mic-Loud). Taken somewhere, sometime by someone of two late night greasers.

Just wanted to hop in real quick like, with a little stinger by my boy Paul Beazy aka Bone$ McLeod.  This is the first little mix I have heard in a while from the witty Toronto-based rapper, slang-slinger and occasional selector.  The mix was not quite long enough to be submitted as a DRMbut definitely makes for a great listening experience with some new fire he just dug up in the mix.

For the fans of hip-hop out there, make sure you check out some of Bones' work under his other moniker Paul Beazy on RevebNation, which is essentially a "nickname of a nickname" - - a modified shortening of his original rap alias Paul Bearer.

You can catch Bone$ McLeod spinning an hour long set at TOTA Lounge tonight at around 11:30pm for a new weekly event called Deep Kiss Tuesdays.  Who knows, you may even see some of us out there in the crowd, or even spinning with him during his first set under the new new "Bone$ McLeod" moniker.  The new weekly event will happen tonight, then jump onto a weekly basis starting in two weeks, on Tuesday the 27th.

It's gonna be fun.  A "real pearll" of a time, as some might say in Italy - - so come out!!

To download this mix, click here.  Enjoy it, and look forward to the next volume in Paul's Grease Boutique Mix Series.




DRM025: Dirty Dale

DJ Dirty Dale can move crowds like few others can, a pillar in Toronto's house music community.

Twenty-five.  No, I am not talking about my age, or the number of times I have woken up in a ditch without pants on.  Not this time.  Rather, it refers to our Deeply Rooted Mixtape series, and the current volume that is being released here before your eyes today, December 8th, 2012.

Twenty-five exclusively mixed sets in nine short months.  Awesome.  To make that even sweeter, the twenty fifth mix comes from Dale Arsenault, simply, but aptly known as Dirty Dale in Toronto's house music scene.  Originally, Dale was known as a dancer, a lover of music who could move his damn feet, arms and body like a mother fucking boss, leaving jaws on the floor and bystanders wanting more.  To exemplify this point, check out this clip of Dale smashing the dance in Montreal circa 2008.  Yes, he can still dance better than all of us.


I never knew Dale as a dancer, only as a DJ.  The first time I saw him spin was at some rave cave on Queen West, in one of the units above the infamous W Afterhours, aka 721.  Picture it.  I walk into the party, which has barely begun, and crack a cold one.  The DJ is a smaller man, unique, yet filled with a demonic energy waiting to be unleashed - - and it was - - before the swelling crowd that steadily pumped  into the space.  Forward ten minutes, and the beads of sweat on this DJ's brow had swelled to the point that they were rolling down his face, and thats when it came.  Like an eighteen wheeler with an oversized load, the drop was absolutely massive, and the crowd literally went fucking apeshit - - and the whole room shook like we were at the epicenter of some fucking world disaster.  Almost instantly, the DJ with little beads of sweat and no name was drenched from head to toe, kids hanging from the ceiling and the mirrored interior of the rave cave (dance studio) were fogged up like we were all in there having a group shower.  I found out from one of the panting partygoers that the DJ's name was Dirty Dale.  The guy was amazing.   So amazing that the DJ after him played  for about ten minutes, and the party was over.  No one could stand hearing an "OK" set after watcing an Atomic Dance Bomb go off before their eyes.

For me, Dirty Dale is exactly what a REAL DJ is.  Someone who is absolutely passionate about music, their craft and always has the dancefloor in mind - - not just the newest tunes haphazardly throwin into a "set".  I am not a DJ.  Dirty Dale is a proper fucking DJ, and I am not afraid to say that he is the best male DJ in this city, hands down.  While he does do some producing, he is not known for that.  He is known as a selector who knows his shit, who probably even knows your shit more then you do, and who has developed a solid following of supporters who want to see him unleash that unbelievable energy that motivates dancers on any dancefloor, anytime, anywhere.  He has incredible draw for someone who -- until recently -- was "just a DJ".

 A Recent Remix of "Quick" by Jill Scott  >> Click to Download from Dirty Dale's Soundcloud

Since I first saw him spin about two years ago, I have seen this Dirt Hurricane absolutely destroy dancefloors across our city at least a dozen times or more.  Most of the time Dale is more excited than the crowd is, riding a wave of emotional energy like a general in battle, commanding the respect of those who follow him from venue to venue, battle to battle, dancefloor to dancefloor. Seven times out of ten, Dale will simply steal the show from the international headliners he is contracted to open or close for - - anyone remember Gramaphonedzie's set at the Great Hall a couple of months ago?  Anyone?

Dale playing with Karizma @ Sunnyside, Toronto. >> Video by homies 

A little Clip of DJ DIRTY DALE @ Footwork, Toronto.

So here it is, DRM025 by Dirty Dale.  It is with great pleasure that the boys and I at The Deep North present  this wonderful exclusive mix to all of our readers and the hundreds of Dirty Dale fans out there - - we are honoured.

Dirty Dale is the best in the game.  Thanks for being such an inspiration.  You are one of the reasons we do what we do.




(Right click or option-click the link and choose "Save As..." to download this file.) Dick Diamonds





DRM 022: BASIC SOUL UNIT .... Toronto, Canada.

We return this week with another top notch exclusive mix for our Deeply Rooted Mixtape Series, an attempt by us to gather together exclusive mixes by some of the worlds most talented producers and DJs, along with a number of locals who we personally think are the bee's knees.  If you check out the DRM Page you can see that so far we have been doing a decent job collecting exclusives from all over the globe, having amassed an impressive number of mixes from some of the worlds hottest up and coming producers and selectors.

This week is a special one for us here at the Deep North, because we have acquired an exclusive mix from one of Canada's most talented producers, a man who has been causing a buzz in Europe for quite some time now, yet remains largely unknown by many of his countrymen.  Stuart Li - - better known as producer Basic Soul Unit - - keeps a low profile here in Toronto, and the hyper-talented producer of tech house, deep house, techno and electronica likes to keep it that way.  The family man recently came back from a tour in the EU, and has stated that the plans for his return in 2012 are already well underway.  This is not suprising when one takes a quick look at the sheer number of quality releases he has had on well respected labels such as New Kanada, Thoughtless, Osgut Ton, Defected, Mule, Versatile and Creme Organization, to name but a few.  His most recent release, Deep Diving, just came out on Berlin-based label New Kanada and has 4 wicked originals on it.  This one is definitely worth a look - - and a purchase, if you ask me.  We posted some of his work earlier this year too, which you can check out here and grab at lower quality (128kbps) for those long rides to work or school.

We are super stoked on this hour-long mix from a local hero and fellow musician, and are honoured to have him headlining out next Late & Deep (#7) event this month alongside some other killer locals who have been making waves lately: Jamie Kidd (of Metalogic) and the Deep North's own Phantom Ambulance (Max the Fax and Max Lucas).

Here are a few tunes by BSU, which we snapped up from his Soundcloud page, check them out before you get into his awesome DRM mix.


Flying Through The Fog by Basic Soul Unit


Soulspeak by Basic Soul Unit


Dave Vega - Altars of magic (BSU mix) by Basic Soul Unit


BSU's Deeply Rooted Mixtape clocks in at just over an hour in length, and is available for download by simply right clicking the following link and choosing "save link as".  The tracklisting can be found here.

DRM 022 - BASIC SOUL UNIT - Exclusive Mix For The Deep North Blog



Thanks for the beats Stu, we look forward to rocking the party with you on the 25th! DICK DIAMONDS