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T-Bone Time!

Looking at my rolie, it's about that time. This Late & Deep we've got a real treat for you. T-Bone aka Timmy Stewart, co-owner of Extended Play Recordings is a real beast out of Belfast, Ireland. This week he is hopping across the pond so he can get down with all of us house heads here in the dot. This guy is a serious sonic specialist so you really don't want to miss out this Friday when he beats up the dancefloor for all you dancing maniacs. And if you don't believe me, here comes the proof. 

Here's a tasty exclusive mix he did for us over in The Deep North, check it out, it goes, that's for certain:

Now if that's not enough to convince you here's another dosage of dope for your soul. This is a dirty hour-long mix of T-Bone's personal faves of 2012. Don't sleep:

And if you thought T-Bone was only a brilliant DJ you were dead wrong. He's also a fine producer as well. Give your ear to a few of his splendid creations:

One of his latest releases with his collaborating partner and good friend Bubba featuring Abe Duque, along with some beautiful remixes, good stuff:

So if all that hasn't got you hooked yet there really isn't much more I can do for you. My only advice is to turn your hearing aid up to 11 for this one:

Remember folks, this Friday it all goes down on a dancefloor near you. For more details of how you can get the chance to bust a groove to the workings of T-Bone's magic, HIT THIS LINK!

And I'm out,

Rhobot Jones


Are We Related??...Drip..Drip..Drip

Two of The Deep North's finest, Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds have just had one of their phattest remixes released this week on the stellar Extended Play label right out of Belfast, Ireland. That's right Bubba & T-Bone's latest release featuring the legendary NYC veteran Abe Duque, Bloodline, is all that and then some. With four rocking remixes of the hardcore original it's a tasty treat for your dancing feet. Check the boys doped re-salt track and then go out into the internet and buy it off the digital shelf. Can you dig it?

Bubba & T-Bone ft. Abe Duque - Bloodline EP >>> [BUY IT]


Euro Teasers

Surface Nottingham - - Sean & Dick played a dirty show with Darius Syrossian, Ellis & King plus more while touring Europe in 2012

In November of 2012, the Deep North got heavy up in Europe for a few amazing shows including this one at Stealth Club, Nottingham UK.  The Surface Crew really knows what is going on when it comes to getting fucking real with the jams.


So here are some newly uploaded clips of fresh tracks Sean Roman and myself, Dick Diamonds, have put together in the past six months which you may like - - at least we hope you don't hate them.

Lie to Me is a re-run for the site, but will be coming out in early 2013 on Runnin Wild, the one remix of this track is by a very special friend of ours from Berlin.  We like suprises.  Another forthcoming  banger for early 2013 is our remix of Bubba & T-Bone ft. Abe Duque - Bloodlines,  which will be released on UK's Extended Play.  The third one, Heatstrokes is unsigned and we aren't even sure if we are done with it to be honest... but we will see.  Look out for a tonne of upcoming collaborative releases by the two of us in the new year.  You can also check out our page - Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds on Resident Advisor.

Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds - Lie to Me (Original Mix) [Teaser] >>> Forthcoming Runnin Wild 


Bubba & T-Bone ft. Abe Duque - Bloodlines (Original Mix) >>> Forthcoming Extended Play

Bubba & T-Bone ft. Abe Duque - Bloodlines (Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds Remix) [Teaser]

Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds - Heatstrokes [Teaser]



Not even a massive chunk of ice would stop this boat outta BelfastPulse's Christian Murphy just put together this great article on our boy Jonny Smyth aka B.U.B.B.A. featuring a jamming little podcast and an insightful interview where you'll learn how he had coffee get him from young Irish boyhood to world-class producerhood and as of late, budding label ownershiphood.  I'm really glad I finally sat down to check out his roots and early sound, proving his experimental and humbling approach to music.  Bubba's stay here at the Deep North HQ was an absolute delight and we can't wait to have this legendary producer, sessioner and general good dude back in check the interview, mix & these two neat little new tunes.


Intruding Places


TOTA Lounge: A Regular Watering Hole For Some Of Us on The Deep North Roster Not sure how in the hell I missed this tune two months ago when it launched, but I guess they say "better late then never" for a reason.  I just learned about this Dyed Soundorom remix of Intruder's (aka Murk, which is Ronnie Falcon & Oscar G) track Amame, which is out on Defected Records, and features the vocals of Jei.   I just cannot stop playing this rediculous remix.  It's bouncey, it's techy, it's deep and its nothing short of an angry dancefloor firestorm.  There is simply something infectiously addictive about this banger of a tune, and I have found myself banging it out like a monster non-stop since first hearing it.  I just need my daily fix, like twenty times a day.  Beauty tune for driving fast or slow, try it yourself.

The original mix is pretty good too, but it simply does not touch the remix work put forth by Soundorom.  Some of the other mixes of this tune - - such as the versions by Radio Slave and Luke Solomon - - have deep elements and tripped out creep vibes to them, although I find the Radio Slave version a bit dry.   Luke Solomun killed it as well on his percussion driven deep house dub version, as well as his live version, which is my second favorite version of the whole remixes & dubs releases.  Check out these versions and let us know what you think of them!  You can purchase the release here.




Eats Everything did an edit of the tune which is available as a rip from a set he did and is not that exciting, but which I am adding to maintain a high variety of tune selection. DICK DIAMONDS



Don't forget that Chris Woodward (UK) is spinning the next LATE & DEEP on Friday the 8th at a brand new location on College Street which you do NOT want to miss. We go till 6am.

Just thought I would make this one nice and short, but then decided otherwise.  Below are a number of hot mixes which I have either a) stumbled across and loved, b) recorded myself or with some friends, or c) have a personal connection with and think it's imperative that others experience.  

The first mix comes from our LATE & DEEP 2.2 headliner-to-be Chris Woodward of the United Kingdom, a cigarette smoking DJ which I had the pleasure of seeing rock the shit out of a Buzzin'Fly Records night in December of 2010.   I told him that night that I would book him in Toronto sometime, and I doubt he believed me, until recently when I actually did.   Chris hasn't dropped any new productions (at least not official releases) in a while, but tells me that he has some heat in the bag coming out on Dirt Crew, which I cannot wait  to hear.  Make sure you come out Friday, June 8th for LATE & DEEP 2.2 because I can tell you right now you will dance your pants right the fuck off your boucing legs.  If you live in Montreal, make sure you catch him on June 7th @ Royal Phoenix alongside The Hermans, Vosper and the Jealous Lovers.


The second mix comes from me, and is a special mix that holds a special place in my heart as it is a recording made in my home which is a back 2 back set between myself (Dick Diamonds) and my favorite producer in the world, Jonathan Smyth, better known across the world by his pseudonym BUBBA.  As you all know, this guy is a regular figure covered here on the Deep North, and rightfully so - - BUBBA has released on major labels in the game such as Hot Creations, Extended Play, Classic, Pets, Act Natural, Love Not Money, Alive, Exploited, Dogmatik and more.  This mix was done completely on the fly and has absolutely no additives.  Natural flavour all the way!


The Third mix is my newest mixtape, which I made exclusively for EMMY, a student run organization dedicated to electronic music which I am a strong supporter of, and which is headed by a solid group of enthusuastic kids who give it 110% on the dancefloor.  Special note on this mix:  the first tune is an exclusive and unreleased track by Alixander III & the White Lions featuring vocals by Starving Yet Full, who, along with Alixander make up 1/2 of the ultra-popular Canadian ensemble Azari & III.  Dig into this mix and let me know what you think of it.  I would love to hear feedback, as always.


Finally, the fourth mixtape I am going to post comes from Dominican Republic's talented DJ and producer Monsanto, a good friend of ours who now lives in Toronto and is part of the squadron along with other homies of ours such as Jeff Breen, Wes Bonaventure and Luis "Dirty Mex".  Here is a short promo mix he did and has on his Soundcloud.  For good measure I am posting his new tune which is coming out soon on Divine records.  I have also included the official remix which was done by our good friend Jeff Breen for exxxxxxxxxxtra good measure - - look for these tunes on Beatport in June when they release.  Proud of my boys!!

 Dick Diamonds


Quick Jams

The Deep North Headquarters is always working on new concoctions and designs which aim to blow your mind. April is a month we have worked long and hard on in order to hit you with a 3-4 supercombo of heavily armed events with amazing international and local talent. Get in your wargear, we're about to unleash some deadly Weapons of Mass Dance-truction.

Excuse the lack of updates lately, but we have been busy in the studio banging out tunes and in the war room planning out big upcoming parties such as the LATE & DEEP ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY with none other than BUBBA and Nathan Barato as our super sick headlining guests.  Of course, you can always expect the home team to be present and ready to rock some jams on this one, as we hope that all of our residents will grace the decks as well for some pre- and post-headliner action on this exciting one year event.

Another big event which we have lined up is the first ever NEW SCHOOL DEEP event, which we have partnered up on with Boogie Inc., bringing Toronto a hot show with two major international headliners - - Kyle Hall and BUBBA - - alongside Toronto house and techno hero Basic Soul Unit.  Resident representation will be in the building, with opening sets from Boogie inc. residents the Sno-Men and our very own resident duo The Hermans, who just recently signed with Californian label 530Techno.

Below are some jams which we have been rocking out at the Deep North's Headquarters, a place which sometimes works around the clock and sometimes does not - - but always blasts tunes which are blistering hot.  The following releases by Zumo [Hypercolor], Re.You [Souvenir], Chris Fortier [530Techno], Maetrik [Cocoon] and Scott Kemp [Zoo:Technique] are all undeniably massive heaters, some of which are brand new, some of which are not.  Either way, get your steam on kids. 

Zumo - H (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Re.You ft. Daniel Wilde - Falling (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Chris Fortier - Leadwave (Full On Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Maetrik - The Reason (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Scott Kemp - Being With You (Raffa FL Remix) >>> [BUY IT] Dick Diamonds



 I finish posting new Bubba heat, only to see he has more, newer shit announced. QUIT IT.

STOP MAKING SO MUCH HEAT.  I Cannot say anything more about your fucking killer production bro!


Out soon on Love Not Money Records.  


The rest of this release:


...Dick "I Cannot Say Anything Interesting About This Bubba Guy Anymore" Diamonds.



Don't get left in the cold like this stupid table. Download Bubba's scorching hot free tune off his soundcloud!!

Our homie BUBBA has a fresh tune up for limited time download over on his soundcloud - -  where there are many, many amazing mixes for free download too.  Do yourself a big favour and make sure you don't snooze on this one, because it won't be long before this gem is gone.  I got my free copy, did you?

BUBBA - Temporary Passion >> [Temporary Download Too!]

UPDATE : : : This tune has been picked up for release with a remix by Jordan Peak.  Sorry Kids, you snooze, you lose.  xoxo


Here is another freebie which was just put up on his soundcloud as well, but this time it's a number of songs sequentially ordered into a mix.  Get your fix! DICK DIAMONDS



DRM029: Comes from Italian house duo KASBAH ZOO!! Get ready for a ride.

Deeply Rooted Mixtape number 29 is in the building people, and this one marks our second submission from the European nation of Italy.  This mix comes from Italian duo Kasbah Zoo - - consisting of two musicians, each with 10+ years experience in the game - - who are known as the creators of the Italian label Zoo: Technique and who have many releases on killer labels such as Act Natural, Neim, Roots and Wings, Rawthentic and Electronique Digital.  The Zoo Technique label has been around since 2009, and has a few heavy hitters on the roster including one of our very favourites, Bubba - - who was the reason I got in touch with the boys from Kasbah in the first place.

The mix is a fun one, and we are sure that most of you will also love the mix as much as we do.  However, we ask that you make sure that you have an hour and ten minutes to spare in your day, because you will not want to be inturrupted at all during this 1 hour and eight minute journey through the Kasbah Zoo!


1 - Tom Flynn - Jerry's Liquor Store (Original Mix) - Dirtybird
2 - H.O.S.H. feat. Malonda - What Do You Want Me To Say (Original Mix) - Diynamic
3 - Gavin Herlihy - Tell Me Waht You Need (Geddes' 928 Remix) - Culprit
4 - Max Chapman - Rhythm Stick (Original Mix) - Kaluki Music
5 - Mehrnoosh - Mi Amor (Zoe Xenia Remix) - Microzoo
6 - Life And Death feat . Scott McCloud - Step Aside Lighweight (Original Mix) - Visionquest
7 - Kasbah Zoo - Say My Name (Original Mix) -
8 - Kasbah Zoo - Make Me Dance (Original Mix) - Souvenir Music
9 - PigCity - The Message (Bubba Remix) - Zoo:Technique
10 - Scott Kemp - Being With You (Original Mix) - Zoo:Technique
11 - Bazar - Hard To Find (Danny Daze Love Dub) - Ellum Audio
12 - Eats Everything - Whatever Whatever (Original Mix) - Dirtybird 






1. DRM030 by T-BONE (of duos Bubba & T-Bone and Jet Project)