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Mix Fix Mix Fix Mix Fix... Goose!

Deep North outnumbered by some dirty Creme Org

Just dropping in to share some super greased out mixes here from Deep North Crew member Bones McLeod and three other favorites of mine from the undoubtably dope Creme Organization imprint.  Old and new mixes in this creamy sack of beautiful bangers, but one thing I can say is that all are mixes which I think are pretty hype, whether old or new - - especially the latest from DJ TLR, which is nothing short of a volley of muscle mashing dance missiles.  Time is tough to come by these days since I developed a nasty addiction for production, but the blog is never forgotten.  Get your listening caps on because these firebombs are about to melt your face off - - in a good fucking way.  In other words,  think fast, dont blink!

Bones McLeod - March 2013 Mix >>> Download


DJ TLR - World Ful of Weirdos >>>> ** MIX OF THE MONTH DOWNLOAD **


Neville Watson - Bodytonic Podcast March 2012 >>>> Download

While Neville hasnt really posted much in terms of mixes on his soundcloud for a minute, check out this recently added preview of a fresh remix EP he has over at Teng Rec.  Word is he also has a release coming from top-tier label Creme Organization, which I cannot wait to hear.  This is one of my top picks for future artists I want to being out to Toronto... so keep your eyes peeled.


Neville Watson - One For Green Remixes


Next up is the one and only weirdo Willie Burns, also from the Creme Roster, who recently took part in the L.I.E.S. takeover of Boiler Room.  Check out this set, and then taste the zesty tatziki he has forthcoming on Creme Organization. 

Willie Burns - 50 Minutes @ Boiler Room New York >>>> Download

Willie Burns - Forthcoming Vinyl release on Creme Org >>>> Pre-Order Now



Deep North Radio: Episode V (ft. Mike Steele, Chicago)

Did you know about Deep North Radio @ Recorded sets, recorded audio and accompanying video. Check out episode #5 below featuring MIKE STEELE (Chicago) & JEFF BREEN (Deep North)

You may or may not know that the Deep North Crew has a sweet Radio Show over at, which features 1 - 1.5hr long mixes by our Resident DJ's and from time to time, Special Guests who we have brought into town for one of our LATE & DEEP events.  

To save running into our backlog of episodes - - which feature guests such as BUBBA(UK), Matthus Raman(FR) and Mike Steele(USA) alongside the likes of residents Dick Diamonds, Maxwell Church, Book, Sean Roman, Bones McLeod, Sid Frisk and Jeff Breen - - we will let you explore the past episodes yourself.

But to continue off from where we last left off, here is the most recent episode from last October, which sees resident Jeff Breen and Toronto favorite Mike Steele of Chicago.

Stay abreast of good music, media and events by following the Studiofeed collective and don't forget to check out their awesome initiatives such as Support Independent Music and read a review on their great event (co-hosted by The Deep North) the Sound In Motion: Toronto Electronic Music Festival.

For more info on the SIM Festival in 2013, click here.


StudioFeed Radio: Deep North Radio: Episode #5 (Mike Steele) from StudioFeed on Vimeo.




TDNM004: Brought to you by resident DJ BONES McLEOD of the Deep North Crew. Shit is so good it makes people cry. Photo by Derek Bohne.

The 4th installation of the Team Deep North Mixtape (TDNM) series at The Deep North Blog comes from relative newcomer and Toronto native Bone$ McLeod, aka Paul Beazy.  The TDNM mixes are like those in our DRM (Deeply Rooted Mixtapes) series in that these mixes were put together Exclusively for The Deep North blog with our listeners in mind - - an exclusive taste of our guest's definition of what a good mix is. The major difference is that the TDNM mixes consist solely of works put together by members of our highly cohesive roster. Our team includes artists such as Sean Roman, the White Lions, Max the Fax, Dick Diamonds, Book, Boots Boogie, Douglas Carter, Sid Frisk and, of course, Bone$ McLeod

You can hear more sounds from the Deep North Crew by checking out our official Deep North Crew Soundcloud and looking to the right hand side where you will see links to our entire rosters' individual soundcloud pages.  Go ahead, take a peek after you listen to this heatstorm by your boy Bone$!!




The Grease Boutique [Vol. 1]

The Original Grease Boutique: Dick Diamonds & Paul Beazy, aka Bone$ McLeod (Pronounced: Mic-Loud). Taken somewhere, sometime by someone of two late night greasers.

Just wanted to hop in real quick like, with a little stinger by my boy Paul Beazy aka Bone$ McLeod.  This is the first little mix I have heard in a while from the witty Toronto-based rapper, slang-slinger and occasional selector.  The mix was not quite long enough to be submitted as a DRMbut definitely makes for a great listening experience with some new fire he just dug up in the mix.

For the fans of hip-hop out there, make sure you check out some of Bones' work under his other moniker Paul Beazy on RevebNation, which is essentially a "nickname of a nickname" - - a modified shortening of his original rap alias Paul Bearer.

You can catch Bone$ McLeod spinning an hour long set at TOTA Lounge tonight at around 11:30pm for a new weekly event called Deep Kiss Tuesdays.  Who knows, you may even see some of us out there in the crowd, or even spinning with him during his first set under the new new "Bone$ McLeod" moniker.  The new weekly event will happen tonight, then jump onto a weekly basis starting in two weeks, on Tuesday the 27th.

It's gonna be fun.  A "real pearll" of a time, as some might say in Italy - - so come out!!

To download this mix, click here.  Enjoy it, and look forward to the next volume in Paul's Grease Boutique Mix Series.