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The Future Is Near!

Check out Detroit techno legend, Terrence Dixon's newest album, From The Far Future Part 2. Out now on Tresor Records. Grooving space techno to get your gears turning. 

Terrence Dixon - Self Centred - From The Far Future Part 2 (2012) - Tresor Records

Terrence Dixon - From The Far Future Part 2 >>>[Buy It]


909 Phan-toms

Redshape lives on within the souls of those who choose to listen to the music of the nightRedshape is a techno phantom from Berlin producing dark, atmospheric, vintage, deep Detroit goodies.  His latest Throw In Dirt / The Land EP is exactly those things, but you must venture through his catalogue for a true appreciation of this sneaky producer who must look a bit frightening live, cool.


Nick & Rose

Murr & Rosina: Killin shit like it's nobody's business.

I met some super special people today with Max the Fax to discuss a future collaboration for a late night event.  What made this meeting even more special is that both Max and I have been big fans of these two for quite some time, but only recently connected with them in person after some dialogue over the infamous Facebook.

The two people I speak of are Murr and Rosina, a Canadian couple who make wonderful music that we have been following for quite some time - - yet didn't even know were from our hometown of Toronto until quite recently.  I was a huge fan of their 2008 release "Fables and Fairytales" on Kuji Records which later was modified with Adam Marshall and did very well in 2009 with remixes by Deniz Kurtel through Crosstown Rebels.  Apparently Damian Lazarus heard the tune and immediately wanted it for his coveted Crosstown imprint.  "NA" (which stood for "Nick" and "Adam") had Rosina's A-grade vox on it, and the trio was responsible for shaking the worlds dancefloors for about two years straight.  

Murr ft. Rosina - Fables & Fairytales (Adam Marshall Remix) >>> [BUY IT]

aka: NA ft. Rosina - Fables & Fairytales (Original Mix)


NA ft. Rosina - Fables & Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel Remix) >>> [BUY IT]


Nick Murray aka Murr is a nasty techno and house producer who has a number of releases on Adam Marshall's Berlin-based imprint New Kanada, and on other labels such as 53oTechno, Public Transit Records, Kuji, DNH (Nick Holders Old Label) and more.  Murr should be a lot bigger than he is, this guy seriously brings that grease - - I absolutely love this third Re-Edit by Marshall.

LAL - B.E.W. (Murr Long Edit) >>> [BUY IT]


Murr - Noise In (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Murr - Stay (Adam Marshall Extended Re-Edit) >>> [BUY IT]


Rosina and Murr have another - - 3-person project - - together called LAL Forest, which releases really cool music that brings together many diffierent elements in music to create a completely unique fusion of sound unlike almost anything I have ever heard.  Check out and buy LAL music on their official site or iTunes.  Support people with heart and a love for what they do - - that is what we are all about.  Here are a few more samples of the great music these two souls create.  

LAL Forest - Warm Belly High Power


Listen to the nasty fucking bass on Murr's Dhaka Edit of LAL's "Old Cities"

LAL Forest - Old Cities (Murr Dhaka EDIT)  << Click to listen & buy more LAL


 On March 17th Four Deep North residents Max the Fax, Sean Roman, Douglas Carter and I will have the extreme pleasure of playing with Murr & Rosina at their Official Release Party for their new "Best Dress" music video.  We are fully stoked on this development and cannot wait to be a part of this experience.  More info will be available shortly on our upcoming event page.

Murr ft. Rosina - Best Dress (Adam Marshall Remix) >>> [BUY: Vinyl Only]


If you really love these sounds as much as us, please Support honest and amazing musicians by buying their music.  Much love! Dick Diamonds.


We Fly Them: Sacha Robotti x Toronto


Click this poster to see the Facebook Event

You heard us correctly: The Deep North is flying Klasse Recordings' musical heavyweight Sacha Robotti into Toronto for a couple of shows.  This guy is going to blaze a serious trail of heat for our eighth installment of our popular all night sweatfest Late & Deep.  

Although he is not really well known in our hometown, we like to take risks and show people what good music is all about by actually showing person.  Make sure you reserve your spot by buying a discounted advance ticket from Earth & Fire on Queen Street West (489, 2nd floor), or take your chances by paying at the door.  Be one of 300 people to see this monster blow the dancefloor apart for his first time ever in Canada.  If all goes well, you will also see his label mate BUBBA in the early months of 2012 - - plans for Klasse's second arrival are already being made.

We are fucking stoked.  Here are some samples to get your mouth watering.


Luca Lozano & Sacha Robotti :: "BARTOK (Siopis Remix)" by Sacha Robotti

Sacha Robotti :: "MOVE (Bubba Remix)" by Sacha Robotti

Daniel Dexter & Nhan Solo :: "OUR THANG (Luca Lozano & Sacha Robotti Remix)" :: OFF Rec (snippet) by Sacha Robotti

Deepchild :: "LIVE AT DIMITRIS 1993 (Sacha Robotti Remix)" :: Trapez (snippet) by Sacha Robotti

Turmspringer :: "WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT (Sacha Robotti Dusty Remix)" by Sacha Robotti

Mr. Ho :: "WHAT WE WANT (Sacha Robotti Remix)" by Sacha Robotti


We already featured this fall mix before, but we are gonna do it again.  Feel that! 

Sacha Robotti :: Fall Mixtape by Sacha Robotti Dick Diamonds 


Blood Sucking Marshall

A. Marshall's New Kanada Imprint Serves Up Some Serious Artwork. The Tunes Aren't Bad Either.

Thank god Halloween is over.  Thank god twice for the three-hundred and fifty-plus days of halloween free living that lay ahead of me.  Unfortunately Halloween is only the  second worst "holiday" of the year, and my most dreaded (Christmas) is just a jingle or two away.  Damnit.


N/A ft. Rosina - Fables & Fairytales (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Note: N/A is Toronto's Nick Murray (aka Murr) & Berlin-based Adam Marshall


 Anyways, I am in a good mood today because DJ/producer Adam Marshall came back to his home of Toronto for the first time in three years and I got to meet him.  Honestly, I thought the man behind New Kanada would be better looking than he turned out to be, but he made up for it by being a real nice guy.   On friday Adam rolled through our send off event for pal Noah Pred, who is moving to EDM hot spot  Berlin to get shit poppin with his career and label, Thoughtless Music.  The turnout was sub par due to a number of reasons, but who the fuck cares - - Adam Marshall was all up in the underground bunker-turned-toaster-spaceship that night and it made my god damn day.  He left though because I couldnt sell him anymore of my personal beers.  See what years in Europe does to one's pre-party preparations?  Fucks shit up.   Still, I loved that he came by.  After all, I am a big fan of his music and imprint.

 Adam Marshall - Kokane (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Marshall recently unveiled his beauty's true hiding spot - - his heart - - by offering up a vinyl-only release for free digital download through his soundcloud.  The tune, Vamp (NK27), is a pleasantly melancholic nostalgia burrito that leaves you hungry, despite being over ten minutes long.  Shit reminds me of that painful moment every year when I would be sitting in the back seat of a sweltering sedan holding back salty tears, wondering if I would ever see my dear friends from summer camp ever again.  You know, that perfect mix of happiness and sadness, wrapped in a fucking tortilla.  Check it out, but save us the tears this time.  Just download it and say "thank you" to Adam for being such a peach.

Adam Marshall - Vamp (NK27) >>> [BUY VINYL] or [FREE DOWNLOAD]

 New Kanada's soundcloud has all sorts of treats for your senses, make sure you check it out along with the imprints Official Website.


STAY TUNED: Over the next day or two expect a brand spanking new DRM Exclusive Mix from New Kanada artist Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit!! 


Who The Fuck Is... (001)


Chilean producer Larry Peters Leal, aka Larry Peters has recently dropped a god damnned massive EP called El Campo on the Souvenir Imprint - - which is headed by German power duo Tiefschwarz and French partner Arthur Velasquez.

Both Max the Fax and I both agree without question that this Latin-infused tech house release is the best thing we have heard in at least two months.  Like, easily.  All three songs on the release are unquestionable fireballs, but the standout track on this one is definitely El Abono, a musical meteor shower that will blow your mind.  Heaviest of artillery.  'Nuff said.

Larry Peters - El Abono >>> [BUY]


As a bonus, we are throwing in another hot track from the newly crowned "Tech House Titan" called El Gallinero de Rosalba off Peters' June EP El Quartito, which was released on Italian label Amazing Music.  Make sure you check out the whole EP, because we had a hard time choosing which one to toss your way.  Anyways, we dare you not to love this guy's stuff. Pow!

Larry Peters - El Gallinero de Rosalba >>> [BUY]





Move, Move, Move!

I have been on a Klasse Recordings kick over the past couple of weeks, ever since my man Mr. Ho linked us up with an exclusive mix for our Deeply Rooted Mixtape series.  I must say that while originally I knew very little about most of the artists on the Klasse roster, I am now a full blown fan of a few of them, including Bubba, Mr. Ho, Luca Lozano, Turmspringer and Sasha Robotti.  This label is a team of killers.

Recently I connected with Sacha Robotti - - that is his real name apparently - - and had a chance to ask him if he could link us with a mix, which unfortunately is not in the cards at the moment.  However, Sacha is nothing short of a total stand up guy, which I learned after he offered me a few of his tracks for free because he could not contribute a mix.  One thing I can say is that all of the tracks were fire. I am totally nuts over his track with Lozano "Bartok", especially the Siopis Remix.  Check out Sacha's soundcloud to get an idea of the heat he is producing, there is enough to get the hungriest wolf's mouth wet.

After getting a pocket full of free tunes, I had to go to online in order to give back to the selfless man by buying his newest EP on Klasse Records - - The Move EP.  The EP is a strong release in my opinion and the title track, Move, is a banging tech house number with a deep, hollow bass line which gets shit going in the heart.  However, I think I prefer the remix by basshound Bubba over the original, simply because the track has Bubba's signature bass, which is always a blast of sheer power coupled with sick synth riffs.  This is a big, big tune.  The second track on the EP, named Fotograf, is an eerie tech banger with creepy vocals that is highly danceable, despite scoring high in terms of creep value.  Definitely a solid, dirty track which would fit into one of my darker sets, but not one for cheering people up in my opinion.  Check it out for yourself folks, but be warned - - the video for the original mix is possibly the coolest thing going right now!!

Sacha Robotti - Move (Original Mix)

Check out the songs on the release through Klasse's Soundcloud, and then grab Bubba's Dance With Me for free, a sick little chunker that gets the dance floor moving hard into the late night.  Trust me, this track got the crowd hyped up at Late & Deep #2 last weekend when I dropped it.

 KLS007 - Sacha Robotti - Move Ep - Release Date 12/07/11 by Klasse Recordings


Bubba - Dance With Me >>> Get The 320

OOOPS, Unfortunately, this song has been removed at Bubba's request after it's recent signing with the Hot Creations Label.  Wicked!!  




DRM 008: Mr. Ho

We are back after a rocky week folks, and we would like to apologize for the lack of new material here on the blog.  The past week was riddled with barriers that effectively slowed down the team and kept us from posting at our usual rate.  We could write out our lame excuses, but I think that the most people would rather hear about DRM 008, the latest installment in our Exclusive Deeply Rooted Mix Series.  This week is super exciting, so let's quit stalling and get right to the point.

I am pumped to announce that DRM 008 comes from another artist whose works we previously featured, Michael Ho, better known amongst house heads and loop-lovers as Mr. Ho.  This guy is an extremely skilled producer and an integral member of the Klasse Recordings family based in Berlin.  Klasse Recordings is a dedicated music label that deals with the good stuff we love so much here at the Deep North: House and Techno.  The label has put out quality releases from a number of badass artists including Pol_On, Luca Lozano, Bubba, Sacha Robotti, Johanna Knutsson, Minilogue and Turmspringer.

We are amped that an established artist such as Mr. Ho was so enthusiastic about making an exclusive mix for The Deep North.  His exclusive - - clocking in at almost one hour and twenty minutes - - is ultimately an act that shows real character and one's desire to promote not only themselves, but also that which they love so much.  We thank Mr. Ho, Klasse Recordings and all the other DJs who have contributed their time and effort for the fans of house music worldwide, and for the growth of the global house music scene.  After all, community is unity.

For more info on Mr. Ho, check out his facebook.

The tracklisting for this mix can be found here.

DRM 008: Mr. Ho - Keepin' It Klasse From Berlin To Toronto (Exclusive Deep North Mix) 



If you are digging the sounds of Mr. Ho, be sure to check out KLS007, Sacha Robotti's Move EP, as well as KLS006, Turmspringer's Freedom EP, both available either digitally or on vinyl.



The New Massage?

Mr. Ho is a name you will want to watch out for as you will be hearing this handle a lot more during this guys come-up.  The man's had one of his tracks officially remixed by Polish power-duo  Pol_On, and his tunes are popping up on charts by the likes of DJ T., Pelski, Oliver $ and many more.


Berlin-based Mr. Ho - - aka Michael Ho - - recently released his buzz-generating "Bumps EP" on Klasse Recordings in May, which features the dark and upbeat remixes of Darabi and Patrick Pulsinger, respectively.  I like all three versions of "Bumps", but I am especially fond of Pulsinger's zany-unique take on the original.  This one is sure to be heating up dance  floors all over the place over the next couple of months - - I definitely will be dropping this trophy tune any chance I get.  This is not an infomercial.