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A Long Run: featuring Toronto's Arthur Oskan from StudioFeed on Vimeo.  Some very inspirational stuff here on a legendary Canadian Techno producer and Juno Nominee. As usual, Studiofeed is at the forefront with good media coverage of people who deserve it.

Have you heard of yet?  The Toronto media monster-to-be and Deep North ally is still in its infant stages, but these guys put in real work that is getting them pure Toronto street cred in my books.  They constantly are uploading great radio shows, high profile video interviews with big artists and notable local crews, and are spearheading the initiative to start a new music festival in Toronto (Sound in Motion / #simTO) which will focus on non-corporate community action to move mountains for our vibrant EDM scene.  We are a part of this amazing community and damn proud of it.  

Among all the great things that can be said about this wonderful group of people, the two things that stand out most about these cats - - for me at least - - is their undying focus on community involvement  and their notable penchant for delivering quality in all things music.  I am going to share a number of sweet bits from their highly active soundcloud page, which will be something to follow closely over the next year.  Do yourself a favour and give their website a good once over.  Big love to these cats from the Deep North Crew!!


Everyone has heard of the Hushlamb Crew, well maybe not, but everyone should know about these wonderful techno, house and minimal lovers.  The crew has forged a strong partnership in sound with the Studiofeed massive and host a weekly radio show called the Free Range Show which is headed by crew members Alicia Hush and Ana+One.  The crew has all participated including Talal & Zoi and Zaid Edghaim, and the crew even brings out up and coming friends to drop the heat with them - - including Toronto notables Elextra, a hungry duo who featured on last weeks show on the range.  Here are some highlights from the past few shows:


Here are some other great interviews, sets and musical bits that you should check out, but we are only stopping now because we cannot show the whole Studiofeed soundcloud here, so go check the page for more!!  For now though, enjoy some interviews with Solvent and Lido Pimenta, and two cool shows with the funkmeister Sweet Jelly Roller and knowledge bank Vince Pollard.  Get that!

Solvent absolutely rocks.  Here is a little tune to get you familiar if you arent already. Dick Diamonds


Hello Thoughtless! Farewell Sleazy!

 Thoughtless Music's latest release - - the "Suffering Remixed EP" for Deepchild's "The Suffering Ones" - - was featured as a Beatport Exclusive yesterday.I would like to talk about the new remix ep that just dropped on Toronto's own Thoughtless Music imprint for Deepchild's late night (or more like early to mid morning) banger: "The Suffering Ones".  

Australian producer Rick Bull - - commonly known as Deepchild - - has become a staple of sorts for the global underground EDM community, releasing over 50 tunes on a plethora of international imprints.  One would be hard pressed to actually say they have not danced to one of his tunes in a club, somewhere, sometime.  Rick has been making some serious moves in the past year putting out a solid block of tunes which have left a solid bootprint on the face of dancefloors everywhere.

The latest addition to his drum-clip of dance bullets just so happens to be an absolutely air tight package of full metal remixes of "The Suffering ones", a track which we featured earlier this year on the blog.  I was excited to hear the clip click exclusively into digital super-retailer Beatport's merchant machine gun two days ago, ready to unleash a heavy barrage of heat filled with searing selections touched by a super talented lineup made up of Tim Xavier, Arthur Oskan, Noah Pred, XI, [a]pendics.shuffle, Gingy & Bordello and The Deep North's own resident killers Sean Roman and Phantom Ambulance. 

This hot little package includes remixes from a slew of talented local and international artists, both established names and fast rising tastemakers. I was super excited to see that Phantom Ambulance (the Deep Norths own "Max the Fax" alogside fellow muscian and kindred spirit Maxwell Lucas) had their way with the tune, Turning it upside down and bringing it back from a whole different angle.  Resident Sean Roman who just released on Hot Waves 002 with "Sarah's Song" provided his signature sultry vibe to the tune which resonated well with me.

since the release is hot off the press i will include the beatport player in hopes that all you fellow music lovers take the opportunty to go grab the release and not only support these talented remixers who made this such a solid clip of fire, but also those who are fronting the #Occupy Toronto movement that dares to shake the status quo in the name of change.  All of the artists on this release have agreed to donate all proceeds of the first 99 EP sales, as well as 1% of all sales, to the occupy chapter in  the imprints hometown of Toronto. If thats not your thing then you can rest assured that at the end of the day you will be getting some hot tunes from some hot cats, while putting some coin in their pocket. Enough said.  Now check it...

Go to Get These Tracks Add This Player
Keep your eyes peeled for a Deep North Exclusive from Thoughtless Musica FREE 320 kbps remix of Deepchild's tune by none other then our very own resident Max the Fax.  Check Back later today!
We throw it up for our crewmates and good friends at Thoughtless Music for their hard work and dedication to making music that is good, while maintaining some social conciousness in the process.  The Deep North salutes you!
We also bid farewell to our good friend Bea Sleazy, who unfortunately is going on indefinate leave from the blog due to mounting personal obligations with life, work and school.  We thank her for her contributions over the past few  months, and know she will be part of the Deep North Family for a long time to come.  You don't meet people that solid often, as we all know. Much love! 

Thoughtless Music Party Tonight


It's lunchtime for most of us here in Toronto, and everybody knows that lunch break is the second best part of the day, next to going home.  Although gloomy, raining and generally sour weather might throw an otherwise perfect lunch off the tracks, we have so many reasons to be happy.  One of those reasons is that tonight Noah Pred and his crew at Thoughtless Music are back at Li'ly Lounge and are ready to get down at College Street's basement bunker of bass.

Tonight the imprint is hosting it's monthlyThoughtless Showcase jig, which showcases some exceptional international talent and always backs up the imported artillery with big, bad, guns from home.  All the way from Los Angeles, California, comes [a]pendics.shuffle, ready to unleash a live set of minimal and techno that some say will blow your mind to bits of amazing. With releases on Thoughtless, Culprit, Adjunct and Mo's Ferry, among others, it's easy to imagine what all the hype surrounding this man is about.  Supporting from the French territory of Quebec is Vincent Lemieuxwho has released on coveted Perlon and is a long time fixture in Montreals EDM scene as well as a programmer for the famous Mutek festival.

The two out of towners will be supported by Arthur Oskan - - possibly the hottest artist to release on the imprint this year after his highly acclaimed A Little More Than Everything LP - - and our homeboy Zaid Edghaim of the Hushlamb camp.

Check out the Facebook Event!


Thoughtless has agreed to give out a FREE Arthur Oskan CD to the first ten people who buy their ticket online through The Deep North.  To get your free CD, buy your $10 ticket here and make sure you put "referred by the Deep North" in the notes or address section right before you checkout.  Then when you arrive at the venue, the CD will be given to you when you enter.  Thanks Thoughtless!

Arthur Oskan - Use No Good 

Arthur Oskan - July 2011 Thoughtless Podcast

  Podcast Piknic 07: Vincent Lemieux by Piknic Electronik