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A Long Run: featuring Toronto's Arthur Oskan from StudioFeed on Vimeo.  Some very inspirational stuff here on a legendary Canadian Techno producer and Juno Nominee. As usual, Studiofeed is at the forefront with good media coverage of people who deserve it.

Have you heard of yet?  The Toronto media monster-to-be and Deep North ally is still in its infant stages, but these guys put in real work that is getting them pure Toronto street cred in my books.  They constantly are uploading great radio shows, high profile video interviews with big artists and notable local crews, and are spearheading the initiative to start a new music festival in Toronto (Sound in Motion / #simTO) which will focus on non-corporate community action to move mountains for our vibrant EDM scene.  We are a part of this amazing community and damn proud of it.  

Among all the great things that can be said about this wonderful group of people, the two things that stand out most about these cats - - for me at least - - is their undying focus on community involvement  and their notable penchant for delivering quality in all things music.  I am going to share a number of sweet bits from their highly active soundcloud page, which will be something to follow closely over the next year.  Do yourself a favour and give their website a good once over.  Big love to these cats from the Deep North Crew!!


Everyone has heard of the Hushlamb Crew, well maybe not, but everyone should know about these wonderful techno, house and minimal lovers.  The crew has forged a strong partnership in sound with the Studiofeed massive and host a weekly radio show called the Free Range Show which is headed by crew members Alicia Hush and Ana+One.  The crew has all participated including Talal & Zoi and Zaid Edghaim, and the crew even brings out up and coming friends to drop the heat with them - - including Toronto notables Elextra, a hungry duo who featured on last weeks show on the range.  Here are some highlights from the past few shows:


Here are some other great interviews, sets and musical bits that you should check out, but we are only stopping now because we cannot show the whole Studiofeed soundcloud here, so go check the page for more!!  For now though, enjoy some interviews with Solvent and Lido Pimenta, and two cool shows with the funkmeister Sweet Jelly Roller and knowledge bank Vince Pollard.  Get that!

Solvent absolutely rocks.  Here is a little tune to get you familiar if you arent already. Dick Diamonds


We`re Back.

The Deep North Deer are half back...

Hello everyone, Mr. Diamonds reporting back from Brazil - - and a nasty little lack of service here at The Deep North. We apologize for the delay on getting the website back up, but everything is back up and well now.

To comemorate, here is a little teaser from Brazil`s own deep house duo Toucan and Gabriel Boni.  This new diddy was just released on Poland`s Loco Records Supreme imprint and is called Twenty-2.  This nasty track was released on a Three Song EP which is now available on Beatport. Click that link to hear more from the EP, including the wicked tune Thoth, a solid track with great synth progression.  Buy it now!

Toucan, Gabriel Boni - Twenty-2 (Teaser) by Toucan Music ­­

We have a great year ahead of us, and we have been working hard on some great shows in Toronto from the likes of Deepchild(DE), DJ Fame(NYC), Matt Walsh(UK), Tomas Jirku(CAN) and our favourite Bubba (IRE).  We hope all these shows happen over then next four months, but right now we are focusing on this weekends LATE & DEEP NUMBER 9: HUSHLAMB FAM.

Here is a sweet little minimalist tune I like from Hushlamb's co-founder Alicia Hush called Dogumentary, released on Smoked Mono Vol. 7, which is available for Free Download!


Alicia Hush - Dogumentary >>> [FREE DOWNLOAD]

See you this Saturday at LATE & DEEP! Dick Diamonds


Happy New Year

NYE fireworks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mad heads.

I hate the title of this post, it's so fucking predictable it makes me sick. 

Despite being like 37 hours late, I'm not going to apologize because I am currently in Brazil, trying to stay away from all the bleeps and bloops that surround me on the day to day.  So excuse our slowdown over here, we will be back in action just in time for our Late & Deep #9 event with none other than Toronto's Hushlamb Crew.  The first event of 2012 will feature performances by each one of our favourite acts - - Alicia Hush, Ana+One, Talal & Zoi and Zaid Edghaim - - from the crew, a serious barrage of heat that our city should look forward to seeing pump out of the infamous 40Hz Soundsystem on January 21st. [2am - 6am]

Oh yeah, four of our resident DJs -- Book, Boots Boogie, Max the Fax and myself -- will be going b2b2b2b for the opening three hours of this party [11pm - 2am].

We dedicate this event to the wonderful Miss O'Brien and her fabulous crew, a motley crew of miscreants who love it late & deep - - like real late & deep.  And of course to the whole Hushlamb Crew, we love you guys.

For now, a couple of sweet tunes from Huxley & Russo's semi-recently released Dollsit EP, out on one of my favourite labels, Leftroom Limited .  Great release here.  Bang!






ANA+ONE of Hushlamb productions and Siteholder records drops the 24th mix in our series!


Our good pal Jesse Morrison, aka Ana+one, decided it was time to get this ass to work on his exclusive Deeply Rooted Mixtape for the blog's regular series.  Boy are we glad.  Along with his crewmates Alicia Hush and Zaid EdghaimAna+one ( "Anatone" not "Ana plus one" - - which sounds like a girl on guestlist) has now pushed the ball into the corner of Talal & Zoi, the only DJ's in the whole Hushlamb crew who have not made us a mix.  Let's hope they at least get one in to us, its now a goal of mine.

Anyways, Jesse is a quiet fellow with a great smile, a super nice guy who makes some rad music too.  With releases on Siteholder Music and a number of releases on the way, Ana+one shows that he is not a pushover when it comes to production, or DJing.  I loved Jesse's set at LATE & DEEP IV, and exclusive does not dissapoint.  The mix clocks in at 56 minutes and is a sweet string of minimal house music that reminds me how much I love the genre, yet often forget about it due to the weak representation it gets here in Toronto.  This is outside of the very few who - - like Hushlamb - - strive to keep it alive.  Check out Ana+one's tracks  on Beatport and Soudcloud quickly before hopping into this steamer like an overly eager lobster.

The tracklist can be found, as usual, on our Deeply Rooted Mixtape (DRM) page, located on the right navigation bar.  Enjoy!

DRM024: Ana+one - Better Late Than Never Mix (Exclusively @ The Deep North)


...By Dick Diamonds


Youtube Favourites

Picture by Felix Jorge, click picture to visit his official site.

Here are a few tracks which I have added to the Deep North's favourite list recently.  If you have not had the chance to check out The Deep North's Youtube Channel yet, make sure you do - - we upload a  few new songs which we like to youtube each week.  We now have over 60 videos on our channel alone.  If you already read the blog regularly, don't worry, we also post videos for songs we have never posted on the blog.  We try to add a couple of videos each week, sometimes more.

For those of you who wish to follow The Deep North on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, here are the applicable links:

The Deep North @ Facebook

The Deep North @ Youtube 

The Deep North @ Twitter


Runaway - Stories Reinterpretations, Chapter IV (Tensnake Mix)

White Lions - I Need A Rhythm (Original Mix)

Alicia Hush - Kissing Booth Criminal (Original Mix)

Pezzner - Mesh (Original Mix)

Hypnolove - Mademoiselle (Original Mix)

Russ Yallop - The Crossroads (Original Mix)


Ashanti - Dance (Rare Boogie 7")

 This post was brought to you... DICK DIAMONDS 


Triumphant Moments

If there's one thing I love, it's compilation albums. They can be a little hit and miss but you always find something exciting. Luckily, For Every Moment of Triumph is all hit and no miss. Adjunct Audio recently put out this EP with tracks from a collection of artists on the label. This collection is the first in a new series from Adjunct highlighting some of their talent. Most of it lurks around tech house but it does move towards deep or minimal house here and there. Regardless of genre, this is an awesome album and is receiving an incredible amount of play at Chez Sleazy.

Adjunct Audio takes pride in their forward-thinking house and techno sound. Based out of LA, these fine people know their tunes. Aside from this album, Adjunct also released four volumes of the Icarian Games and Indian Clubs compilation series that made serious waves in the minimal community throughout 2009 and into 2010.

Check 'er out on Soundcloud!

For Every Moment Of Triumph: Volume One [ADIG15] by Adjunct

Buy 'er on Beatport!

See you all on Saturday for Late & Deep V with White Lions, Alicia Hush, O-God and more!

Love, Bea Sleazy


DRM018: Alicia Hush

As we prepare for our next Late & Deep event this Saturday, a couple of great gifts hav arrived from the event's headliners, Alicia Hush and production trio White Lions.  We are stoked that both have submitted exclusive mixes for our Deeply Rooted Mixtape series just in time to help stoke the fire of excitement as we get close to Saturday's festivities.

Alicia Hush - Kissing Booth Criminal >>> [BUY]

First up is minimal/house producer and DJ Alicia Hush.  Hush is one of Toronto's best afterhours DJs and co-founder of Hushlamb Productions along with close friend and promoter Sarah Lamb.  Hushlamb - - a portmanteau which combines the names of it's founders - - is a promotions company and crew that was "born out of a shared desire to create space in [Toronto] for the style of music we vibe off of, and [a] place for emerging artists to be heard".  For the past few years, Hushlamb - - which also includes producers Talal & Zoi, Ana+one, and Zaid Edghaim - - has been throwing top notch music-focused, dance floor friendly events which always have an amazing vibe and mind blowing sound.  Alicia and her crew bring Toronto some of the most exciting underground house, techno and minimal producers out there.  Trust me, this crew is a vital pillar in our cities underground EDM scene.  Read more about them on their official website.

Click the image above to see the Event information

Alicia Hush talks with Toronto's media freaks over at StudioFeed.  StudioFeed seeks to give a greater voice to independent Artists and musicians from Toronto.  Check them out!

 Check out all seventeen DRM submissions and get the tracklist for this mix here.

DRM018: Alicia Hush - Exclusive Late & Deep Mix >>> Right Click, Save As..



Phantom Ambulance EP Release with Deepchild, Fairmont, Noah Pred & More! 

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a BIG night in Toronto as we prepare for the official Medicine EP release party for The Deep North's dynamic resident duo Phantom Ambulance (comprised of Max the Fax and Max Lucas).  The party is extra special because the party - - hosted by Thoughtless Music - - has the boys playing alongside the super talented UK producer Deepchild and Canadian electronic heros Fairmont, Noah Pred and Alicia Hush.  Now that is what I like to call an all-star lineup.

The Deep North Crew will be in attendance for this amazing show of talent on Friday at Li'ly Lounge, and we hope to see some of our readers out there.  In fact, we have a special guestlist for those who can be at the venue before 11pm - - all you must do is "like" the Deep North Fanpage and read the information provided on how to get on our guestlist.  Make sure you come and say hi to the crew!

For more info on this event, make sure you check the Facebook event page and the Resident Advisor event pages.

In the meantime, check out some sweet tunes by some of the artists playing the show.


Phantom Ambulance - Medicine >>> [BUY]


Deepchild - Fire >>> [BUY]


Deepchild - We Can't Go Back (Master)


Fairmont - Velora EP >>> [BUY]


Noah Pred - Unsung >>> [BUY]


Alicia Hush - Downright [Googoo Records] >>> [BUY]