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We Probably Had It Coming

It's been a bad week for weather. I lost power last night and its still miserable this morning. It sucks. It's not stopping. Therefore, cheery, uplifting grooves are in order. Well, either that or brooding ambient music, but I'm already getting sick of that. Luckily, we have an amazing event coming up this Friday - aka Late&Deep VI with Remain and the rest of the My Favourite Robot homies and happy music to make this weather seem a little less awful.

First up, an amazing disco mix from New York house queen Honey Dijon. It's got a cool mix of classic disco with some of the nu disco and deep house sounds that we've all come to love and cherish. She's got all sorts of exciting things on Beatport, including a brand new remix on DJ Chus's latest EP, A Night Summer Dream.

Do You Like Disco? Honey Dijon Exclusive Disco Mix by HONEY DIJON

Finnish newcomers Cut & Slice only have two tracks to their name but are certainly garnering more attention as time goes on. Their most recent track, "Fresh Meat Disco," is quite true to its electro house label but their first track, "No More Superheroes," gives off some awesome, edgy diso vibes.

No More Superheroes by Cut & Slice

See you this Friday!!

Love, Bea Sleazy