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Limited Time 4 Limited Deep North Boards


Excuse the picture quality, the actual Deer & Text are in a beautiful wood grain.

Our friends over at Longboard Living in Kensington Market made a limited number of super cool longboards with the Deep North's signature deer logo on the bottom, and there are only two (2) of these badboys left for sale, and only for a super short time!

The man behind the idea to make these limited decks, Durt Stash, aka Sebastian Bravo, is heading off to his native country of Colombia on the 24th for three months and will be bringing them with him to sell at his new Lonboard Living: Colombia shop - - unless of course, someone offers to buy them before then.

For more information on price, or to check out these wicked boards yourself, hit the store for yourself in Kensington Market, downtown Toronto.  You can also check their website or give them a call at 1 416.901.8666.

Here is a tune by Subb-an & Adam Shelton (S.A.S) and a 1990's mix by Rubsilent.

S.A.S - Subb-an and Shelton - Give It To You (Dub) (Foot & Mouth)


If anyone can id the first two songs on this Rubsilent Mix please leave me a comment.  Thank you.

90's Mix by rubsilent Dick Diamonds