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#simTO: Less Than 2 Weeks!

SOUND IN MOTION: This is our chance to make something real happen for years to come Toronto. Show your love!

TORONTO: Please take a moment to consider the importance (and awesomeness) of supporting Toronto's upcoming Sound In Motion - Toronto independent electronic music festival on July 13th - 15th, 2012, less than 2 weeks away. The event will fly in numerous top-class underground deep house, techno and house music artists to play alongside a great number of Canadian artists over three days and 5+ events all located within TO's downtown core. Artists including SAMMY DEE / FRANCIS HARRIS aka ADULTKNAPPER / FRIVOLOUS / JOHN ROBERTS / ARTHUR OSKAN, PHEEK, PURSUIT GROOVES, DUALISM + SO MUCH MORE will play in Warehouses, Lofts, on Beaches and Patios all within walking/biking/public transit distance from one another, bringing the worlds best music to our City without the help of large corporations and will be a festival to call our own for years to come with your support.

Why is #simTO special?

1. It is totally independently run and funded v- no corporations!
2. Relies on our own Community of music loving volunteers + supports local vendors and businesses
3. It is totally NOT FOR PROFIT (again: We do it for the music)
4. Government supported
5. Makes use of unique venues like Sugar Beach + COG Warehouse
6. It's affordable, costing as little as $65 for a weekend of all-access fun, or $50 for a single day (beach party + warehouse rave!) or even $20-30 for a single event. VALUE LIKE THIS IS HARD TO COME BY!!

Take a minute to check it out if you havent already and show your support for what could be Toronto's version of MUTEK. We have complained about Toronto's lack of a festival that MATTERS for too long, and now we can make it a reality through #simTO 

Toronto, Montreal & Canada - lets unite and make this a summer to remember!!

Here is a mix by one of the Festival Headliners.  Get into it.

Scissor & Thread Podcast #2: Francis Harris aka Adultknapper >>> [DOWNLOAD IT]

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