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A Long Run: featuring Toronto's Arthur Oskan from StudioFeed on Vimeo.  Some very inspirational stuff here on a legendary Canadian Techno producer and Juno Nominee. As usual, Studiofeed is at the forefront with good media coverage of people who deserve it.

Have you heard of yet?  The Toronto media monster-to-be and Deep North ally is still in its infant stages, but these guys put in real work that is getting them pure Toronto street cred in my books.  They constantly are uploading great radio shows, high profile video interviews with big artists and notable local crews, and are spearheading the initiative to start a new music festival in Toronto (Sound in Motion / #simTO) which will focus on non-corporate community action to move mountains for our vibrant EDM scene.  We are a part of this amazing community and damn proud of it.  

Among all the great things that can be said about this wonderful group of people, the two things that stand out most about these cats - - for me at least - - is their undying focus on community involvement  and their notable penchant for delivering quality in all things music.  I am going to share a number of sweet bits from their highly active soundcloud page, which will be something to follow closely over the next year.  Do yourself a favour and give their website a good once over.  Big love to these cats from the Deep North Crew!!


Everyone has heard of the Hushlamb Crew, well maybe not, but everyone should know about these wonderful techno, house and minimal lovers.  The crew has forged a strong partnership in sound with the Studiofeed massive and host a weekly radio show called the Free Range Show which is headed by crew members Alicia Hush and Ana+One.  The crew has all participated including Talal & Zoi and Zaid Edghaim, and the crew even brings out up and coming friends to drop the heat with them - - including Toronto notables Elextra, a hungry duo who featured on last weeks show on the range.  Here are some highlights from the past few shows:


Here are some other great interviews, sets and musical bits that you should check out, but we are only stopping now because we cannot show the whole Studiofeed soundcloud here, so go check the page for more!!  For now though, enjoy some interviews with Solvent and Lido Pimenta, and two cool shows with the funkmeister Sweet Jelly Roller and knowledge bank Vince Pollard.  Get that!

Solvent absolutely rocks.  Here is a little tune to get you familiar if you arent already. Dick Diamonds

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