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Beep Dee & Fox Glove


Beep Dee, RMotta, Fox Glove & Rockerr. Some names which are important important to know as Brazil continues to grow as a big player in international house music.

Beep Dee aka Cesar Werlon is among the cream of Brazil's hottest house exports these days, and has been since his release on Hot Waves 001, an amazing number which goes by the name Colorado.  This tune was the best of the lot on the compilation, and since then Beep Dee has continued to push the envelope both as a solo producer and as part of the super hot duo Fox Glove with his friend RMotta.  If you know of Beep Dee, then you know he is amazing.  If you don't know about this guy or Fox Glove, then you need to learn immediately why he is one of my favorite producers out there.  Keep your eyes peeled for a DRM mix from this guy in the future, as well as his remix of my upcoming release on Zoo:Technique with my production partner Sean Roman - - due out in early summer.


And here is some work which was done with fellow Brazilians and Molotov21 label mates Toucan and Rockerr - - these kids do not fuck around.  Take this fire in, then exhale. Dick Diamonds

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