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Mix Fix: Book & Fazekas

Click. Boom. No, Mike Corleone did not record these mixes on vinyl, but some TDot regulars did, including our very own resident, BOOK.

Just a quick post here with a couple of cool mixes from Deep North resident DJ BOOK, aka Benjamin Wood and breakandenter resident DJ Martin Fazekas, aka Brad Neil.  Book, a co-founder of the Deep North blog, recorded this one after adding a few new records to his vinyl collection, and posted this all-vinyl mix on the FB group Deep & Delicious which houses some of our good friends and fam.  The all vinyl tracklisting can be found on BOOK's Soundcloud.  

BOOK - All Vinyl Tincanalley Mix >>> [Download it!]


Martin Fazekas is a member of Toronto's breakandenter crew, which can be found on online through their website and facebook page.  The following mix has no tracklisting because it was recorded live by Martin at the HOT Box party where he played alongside Prosumer [Osgut Ton], Zaid Edghaim [Thoughtless] and Dirtyred at the end of 2011.  I quite enjoyed this mix and decided to put it up for you all to enjoy too.  You can find more mixes by Martin on his Soundcloud page.  I am lucky enough to have been invited by the breakandenter crew to play alongside David Aju [Circus Company], James Teej [My Favorite Robot] and the man himself, Martin Fazekas [breakandenter for life]on April 7th at a top secret location in Toronto.  You can find out more on the event by following this event link.

Martin Fazekas - HOT Box Vol. 1 Mix >>> [Download it!] Dick Diamonds

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