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Here.  A few songs I bits.  Why?  I just do.  I would marry each one of them if it was possible.


Jamie Principle - A Cold World >>> [Vinyl]

 Just nothing less than a stone cold classic house track.  Pure, unbridled heat.  What a beautiful track - - respects to Mr. Principle for changing my life with this tune.  Woah.  


Seuil (ft. Jaw) - Ultravision > > > [BUY]

French producer Seuil released this track on Supplement Facts in May, and it has become one of my most adored tracks this - - now quickly passing - - summer.  This guy is a creative monster on that production tip...creating several leviathans of dance including this massive tune with vocalist Jaw.  Bigger than big type deal.

Check out what Greg Sawyer of Resident Advisor thought of the Ultra Vision EP.  I personally think he gave the EP an undeservedly low rating given how absolutely wonderful this emotional peice is... I would personally go with 4 stars because Seuil got it right on this tune.  So right.


Kikumoto Allstars - Warehouse Days > > > [BUY]

This song was released over a year ago now on Kikumoto Allstars' album House Music I guess one could say I am a bit late with this one.   I don't even know what the fucking warehouse days were for god's sake... but I am gonna guess big raves in the 1990s or something.  Who knows....  I know one thing - -   I don't know anything about it.  Either way - - many of this Australian's tracks are great, especially this one, a slow roller with an infectiously catchy melody.


dOP - Your Sex (Art Department's Shades OF Gotica Remix) > > > [BUY]

What can we say about dOP and Art Department that has not been said by someone else in a much more eloquent manner, with much more finesse? Absolutely nothing.  This is a great remix, especially since I personally do not care much for the Original by dOP.  



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