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Blood Sucking Marshall

A. Marshall's New Kanada Imprint Serves Up Some Serious Artwork. The Tunes Aren't Bad Either.

Thank god Halloween is over.  Thank god twice for the three-hundred and fifty-plus days of halloween free living that lay ahead of me.  Unfortunately Halloween is only the  second worst "holiday" of the year, and my most dreaded (Christmas) is just a jingle or two away.  Damnit.


N/A ft. Rosina - Fables & Fairytales (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Note: N/A is Toronto's Nick Murray (aka Murr) & Berlin-based Adam Marshall


 Anyways, I am in a good mood today because DJ/producer Adam Marshall came back to his home of Toronto for the first time in three years and I got to meet him.  Honestly, I thought the man behind New Kanada would be better looking than he turned out to be, but he made up for it by being a real nice guy.   On friday Adam rolled through our send off event for pal Noah Pred, who is moving to EDM hot spot  Berlin to get shit poppin with his career and label, Thoughtless Music.  The turnout was sub par due to a number of reasons, but who the fuck cares - - Adam Marshall was all up in the underground bunker-turned-toaster-spaceship that night and it made my god damn day.  He left though because I couldnt sell him anymore of my personal beers.  See what years in Europe does to one's pre-party preparations?  Fucks shit up.   Still, I loved that he came by.  After all, I am a big fan of his music and imprint.

 Adam Marshall - Kokane (Original Mix) >>> [BUY IT]


Marshall recently unveiled his beauty's true hiding spot - - his heart - - by offering up a vinyl-only release for free digital download through his soundcloud.  The tune, Vamp (NK27), is a pleasantly melancholic nostalgia burrito that leaves you hungry, despite being over ten minutes long.  Shit reminds me of that painful moment every year when I would be sitting in the back seat of a sweltering sedan holding back salty tears, wondering if I would ever see my dear friends from summer camp ever again.  You know, that perfect mix of happiness and sadness, wrapped in a fucking tortilla.  Check it out, but save us the tears this time.  Just download it and say "thank you" to Adam for being such a peach.

Adam Marshall - Vamp (NK27) >>> [BUY VINYL] or [FREE DOWNLOAD]

 New Kanada's soundcloud has all sorts of treats for your senses, make sure you check it out along with the imprints Official Website.


STAY TUNED: Over the next day or two expect a brand spanking new DRM Exclusive Mix from New Kanada artist Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit!! 

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