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LATE & DEEP EP @ Beef Records

Click the image to preview and purchase the EP over at Beatport

Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds continue their hot collaborative project under their individual names, but soon the duo will be releasing under the new moniker Muzzle as the pair thinks their sound together does not fit the style (at least not consistently) of either artists solo work.  The release includes three original tracks "Late & Deep", a jacking number named in honour of The Deep North's late night party series of the same name, "Heatstrokes" a grime time warehouse track with attitude and "Sandy Drawers" a tripped out acid track with a humourous introduction, which was co-produced by Switzerland's Krizzli.   On remix duties is Slovakian monster in the making Reblok, a regular BEEF artist who we are big fans of.  The LATE & DEEP EP has been moving up each artist's "best selling" charts on Beatport, and gained a big boost recently when Heatstrokes was charted by popular DJ. T


Quoted from Beef records website:

Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds are a pair of Toronto natives who DJ and Produce music together. As a duo as well as solo artists they have an impressive string of releases under their belt. Lets name just a few labels: Hot Waves (Jamie Jones & Lee Foss), Extended Play (T-Bone), Strictly Rhythmand My Favorite Robot. This list already implies that these guys are nothing short of underground quality. We are happy to present great two tracks from Dick and Sean – Heatstrokes and Late & Deep. There is also a great moody number called Sandy Drawer, which was co-produced with their Swiss mate – Krizzli. Reblok on the remix duties.

Buy the whole EP via Beatport.

The Deep North: Welcomes Hardeep Riot & DJ Zenta

The Deep North has been around for nearly three years, and nowwe have decided to add two new deserving members to our crew: Hardeep Riot & DJ ZentaYes, it has been over half a year since we did our last post here on the Deep North Blog. We are kind of sorry, but also very much lazy and busy with other things like trying to get our Deep North Records project going as well as some others, including a new website for the soon to be vinyl and digital imprint. We are stoked.

Anyways, it has been a long time coming but today we officially open our recruitment for a split second to officially invite two phenomenal DJ's and aspiring producers who have been a lot more active within our camp as of lately - - good friends Hardeep Riot of Toronto and DJ Zenta originally from Japan.  

While we get more support than we deserve from many good people, we need to acknowledge these two who have came in and filled the void left by some of our other members such as Sean Roman & Mike Davis (both whom nowlive in Berlin) who are no longer living in the city, or even Bookwho now is doing his own thing for the most part but is always fam! Of course, these guys are still in the crew, just less active - - but make no mistake, everyone in Deep North is in it for life. We are like a computer-club / dance-posse of blood brothers and no one gets out. Always our family and forever Deep North. 

Welcome to the crew guys, we love ya enough to update the blog over your admission.  

Hardeep Riot's Resident Advisor
Hardeep Riot's Soundcloud
Hardeep Riot's Facebook Page

DJ Zenta's Resident Advisor
DJ Zenta's Soundcloud
DJ Zenta's Facebook Page




This new post isn’t like what normally gets put up on here, but thats what SINS is all about, being different. Representing Toronto, his sophomore album was just released at the beginning of July on Pretty Pretty Records. The bass bumps and the synths synth, all to my listening pleasure. If this is wrong I don’t want to be right. It would be a sin to not give this man a chance. So check the vid and cop the album. Available digitally on iTunes and grab the physical CD as well.



RJ approved.






Yo, it's Rhobot Jones back again with a heater that's real chill to cool you down this hot summer. On the chopping block tonight we've got long time Deep North supporter Lucian C who just turned out an exclusive mix for us. Right now I'm grooving to it as I write to you all. So you all know what to do, hit the link and get right or get left. You will be pleasantly pleased with this. 


RJ Out


Eureka, Eur In 4 It Now!

Long time, no blog. But don't fret the Deep North is back in black and in fact we never went anywhere. We were out there throwing some stupendous, stupifying shindigs for all the cool cats in the underground. But anyways I've got some heat to throw your way via ethernet cables or wi-fi. So plug in your speakers or headphones and get ready to get dancey. I've got a funky little mix by *spark main man Jad Ad. Tune into summer with this acoustic appetizer. Deep North approved!


Rhobot Jones, Out!


Fight the Scratch & Itch: A Mix Fix

We have a super dope guest from London, UK in town this coming weekend for LATE & DEEP #29. Click the image to see the event page!
Some new mixes by the crew and beyond, including a new one from upcoming LATE & DEEP headliner Owen Howells (UK), who will be playing next weekend for Late & Deep #29.  I am super stoked to have Owen up for a few days and get some music in the lab if we are lucky, or not too hungover.  Posting his mix for Pulse Radio, which he has uploaded along with the Hermans recent Fiendkast Mix. 

I also am including a new mix I did recently for Switzerland's Kartel Klub podcast series, which can be downloaded and heard on iTunes as well as soundcloud.  Speaking of which, I am throwing in mix by Kartel Klub member & Files Records boss Krizzli, with whom I have produced some music recently.  Finally, I am going to share a mix by Creme Organization regular Neville Watson, and make sure you check out this teaser of his brand new LP for the label called "Songs to Elevate Pure Hearts" which just came out on soundcloud a couple weeks ago and is available for preorder.

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather here in Toronto on this long May weekend.  I know I am!!  See you on the dancefloor ya filthy animals!

FIENDKAST005 & PULSE RADIO MIX - Mixed by Hermans (CAN) and Owen Howells (UK)

KARTEL KAST 023 - Mixed by Dick Diamonds (CAN)


KARTEL KAST 016 - Mixed by Krizzli (SWITZERLAND)

CREME ORGANIZATION PODCAST #10 - Mixed by Neville Watson (UK)






Friend of The Deep North, originally hailing from Japan, now residing here in Toronto, DJ Zenta. We've got a nice, chilled, all vinyl mix, courtesy of the man himself, for you all to check out and groove to. So get in the know and come check this cat out at one of our upcoming parties. 


Nagisa by Dj Zenta on Mixcloud


Rhobot Jones, out.


Collect Calls On The Lam

2 Samples of Upcoming Originals by Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds on Molotov21

New Release forthcoming from Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds on Brazilian up and coming label Molotov21 out of Rio de Janeiro.  The label is owned by Toucan member Bernardo Campos and Pedro Mezzonato, and boasts a pretty strong lineup which includes releases by sick artists such as Beep Dee, S.K.A.M., Diego Moreno, Rockerr (Ricardo Estrella), Nytron, Matt Fear, Adam Banks, Allan Villar (Pimp$hit) and others.

This will be Sean's second EP for the label, his first being the highly successful Staring EP.  Molotov has put out a lot of fire in the past year, and their label has risen to become one of Brazils premier forces in its growing house and techno market.  We are super stoked to be working with our friends over at Molotov.

We are even more excited that we have two unbelievable remixers on this EP doing their own personal take of the releases title track Collect Call. BUBBA (Runnin Wild, Hot Creations) and his production partner T-BONE (Extended Play, aka Timmy Steward of Jet Project) each did a remix of one of our favorite productions to date. It is an absolute honour to have these two amazing artists and good friends of ours included on this EP.  There is some more info on the release and media below.  We hope you dig this one, we loved doing it.


1. Collect Call (Original Mix)
2. On The Lam (Original Mix)
3. Collect Call (Bubba's Rewerk)
4. Collect Call (T-Bone's Dial Tone Remix)



BUY MUSIC from Molotov21:



This Friday, The Deep North has got something super special planned for all you house heads out there. We're bringing together four deep house/techno players in the game to do things right for our 27th Late & Deep spectacular, at an all new location. The venue is two floors and has just revamped its soundsytem. This sounds like an equation for a serious party shindig. So, all you dance fiends out there, get prepared, it's a short work week and then the jam goes down Friday night. If you're not already anticipating it, listen to some of these mixes from our headliners to test the waters. Then, you'll know what's in store for you. The mixes speak for themselves.

Up first is a tasty treat from Throne Of Blood co-owner James Friedman:

Follow that up with an exclusive mix that Toronto's proud to be own Basic Soul Unit did for us:

And top it off with this beauty from Populette:

That should be enough to tide you over until the big night. So, now I'm sure I'll see all of you out Friday night supporting the Toronto good music scene.

Here's how to get in the know: Event Link


Rhobot Jones